One of your most important tools!

Terry Bond
Chairman, Policy & Procedure

You wouldn't take your antique car out on a tour without first checking through your toolbox would you? Well, as new Region officers assume their duties this season, a cheek through the box of "leadership" tools would be in order. Possibly the most important document available to Region officers is the AACA Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM).

Updated annually, the PPM is literally a "shop­manual" for Regions and Chapters. It contains a lot of information not only regarding how our National organization functions, but it provides important guidelines and information for local clubs as well. Everything from how to form a Region or Chapter (including suggested by­laws) to how to apply for and host a successful National Meet or Tour is included. This important document is useful to many involved in Regional leadership positions. If your newsletter editor is looking for a good series of articles about AACA, use the manual to answer some of the most frequently asked questions (e.g. how AACA's insurance program works, or should your Region incorporate?). It's a great way to keep your members informed!

The only way we can keep our "shop manual" up­to­date is by constantly reviewing our policies and procedures. Remember that this important tool is designed to help you at the Regional level so it must work well. We value your input if you have any suggestions on how to improve on the Policy and Procedure Manual, drop a note to Terry Bond, Chairman, Policy and Procedure, 541 Forest Rd. Chesapeake, Va. 23322