Town and Country Owners Registry



The Chrysler Town and Country Owners Registry (TCOR) was founded in the winter of 1973, as a 6-page stapled newsletter, written by noted Town & Country authority, Don Narus. The purpose was "to provide a clearing house for the continuing dialogue between Town and Country owners...." The function was declared to be:

The promotion, restoration and preservation of the Chrysler Town and Country automobile 1941 thru 1950, including the 1949 and 1950 Royal wagons.... Every attempt will be made to provide its members with useful information, with regard to history, restoration, parts sources, and general related items.

That foundation has provided the inspiration by which the club has grown to a friendly group of nearly 400 enthusiasts, with records on over 900 cars. In 1990, the 1983-'86 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country convertibles were included in the club, because of their retro look and low production.


Effective January 2007 "Timber Tales" has ended publication and the club is no longer fee based, but simply a loose group of individuals interested in these great cars. Consider joining the National Woodie Club, I'm sure there will be informal meets for T&C owners in conjunction with their events. The Registry will continue to be maintained so be sure to update the Registry Editor of a purchase or sale.


Chrysler Town and Country Owners Registry

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