Earl L. Muir.
Vice President, Regions

First of all, on behalf of my Regions Committee Members and myself, we are pleased to be able to serve you this year, 1997. I would like to welcome all the Region and Chapter Presidents and Editors for the year 1997. I ask you to try very hard to present the Rummage Box information to your members. You may want to copy the R Rummage Box and hand it out to your members at your meetings, or include it with your newsletters, or reprint (copy) articles from it in your newsletters. The Rummage Box is our communication between AACA and its member regions and chapters. We thank you for your cooperation.

The Regions Committee is here to work with you in several ways. We have representatives from the Membership Committee, Video Production Committee, Philadelphia Annual Meeting Committee (Presidents' Dinner and two seminars), Speaker's Bureau (four divisions of AACA), Operations Chairman, Regions Committee Secretary, and, of course, our new Rummage Box Editor. Harold Henry, my Assistant V.P. of Regions, is also available to assist you.

AACA has a very efficient office staff at Hershey, PA. They do all the work, we just go along for the fun, enjoying a Great Hobby.