Tour in the Garden of Good and Evil

in and around Historic Savannah, Georgia



This tour is Restricted to pre-1928 Vehicles but geared to the earliest cars. Restricted to a limited number of cars.

This is the annual (69th) Tour of Savannah's Historic Homes with trolley rides of the Historic area.  It is the week of The Savannah Music Festival. It takes place when all of Savannah is in bloom.

We will enjoy:

* Revolutionary and Civil War Historic Fort Pulaski & Tybee Beach

* Visiting pre-revolutionary Plantations

* Touring The Ford Plantation in Richmond Hill

* Lunch and a scenic drive through The Landings

* Evening Theatre entertainments. We have front and center tickets to the Savannah Mucic Festival finals at the beautifully restored Lucas Theatre.

* Reliving historic and quaint antebellum Beaufort, S.C.

* Visiting US Marine training base, Paris Island and Penn Center, Beaufort, SC

* Seeing the magnificent Mighty 8th Museum and reliving the rise of the Nazi party, the London Blitz and we will experience a simulated bomb raid over Berlin

Our Savannah hotel will be in the center of the Historic District and close to the Savannah Historic Information Center in the Victorian Railroad Station.

Closing banquet will be at the private venerable Oglethorpe Club.

We will also be dining at the Chatham Club and the Savannah Yacht Club, one of the oldest private yacht clubs in the country.

We recommend reading the book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt. It was on the best seller list for many years and can be found in hard-and paperback at your public library and at all popular bookstores.

This book  is an easy and fun read, and a true happening. It contains the "inside scoop" on Savannahians.

Tour hosts: Kerstin and Nevy Clark:

(912) 897-0050
125 Riverside Drive
Savannah, GA. 31410

Applications are now being accepted.

Sunday, March 21, 2004 Old car touring miles approx. 20 miles

Arrive and park at Penn Center in Beaufort before 12 noon. Take an overnight bag and drive towards Beaufort. Check into the Best Western Model and then take the driving tour of old Beaufort and see the 2 “home“ museums, OR avoid the crowd in the lobby by driving the Beaufort Old Homes Tour & see the two “home” museums first. River Cruise with cocktails at 5:30, back for dinner at 7:30

Monday, March 22, 2004 78 miles (can be shorter if desired by cutting out the Miller’s , the church or oyster factory)

Leave at 8am for The Parris Island Marine base, take a driving tour in our cars of the base, seeing the recruits train, and have lunch at the Officer’s Mess Hall. 1pm leave for Bluffton where we will visit the Miller Car Collection, the Oyster Factory, and the Old Episcopal Church before returning to Penn Center. Check into your rooms and visit the museum & see the video. Put your cars in the vans and trailers. Gullah dinner with a presentation of the Gullah culture by Penn Center manager, Bennie Wright and Gullah story teller, Anita Singleton.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004 34 miles

Gullah breakfast and then at 8am we are off with vans in tow to Savannah. Park the vans in Savannah, then head over the bridge. Try your wheels on the old Savannah Race Track and then head for South Carolina and light lunch at the Delta Plantation. The tour continues as we head for the Savannah Wildlife Reserve and drive past the old Fife rice Plantation. Back to our Marriott Hotel, check in and be over at the Visitors Center across the street (Old Victorian Railroad Station) by 5:30pm. While enjoying cocktails from the cash bar, see the Savannah Museum and the movie on the 13th Colony. Don’t miss the special exhibit in the back of the museum of clothes that span the time of our cars.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004 56 miles

Crank up those vehicles about 8am and leave Savannah for the Ford Plantation. Coffee on the Main House terrace overlooking the Ogeechee River with a presentation by the Plantation Manager and then a tour in your car of the Plantation. Leaving the Ford Plantation about 11am, we drive to Fort McAllister where General Sherman ended his “March to the Sea” as he burned from Atlanta to Savannah. We will have a Geechee lunch and on our drive back to Savannah, we will visit the Plantations Lebanon and Groveland.

Those going to the SoHo Restaurant tonight remember dinner starts at 6 pm(casual).Those going to “JUKEBOX SATURDAY NIGHT”, which begins at 8pm, have a 5 minute walk to the old Savannah Theatre from The SoHo. It’s a short walk from the theatre back to our hotel.

Thursday, March 25, 2004 51 miles

Recommended time is....8am. We will today drive through Savannah‘s time zones: leaving the Historic 18th century District, proceeding through the Victorian District (the area now under heavy renovation), crossing Victory Drive (named for the victory of WWI & where Savannah stopped in 1915), through the housing area of the 30s, 40s and 50s, to arrive at BYRD COOKIE COMPANY. We will be given a presentation of the firm by the owner and manager, Benny Curl, and a tour of the plant. BYRD COOKIE company is nationally famous and synonymous with Savannah. Older series of their “tins” can be found on e-bay going for large sums. This is the best place to get presents for those folks back home that will be appreciated and are truly Savannah. By 11am we should be back on the road and on our way to buffet lunch at The Landings: a community, begun in the early 60s. Many people from other parts of our great nation and Canada have moved to The Landings and these people are one of the reasons Savannah is able to offer as much culture as it does for a smaller community. Ms. Carolyn McInerney will give us a slide presentation of the history and plans for this unique island. We tour a small portion of The Landings to just get the “feel“, then by 2:00 we should be driving to Wormsloe Plantation, the oldest plantation in the United States that has remained in the original family. The owners, Craig and Diana Barrow, have very graciously agreed for us to drive up to he main house and stroll the gardens. (Don’t miss the family library building. Unfortunately, due to the high humidity of a large group, we can not visit inside the Library). Drive on to Isle of Hope, the fashionable area of summer homes for Savannah’s elite at the turn of the century (when automobiles were a new fangled toy for the rich). Horse drawn trolleys were the chic way to reach your “escape” from the heat of Savannah.

The much celebrated “Crabettes” (made famous from “The Book” and “The Movie” will be there playing for you (Anita on the accordion and Laura on the clarinet are Nevy’s cousin). You will also be greeted by Savannah novelist Polly Cooper and friends (her family has always owned one of the homes on the bluff), and be served lemonade and cookies.

Tonight you will soar to a birds eye view to the prestigious private business Chatham Club.

With Savannah surrounding you at 360 degrees, Savannah Historic Foundation’s Executive Director, Mark McDonald will give a slide presentation of “preserving a Historic City”.

It’s a “walk off the excess” stroll back to our hotel.

Friday, March 26, 2004 42 miles

Savannah isn’t all old houses and past history. First stop is JBC Machinery Inc.. We will have a presentation and movie and then enjoy a show put on by the machines themselves. Next stop and we will learn what a car’s metallic paint job and a lady’s eye shadow have in common, when we tour The EM Chemical Corp. (a German company in the heart of Dixie).Our final stop of the day will be the Mighty 8th Museum. It takes a minimum of an hour to see the Mighty 8th, but for some, 4 hours is not enough (don’t miss the simulated bomb raid over Berlin. The Blitz over London is also very interesting.)

Optional: dinner at the Pirate’s House, a history and ghost walking tour ( miles ) which ends at the Colonial Cemetery where you will be taken by horse drawn carriage ride to the hotel with a narrating guide.

Trolley pick-up to Pirate’s House. Walking History Tour pick-up at Pirate’s House. Horse drawn carriages history tour pick-up at the cemetery and back to hotel through the historic district.


Saturday, March 27, 2004 Optional tours or drive to museums and homes

Today is our day for the Savannah Annual Tour of Homes. Our cars will be on display on

X Street which has been blocked off especially for this purpose (don’t forget to put your sign in front of your car). You will be given 2 tickets for each car that parks in the display area. You may use your car, if you choose, to drive to houses or museum during the day (in fact we encourage it). Everything is within walking distance for the hardy or, if you prefer, the Savannah Shuttle is always available. If you have chosen The Mrs. Wilke’s lunch today, the tickets are in your packet. For others, may we suggest The Firefly on Troop Square, at 321 Habersham Street: convenient, inexpensive, good and cozy (they have been forewarned they may get a crowd)..

For dinner, if you can eat anything at all after the big lunch at Mrs Wilke’s, it will be on your own.

Don’t forget to leave your Savannah Quiz answers in the box in the hospitality room by 5:30pm. There will be an award given at the final banquet for each driver that leaves a completed quiz.

Tonight is the Finals of the Savannah Music Festival national contests at the beautiful Lucas Theatre (your host and hostess lived 30 years in Europe and can testify that the Lucas can hold its own up against all the theatres of Europe). Curtain time is 8pm. A special surprise awaits all tour members in the upstairs foyer during the pause.

Sunday, March 28, 2004 56 miles

8:00 start. After a pleasant drive to Tybee, you are invited to attend any one of the many churches on this island community (map and directions to all are in your packet) or visit the Lighthouse, Museum and gift shop. Drive to Revolutionary and Civil War Fort Pulaski, see the movie, museum and the fort itself before continuing on.

We circle Wilmington Island (a lovely drive) . We are the invited lunch guests of the Savannah Yacht Club. Their members are excited about seeing our cars and talking with the owners.

Don’t forget to put your information sign in front of your car.

Author Chuck Alling will be autographing his book “A Mighty Fortress” and will give a presentation at 2pm. We drive away from the S.Y. Club by 3:00 for a 3:30 appointment with 4 private guides for a tour of Bonaventure Cemetery (where “the Book“ begins). Leave by 5:00, back at the hotel by 5:30. Cars in their vans by 6:00, trolley pick-up at hotel for our final banquet at the Oglethorpe Club (one of the oldest private clubs in the US).at 6:30pm.

(don’t complain: you can rest at home)

We had purchased the entire series of The Golden Age of Ford made by The National Motor Mint, which was released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ford. Half of these precision-engineered models were given as awards last year, and the other half will be among the awards given out tonight. We will also announce the Savannah Quiz winner (in case many with all right answers, there will be a drawing). The decision of the judges is absolute and can not be questioned or challenged. Only enormous bribes could possibility have any effect.