Newsletter Contest Announced for 1997

John P. Myer
Vice President, Publications

The AACA Publications Committee for 1997 has been appointed and applications for the 1997 Newsletter Contest were mailed March 20th to all Regions and Chapters.

The Publications Committee encourages each local club to enter this contest. Your newsletter may receive an award of recognition and you have the opportunity of participating in the newsletter exchange with other clubs.

To enter the contest, complete the application when it is received from National Headquarters. An application will be sent to each Editor listed on the Officer Reporting Form. If no editor is listed, the application is sent to the club President. If you participated in the contest in 1996, a new application must be submitted for 1997.

A copy of each issue of your newsletter is to be sent to the following persons:

President Samuel H. High, III
616 Tower Road
Sellersville, PA 189603132

John P. Myer
Vice President, Publications
P.O. Box 370 Cropwell, AL 350340370

AACA National Headquarters
c/o Jeanne Smith
P.O. Box417
Hershey, PA 17033

Terry Bond
Ass't. Vice President, Publications
541 Forest Road
Chesapeake, VA 233224326

Thomas F. Howard
Executive Vice President
P.O. Box 22130
Knoxville, TN 379330130

Earl L. Muir
Vice President, Regions
R.D. #5, Box 82
Ligonier, PA 156588706

Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr.
Vice President, Public Relations
P.O. Box 999 Montross, VA 225200999

No other copies need to be sent to National Officers. This may be a good time to review your distribution list and remove names that no longer need to get copies of your newsletter.

If your budget prohibits this distribution quantity, contact the Vice President, Publications for a waiver to this requirement.

If you are an Editor and did not receive an application, please contact Jeanne Smith at National Headquarters.