Nancy Dunn
Vice President, Membership

With the new Junior Membership, our young people will receive their newsletter four times a year, in February, May, August and November. When your club has any news that would be of interest to juniors, the newsletter editor, Ron Moskalczak, needs to know about it! If your club presents a special program for youngsters, plans an activity where they will take part, sponsors model and hobby displays for them, includes them in tour itineraries and such, please let Ron know. If any young person within your club family earns special recognition, then please share this information with us.

We know our Juniors will take an active part in our clubs, and are eager to do so. Our young newsletter let readers will want to know what others their age are doing and will enjoy reading about their peers. They have good ideas of their own, which we hope they will share. Ron will be happy to hear about any youth-related events, and he will publish any future events of this type your club is planning. Club presidents and Newsletter Editors, please help us by letting us know what news you have about Juniors. If you send a photo or two, all the better. Write to Ron Moskalczak, Newsletter Editor, at 929 Hemlock Street, Scranton, PA 18505.