AACA on the Internet

Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr. Chairman Internet Committee

If you use a computer, and have access to the Internet you should know that the AACA now has it's own Internet site. Find it at http://www.aaca.org. The site contains a wealth of up-to-date AACA data, including information on the Library, Museum, National Headquarters, Calendar of Events, Newsletter Editor's Manual, Region and Chapter locations, and much more.

Use the contents of the site in your local newsletters. For example: the complete contents of this Rummage Box is on the net, just copy an article from the AACA site and paste it into your favorite word processor or page layout program. Never retype an article again!

Use the following to access restricted areas (Case is important):

User Name: aaca
Password: duryea

Regions and Chapters are encouraged to submit local event and club information for inclusion in the AACA site. Submission instructions can be found on the site.

See you surf'n on the net'