Where the Work Gets Done

Samuel H. High, III
President, AACA

When one thinks of the AACA National, an image of the National Headquarters building comes to mind. True, this is where most of the day to day business of the National Club is transacted under the very able direction of Bill Smith and his staff.

The "National" is guided by twenty­one Directors who are elected by the general membership for a maximum of five three year terms. They meet four times a year, spring, fall and two times during the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Each Director has been assigned to a primary responsibility, (V.P. Class Judging, V.P. Finance Budget, Chairman Safety, Chairman Grievance, etc.).

However, there are over twenty­six committees and each Director serves on at least two committees. It is here in these committees that most of the policies and directions of the AACA are formulated. Most of these committees also include regional representation which gives the general membership a greater opportunity to participate in the AACA activities. It is here in these committees where new ideas are exchanged, discussed and brought to the forefront. For any hobby to succeed and endure it must evolve and adapt to the ever changing tunes. This is why the AACA is the oldest and greatest antique auto club in the world.

It is the love of the antique automobile which has brought all of us together but it is the ever enduring friendships which keeps us together. So remember this year, as were are about to enjoy the new antique car season, "Make a Friend in the AACA".

The following is a list of the AACA National Committees and their chairs:

Committee Chairman

Executive Samuel H. High
Class Judging Carl R. Boyd
Finance & Budget Al D. Edmonds
National Activities Douglas D. Drake
Membership Nancy Dunn
National Awards Harold E. Henry
National Headquarters Edward B. Baines
Publications John P. Myer
Regions Earl L. Muir
Senior Car Awards Roy M. Graden
Technical Jack Widdel, Jr.
Nominating Douglas D. Drake
Annual Meeting Seth Pancoast
Grievance Roy M. Graden
Honorary Members Ronald V. Barnett
Legislative Lloyd J. Davis
Policy and Procedure Terry Bond
Safety Roy M. Graden
HPOF Forest Sloan
Merchandise David L. Zimmerman
Touring Earl L. Muir
Internet Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr.
Planning Al D. Edmond
Museum Advisory Council Donald R. R.
Life Member Endowment Al D. Edmond