Ollie Palanjin says that a close friend of his was looking for a wooden wheel for a Model T. They knew of a Model T that was a "basket case" located in Willow Grove, Pa. so they went to buy or try to buy a wheel from it.

The guy refused to sell just a wheel from the T. But after much talk and persuasion, he finally told them he could not sell the wheel because a junk man was coming the next day to give him $7.50 for the car. However, he said he would sell the whole car to them for $8.00 but he had to have cash.

They picked the car up that afternoon, then Ollie and his friend spent the next 16 years rebuilding and restoring his 1924 Model T Coupe. Before his friend passed away, Ollie helped him with another car, a 1931 DeSoto convertible, and he sold Ollie the T. He wanted Ollie to buy the DeSoto, but Ollie did not have $25,000 for another "toy".

Oh, yes, Ollie says that $8.00 was a 1958 "basket case" price.

(The editors would like this to be a regular feature in The Exhaust Pipe. Where did you find your car? Please let us know.)

Alice Crockford, Editor of "The Exhaust Pipe" for the Jersey Cape Region sent this idea used in their newsletter to Bill Smith. Bill thought other club editors would enjoy the idea and passed it on to me for the Rummage Box.