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The Schoharie Valley Region holds monthly business meetings on the second Thursday of each month in the Elks Lodge on Legion Drive in Cobleskill, NY. The meetings begin at 7:30 PM and guests are always welcome to attend. Although termed a "business" meeting, they are very much a social event as well. Plenty of time is allowed for refreshments, "Show & Tell", shooting the breeze and, often, a program such as a hobby related video or speaker. If you find yourself in the Cobleskill area on a meeting night, feel free to contact an Officer or Director for exact directions. We'd all enjoy having you as our guest.

Although owning an old vehicle is not a requirement for membership, most  of our members do own something. A few of our members have restored vehicles that have earned AACA Senior, Junior and HPOF awards as well as Classic Car Club of America awards. On the other hand, we have members with project cars that are not yet able to negotiate outside their garages, shops or barns. In between are the bulk of our members' cars.... "Works In Progress"! We have members with great old "originals" and are content with keeping them mechanically sound so that they can be driven. Most of us own vehicles that can be driven to shows or on tours and are always looking for this piece or that to improve its appearance or performance. We enjoy driving them and showing them off. We don't expect trophies at shows but love to put our cars on display for others to enjoy and talk about.

The only requirement for SVR membership is that you must be a member of AACA. If you are not, you can find an application on the LINKS page. If you're already an AACA member you can join the SVR by printing out the application form.... just click HERE. If you reside anywhere near the Capital District of New York State and enjoy antique vehicles, you probably should be a member of AACA as well as our Schoharie Valley Region. Look us up and give us a test drive!

Click HERE For SVR Membership Application