Nancy Dunn
Vice President, Membership

The National Board has recently approved the I much anticipated membership category for young people. Junior memberships are now a reality for 1997! Here are the details. Any child, ages eight through fifteen, whether or not his/her parents are AACA members, may join. Dues will be $10.00 per child, per year. Junior Members will receive a membership card, one lapel pin, and their own newsletter published four times a year. Junior Members cannot vote in general elections, nor will they take any part in the judging process (until they reach the age and meet other criteria already established). When they do begin judging, they will have the advantage of some good basic knowledge of the procedures. We plan for all Juniors a program of learning about AACA and various aspects of our hobby, collecting and restoring, etc. all on a level we feel they will find enjoyable and educational. During the last year or so, we have seen many more activities planned for our young people, who are so import ant to AACA and our Special events, menus, and "family/friendly" pricing have been offered, and we applaud these efforts by host clubs. We have had several suggestions on ways juniors can become involved let us encourage them!

Here is a very important way YOU can help. When your club provides some special activities for youngsters, let us know about it. Ron Moskalczak, Editor of the Newsletter, needs to know what is happening. Tell him what children in your club are doing, and what events you offered that were successful. Your ideas and experiences can benefit all of us. Ron promises to publicize these special news items. Write to him at: 929 Hemlock St., Scranton, PA 18505, or you may phone him at 717-969-6032. Finally, we thank those Regions, Chapters and individuals who have generously donated funds to help make the Junior Program a reality. We hope it will grow as quickly as they do!

The new Junior Member applications may be obtained from AACA Headquarters or from the Vice President, Membership.