Sharing Material

Pat Locke
Editor of The Rummage Box _

Every year, at the Newsletter Editor's Seminar in Philadelphia, the same question comes up. "Where do you get material?"

Rummage Box articles are meant to be shared with your Region. What better way than by reprinting them in your newsletter? We purposely have adopted a two column format and a 12 point Times Roman font to make cutting and pasting as easy as possible. The purpose of this publication is to assist Region and Chapter Presidents and Editors in communicating timely information to their membership.

Exchanging newsletters with other Regions and Chapters is a good source of information, but can put a strain on club budgets. And ... much of the information shared is too specific to that club to be reprinted for your purposes. Not every club is blessed with budding journalists, but some do have some very prolific contributors. I happen to be the editor for a Region so blessed and would like to extend an offer to send any Editor reprints of a series of articles printed in the last year. The articles were written by our new National Director Terry Bond and are titled, "My Favorite Things". Terry is an avid collector of automobilia and very knowledgeable in this field. They make for very interesting reading. Topics include: "The Automobile in Art ­ Prints and Lithographs" ((3­, 1­1/2 pg.,1 pg. & 1­1/3 pg.); Children's Tea Sets (with an automotive theme ­ 1­1/4 pg.); Ford Joke Books (1­1/2 pg.); Automotive Sheet Music (1­2 pg.). Also, there is a one­page article on Scripophily (Collecting Stocks & Bonds) by Club member, Andy Ott). Anyone interested in obtaining these may write to me at the address in the masthead. Remuneration for postage and copies would be nice.

I'd like to hear from other Editors who have articles of general interest they would like to share. I found, by publishing these, that other Club members came forward with stories on their collections also, including Andy's story on stocks and bonds, the offer of some old postcards for reprinting and a great Christmas story on a pedal car collection. Our Club has a "Men's Hobby Night" and a "Ladies' Hobby Night" Program periodically. This is a great time to "recruit" new writers to contribute a story on their collection. The list is endless ... matchbooks, brass lamps, petromobilia, vintage clothing, toys, ties, belt buckles, sales literature, children's books ... all, AACA Region/Chapters Officers