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1992 Buick Park Avenue

The cover car is a 1992 Buick Park Avenue with a 3.8 V6. It has 11,800 miles on it and all the options except the Ultra package which had the turbo charger (very rare). Other than a new coat of paint, batery and a couple of trim replace- ments, everything is original. It even has the origi- nal tires, including the spares. Yes spares. My father-in-law Connie bought the car in November of 1991, during a recession that was easier than the curent one but stil slowed new car sales. He was retiring and decided he wanted a realy nice car, as he figured it would be his last. We told him he was crazy, but it actualy was his last car. He passed away in March, 2001, succumb- ing to years of batling diabetes, cataract surgery, amputations and eventualy a stroke. I drove with him to Sholz Buick in White Plains in the 1988 Plymouth Reliant he was trading in. He had me test drive the Buick, saying I would probably be driving it more than him. After several years of taking him to dialysis three times a week I guess he was right. When it came time to bargain he told the salesman, "I'm paying you in cash and the Plymouth outside". The salesman wasn't happy with Connie's ofer and so Connie got up and said "Thank you" and proceeded to leave. The salesman got him to sit down and went to the sales manager to haveWel, when we went to pick up the Buick a few days later and drop of the Plymouth, guess who drove his father-in-law's brand new 1992 $30,000 car home. Despite my age and driving experience, I think I was more nervous that night than when I asked for permission to mary his daughter. When Connie passed away the family figured it was time to sel the Buick. As you can see, I made sure that wasn't going to happen. It has been ga- raged ever since and probably hasn't been driven more than 750 miles. Every once in a while when the Mercury reminds me how old it is, we take out the Buick. Which is why I had it at Mamaroneck this year. I wasn't going to forfeit my $15 registration, and it was an open class. We actualy got a lot of nice comments about the car.


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