This year on Saturday, September 19th, the Sedona Car Club Car Show will be part of a Sedona-wide celebration known as the 2009 Sedona Community Fair. Once again the show will be held on Airport Mesa at the Sedona Airport. This is the third year of what promises to be a growing event. Plans include the car show, an airplane fly-in and display, arts and crafts booths, vendors, and food booths. 

We will have space to display up to 110 vehicles. First come, first served. Hopefully, there is a class for everybody’s car.

 Show hours will be 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  Please place this show date on your club calendar.

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A.  1900 – 1939 Stock Cars   Stock cars & trucks may have no more than three visual modifications.

B.  1940 – 1949 Stock Cars      

C.  1950 – 1959 Stock Cars

D.  1960 – 1969 Stock Cars

E.  1970 – 1984 Stock Cars

F.  Modified cars to 1984

G  Stock trucks and 4X4s to 1984

H. Modified trucks and 4X4s to 1984

I.  Stock foreign cars to 1984

J.  Stock sports cars to 1984

K. Race cars to 1984 (must be race equipped)

L. Street rods to 1948

M. Miata (all years)

N. Exotic cars (all years)

Non-judged display area for cars and motorcycles (all years)



For More Information:

David Lombardi

Car Show Chairman