Training Program

Jeff Locke
Chairman, Operations­ Regions Committee

When the AACA Regions Committee was formed in 1987 one of the main goals was to act as a clearing house among the clubs for the exchange of good ideas. To accomplish this, in 1990 we held our first Regions/Chapters Officers Training School at the AACA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia during February. To date over 400 people have attended this school and shared in this exchange. If you've been there, you've seen it work.

But not every club is represented at the school; what about them? In 1992 we published a manual that we give out to school participants (periodically updated). Then in 1994 we introduced a VCR video cassette of the training program that we sell at each school for $20. We have sold over 50 of these video cassettes. Both the 2 hour video and manual are full of ideas that have been forwarded to us by clubs like yours; to share for the greater benefit of all of us.

with an automotive theme. It's a great opportunity for your members to learn more about each other, and build the "fellowship" our hobby is so famous for. Remember, when you print material from other Club Newsletters, please give proper credit.

Now every club can obtain this valuable information. Your club can now borrow this video from AACA National Headquarters; just as you can borrow, at no charge, any of the great videos available for meetings/activities. The training manual comes with the video and is yours to keep when you return the video to AACA National Headquarters. If you decide that your club should have this video permanently, you can buy it for $20 rather than return it! You can order yours today by calling Hershey.

The video and manual are broken down into segments making their use even easier. Many clubs show it first to their Officers & Board of Directors and then to their Committee Chairpersons. Some clubs show just certain sections to the appropriate leaders. Whatever you decide to do; do it soon. Order yours today.

By the way, if your club has an activity, fund raiser, meeting idea, program, tour theme, membership tool or any other idea that you would like to share with other clubs, send it to me, Jeff Locke, at 900 Taft Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322. Share the success.