The Rummage Box

Published quarterly by the Regions Committee
Antique Automobile Club of America

President's Message

Tom Howard
AACA President

It is hard to believe that the Hershey Fall Meet is over and the conclusion of the AACA show season is here. As I have traveled around the country this year and participated in our national meets and tours, I have been continually reminded of the value of the Regions and Chapters to our AACA program. The importance of our Region and Chapter members who work so diligently to sponsor, plan and promote our national activities cannot be overstated. It takes a great amount of dedication by a great number of people to accomplish a successful national meet or tour. I know I can speak for the National Board of Directors in expressing our total appreciation to all AACA members who make our national activities a reality.

This issue of the Rummage Box is dedicated to our AACA Library and Research Center. More than fifteen short years ago, this was but a dream in the minds of a few forward-looking AACA members. Now, thanks to the support of many of our members through the years and the leadership of librarian Kim Miller and her staff, our AACA library has become one of the most outstanding institutions of its kind in the country. It is the prime source of information for many AACA members as they accomplish their automotive research and restorations.

And now a new project is underway - the AACA Museum. With your support, this too will become a reality. With a full complement of national meets and tours, an award-winning library and research center, and a first class museum, AACA will retain its position as the leader in our wonderful hobby.

Looking forward to seeing you in Philly!Your Newsletter & the AACA Library & Research Center - a Natural Combination!

Terry Bond
Vice President of Publications

Hardly a month goes by when I don't read a regional newsletter where an editor pleads for material to fill the pages, especially during winter months when things are a bit slow. The answer is no further away than your mailbox. All you need to do is consider the AACA Library & Research Center as a handy source of material.

There are several ways you can use library information to fill your pages, and here are a few ideas I've seen used by creative editors:


WANTED: Auction Items for the 3rd Annual AACA Museum Auction

Brenda Zimmerman

We will again be having an auction to benefit the AACA Museum. This auction will be held in conjunction with the AACA 63rd Annual Meeting, Wyndham-Franklin Plaza Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa. on Friday, February 19, 1999. The auction will begin at 9:00 P.M. immediately after the Presidents Dinner.

Donations are now being accepted. We would like to have at least one item from every Region and Chapter along with member donations. Every item, whether large or small, will help bring us closer to seeing the AACA Museum become a reality.

You may bring your auction item to the 63rd Annual Meeting in Philadelphia or mail to:

Please include your name, address, phone number, and value of donated item. For further information please call Brenda Zimmerman, Chairman at 908-234-0535. Please note: You must be registered to attend the AACA 63rd Annual Meeting in order to attend the auction.

AACA Policy & Procedure Manual One of Your Most Important Tools!

Joseph S. Vicini
Chairman, Policy & Procedure

You wouldn't overhaul an engine without a service manual, would you? Possibly, the most important document available to Region Officers is the AACA Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM).

Updated annually, the PPM is the service manual for Regions and Chapters. It contains a lot of information regarding the functioning of our National Organization and provides important guidelines and information for local clubs as well. Everything from how to form a Region or Chapter (including suggested by-laws) is included. If your newsletter editor is looking for a good series of articles about AACA, the manual can answer the most frequently asked questions like how AACA's insurance program works, or whether your Region should incorporate. The PPM can help your members stay informed.

The only way we can keep our "service manual" up-to-date is by constantly reviewing our policies and procedures. Remember that this important tool is designed to help you at the Regional level so it must work well. We value your input! If you have any suggestions on how to improve on the Policy and Procedure Manual, drop a note to Joe Vicini, Chairman, Policy and Procedure, 3 Robins Nest Drive, Perrineville, NJ 08535.

Membership Update

Beginning January 1, 1999, there will be a change in the membership format. A membership will cost $26.00 for an individual, or member and spouse.

Life membership will remain the same. The fee for life membership is $600.00. Dues are billed annually.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Russell J. Fisher
Safety Chairman

During this year of attending AACA National Meets there have been several things brought to my attention concerning Safety related items.

One of these issues is Fire Extinguishers. As you are well aware AACA requires that during National Meets no vehicle will be judged without an Underwriters Laboratories approved or equivalent fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher must be fully charged: two and one-half pound dry chemical or halon type or a five pound carbon dioxide type for cars and trucks; and a one pound dry chemical or halon type for two wheel vehicles.

During one of our national meets, the question was raised about the effect of temperature on these extinguishers. Representatives from the American Fire Equipment Corporation say that these fire extinguishers are fully operational up to approximately 120 degrees F0. This means that at this temperature, the expansion of gases causes a slight overcharge on the gauge. The effectiveness to put out fires should not be hampered.

Other points of interest concerning fire extinguishers are the change of the halon availability because of EPA directives related to the ozone layer. I have been told that the halon fire extinguishers can use recycled halon. This is available at Fire Extinguishers Distribution Centers.

Regardless of the type of fire extinguisher system you wish to carry, please remember to check the level of the charge, preferably with a dial read-out. Make sure it meets the minimum requirements for AACA judging.

Getting Legislative Support

Millard Young
Legislative Committee Representative - AL

On Saturday, April 18, 1998, the Central Alabama Region - AACA hosted the 1998 AACA Southeastern Division National Spring Meet in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. National Director John Myer, Chief Judge Ernie Gauld, Meet Chairman Ed Rouze, AACA Southeast Area Legislative Representative Millard Young and Chapter Representative David Walker along with VP/Director Sterling Walsh invited Governor Fob James to the show. In honor of our state's highest office, the Governor was also invited to choose a favorite car and to present the Governor's Trophy to the owner during the evening's banquet.Unfortunately, Governor James was out of town and unable to attend the meet. However, Mr. Troy King, Assistant Executive Secretary and a very active person within the Governor's Office did attend. Assisted by David Walker with questions and trivia, Mr. King personally inspected each of the hundreds of cars on the show field. Before the Awards Banquet Mr. King briefly spoke on the legislative process and the importance of citizen participation. He then presented the Governors Trophy to Larry Bailey of Cleveland, GA for his beautiful >33 Packard Phaeton.

The Governor's Trophy was presented with three purposes in mind -

First of all, we Legislative reps want to keep up with laws and legislation impacting our hobby. By inviting state/civic leaders to participate with us, we convey that we're aware, that we care, and want our leaders to consider the hobby and its members during the legislative process.

Secondly, the additional trophies give our members greater opportunity to win a trophy. In Montgomery, it was made clear that Mr. King did not have to choose a perfect show car, but rather one that befits the Governor's taste. Whether it's an Old jalopy or a mint, low-mileage show car, each show participant had a chance to win.

Finally, providing state leaders an opportunity to speak may compel our members to be more involved in the legislative process. I firmly believe our invitation to the Governor and other state leaders launched a basic but good relationship between them and AACA members. It is now up to us to continue contacting our leaders and supporting their decisions.

In order to drum greater legislative support for our hobby, I hope we make special efforts to get our leaders involved in all our shows. In recent conversation with David, Troy King expressed his surprise at the size of the show and banquet, as well as the quality of the cars. Communication has continued since the meeting and has provided an avenue of support necessary to create responsible clean air laws that do not impede the hobby or our freedoms.

Regions/Chapters Seminar Schedule Is Going to Be Fun with Topics of Interest for Everyone.

Mary Jane Marine
AACA Regions Committee

Looking for some more fun and unusual activities for club events next summer? Car games of all sorts may be just the treat that will bring a get-to-gather that is sure to be enjoyable for those who participate as well as those who just sit back and watch.

Ever heard of the fox and hound chase or how about an old car slow race? Get an expert navigator (spouse not a good idea) and drive the course in record time blind folded.

Earl Muir, of the Flood City Region, Laurel Highlands Region, Western Pennsylvania Region, Mon Valley Region and Golden Triangle Region, who knows most every car game ever invented, will share his expertise with some extra time available for others to tell of their favorite club car games during the Regions/Chapters seminar at Philadelphia during the AACA Annual Meeting event.

Difficult to get judges for local club meets? Has your club shifted to peer judging and everyone votes for their own vehicle with no means to divide a few trophies evenly with lots of winners? Sandy Guerin, of the Wayne Drumlins Region and International Model "T" Ford Club believes her clubs have the ideal solution that will make these events easier to organize, fair in awarding trophies and more satisfying to those who participate. Sandy has graciously agreed to present this topic of interest at the seminar.

Some regions and chapters own a clubhouse. Others have such a goal in mind. Still others chose not to assume the responsibilities of maintaining a building and grounds. It is possible that Carl Boyd, Jim Hicks and Keith Hall of the Kyana Region will bring some slides to the Region/Chapter seminar and present an up-date of their clubs experience in purchasing "OUR OLE' KYANA HOME" in Louisville, Kentucky. Through the zoning public hearing process and willingness to accommodate the former owners as well as the surrounding residential neighborhood, the Kyana Region members, proud owners, and rightly so, are also gracious in sharing the experience of ownership.

The Regions/Chapters Seminar, one of many of the interesting and valuable learning experiences through presentations during the AACA Annual Meeting gathering in Philadelphia, on February 19-20,1999, is the forum available to all regions and chapters for sharing club related topics of interest. As varied as the geography across the county and beyond, so goes the way the regions and chapters bond through the old car hobby yet hold events and procedures that are unique onto themselves. AACA invites representatives from your region or chapter to be a very important part of this Seminar in 2000. From fund raising, touring or membership, your group is involved with the good food, good fun and good fellowship served your own style that will be of interest to others.

Write Earl Muir, VP Regions at RD 5, Box 82, Ligonier, PA 15658; Harold Henry, VP National Awards, at 32 Bittersweet Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 or Mary Jane Marine, at P.O. Box 144, Sharptown, MD 21861 for planning the next Regions and Chapters Seminar.

How Many Antique Autos Does Your Club Represent?

Jackie Jackson, Treasurer
Walden Ridge Region, Harriman, TN

Have you ever wondered how many Antique Autos your members own and what type they are?

In our club of fifty members, Walden Ridge Region, we did a survey to answer that question. Club members were alerted that at the next monthly meeting we would do a tally of our autos. Parameters stated: Must be driveable and presentable to show at a display or meeting.

At the next meeting the club roster was called. Each member responded to the year, model and manufacturer of each auto. Members who were present also responded concerning autos of those members who were not present. The secretary tabulated the reports from the members on a form. The form had consecutive years from 1923 to 1972. It also had columns for most common cars, example: Ford, Chevrolet, Studebaker, Plymouth, etc. Unusual cars were entered at the end.

The survey revealed that 50 members owned 150 showable cars, an average of three per member. Some members owned 10 or more, some owned one.

Fords (Lincolns, Mercury, etc.) 40

Mustangs 16 34%
T-Birds 4
Chevrolets 26 14%
Buicks 12 6%
Plymouths/Dodges 6 4%
Convertibles 30 17%
Trucks 13 7%
Foreign Cars 11 6%
Other 12%

Oldest Antique 1923 Buick

Autos no longer manufactured 7

An average of 3.0 antique autos per member

At least one antique representing each year with the exception of 1938-1940 (War years excluded)

One member has a 1950 Chevrolet that he had purchased new.

The survey was a fun activity that provided valuable data concerning our Antique Auto Club. Try it!!

AACA Museum Update

Joe Vicini, Board Member
AACA Museum, Inc.

Work has been started, top soil bas been piled, one detention pond completed, and the access road is underway.

The AACA Museum has received generous donations of the following vehicles:

1927 Whippet 4 Door Sedan
1914 Ford Model T Roadster
1949 International Truck1916Woods Mobilett
1965 Ford Mustang
1935 International Truck
1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1929 Ford Model A
1948 Tucker
1941 Crosley 2-Door Convertible
1941 Crosley 2-Door Station Wagon
1936 Packard 4-Door Convertible Sedan
1939 Bantam Coupe
1930 Cord
1925 Model TT Truck
1933 Chevrolet Convertible
1975 Minivette - 5/8 Scale Replica
1924 Graham Bros. (Dodge) T
1895 Benton Harbor
1965 Ford Falcon
1908 Schacht
1916 Chevrolet Baby Grand
1914 Ford Depot Hack
1896 Ford Quadracycle (replica)
1926 Packard Sedan
1948 Tucker
1948 Tucker
1952 Crosley Farmoroad
1920 Ford Mode T Truck
1939 Bantam Roadster Coupe
1941 Mercury Station Wagon
1926 Model T Roadster
1906 Waltham Orient
1987 Wells Cargo Trailer
1926 Ford Model T Roadster

On your next trip to Hershey we invite you to visit the annex of the ALACA Museum located in the lower level of AACA National Headquarters, 501 W. Governor Road, Hershey, Pennsylvania. There you will be able to view some of the above vehicles, a train collection, and other automotive memorabilia.