The Southern Illinois Region (SIR) of the Antique Automobile Club of America is an organization of people with a common interest in antique cars. Our Objective is simply to provide an organization where people who love old cars can get together to enjoy their cars and each other’s friendship. We have several activities each year including: car shows, group tours, “mystery tours”,  an Annual Christmas Party, and in the past, driving rallies, called “DAISI” rallies (Driving Around in Southern Illinois).

The Southern Illinois Region (SIR) was organized and started in 1990 by the late Bill Morse. Bill and his wife, Bon, (who is still an active member of SIR) went that “extra mile” as they traveled throughout Southern Illinois in their efforts to get a regional club started. Bill loved old cars and was very active in the AACA.  His contagious enthusiasm has spread to many of us in the Southern Illinois Region. Bill Morse was our first President of the Southern Illinois Region (SIR).

One of our present and still active members, Jim Walters, has also been a past President of our Southern Illinois Region (SIR). Our present President of the Southern Illinois Region (SIR) is Mike Hausman.

The Southern Illinois Region covers a large area, basically encompassing all the Southern Illinois area south of Interstate 64.

Our club has hosted three National AACA Shows: one in 1998 at Whittington, IL (Rend Lake), two in Metropolis, Illinois in 2003 and 2004.  Another is scheduled in Metropolis, Illinois in 2010.

Some of the SIR members in the southern tip of Illinois have formed a local chapter called the Ohio Valley Chapter. Its members are mostly from around Metropolis, Illinois and the Paducah, Kentucky area, although everyone is welcome to join.

You must have membership in the (AACA) Antique Automobile Club of America (annual $35 dues) prior to joining the local chapter (SIR/OVC) (annual $10 dues).

Our current President, Mike Hausman, also compiles a monthly newsletter, “The Running Board”. Marie English, of Metropolis, IL, then types and produces the newsletter for the SIR/OVC Club.  This newsletter is mailed out to all of our members.

If you are already a member of the National AACA and you are going to join a local club; then, join ours. Where else can you find a whole year’s worth of fun for the price of $10.00?

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