What is the AACA

"National Activities Committee?"

Douglas D. Drake
V.P. National Activities

The AACA Activity Committee is appointed each year by our National President to work with Regions and Chapters who are interested in hosting or who have already signed up to host a National Meet or National Tour.

Under the guidance of the V.P. of National Activities, four (4) members at large are appointed, one to each of the four AACA Divisions. These individuals work with the Chairperson and their committees of the over 50 National Meets and Tours already scheduled through the year 2001. They also canvass the U.S. and Canada for Regions and Chapters to host National Activities that are open. These National Events are: National Meets, Reliability Tour, Founders Tour, Vintage Tour, Glidden Tour, & National Division Tours

The AACA Board of Directors has approval responsibility for all initial requests for National Activities and any changes to the date, location or chairperson of the event. Special Meet and Tour Guidelines are published in the AACA

Policy and Procedure Manual. The four Division National Activity Chairpersons are:

Eastern Joseph Vicini Tel: 908 4462823
Southeastern Jim Raines Tel: 7033766177
Central Russell Fisher Tel: 414 7851210
Western Ralph Harms Tel: 6192958524

Open Meet Dates:

1998 Central, Fall
1999 Western, Spring & Fall
2000 Central, Spring
2000 Western, Spring & Fall
2001 Southeastern, Winter
2001 Eastern, Spring
2001 Central, Spring & Fall
2001 Western, Spring & Fall
2001 Grand National
2001 All open except Southeast Spring & Grand National

Open Tours Dates:

1998 Western & Central Division Tours
1999 All four Division Tours
2000 Reliability Tour
2000 Central, Western & Southeastern Tours
2001 Glidden & Vintage Tour, all four Division Tours
2002 Founders & Reliability Tour, all four Division Tours