Some Changes in the I Got A Member Program
Nancy Dunn
Vice President, Membership

Since its inception in 1991, the I GOT A MEMBER program has been very successful, with several thousand of our members participating and assisting with membership growth. The National Board of Directors has approved the continuation of the program for a second five-year period. There are, however, some changes for you to note. Those of you already in the program have been receiving cloisonne lapel pins for each year of sponsorship (except for the third year when you received the navy briefcase). Beginning in 1996, we will no longer be sending the lapel pins. Instead, sponsors of 1996 members will receive their plastic IGAM name badge immediately.

Sponsors who have been with the program for some time have their lapel pins. New sponsors will have the name badge only, but will receive it with their first member. It is felt that this is a fair compromise to all. Also, for the second five-year phase, you will be seeing a new plastic name badge for 1996 in red and white. When you see the red badge, you will know that the wearer has filled his original blue and white badge with all five year tabs, and is starting his second five-consecutive-year badge. Remember, the key word here is consecutive. Try to sponsor a new member in each year.

The navy nylon briefcase will again be given at your third consecutive year, and you will still be offered your choice of one of three award gifts at your fifth consecutive year. For the program, we give you credit for one member per year; however, the total number of members you have sponsored is a permanent part of our records. We have always found that our members are pleased and enthusiastic about the IGAM program, and continue to be happy with the changes for the second five-year phase. Many of you encourage the new members you have sponsored to enter the program and sponsor members of their own. We thank you for assisting with membership growth. Keep up the great work you do for AACA.