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Summer 2005


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New Membership Opportunities

By Joe Gagliano
Vice President - Regions

While putting my report together for the Board Meeting held in Colorado, looking through the requests for region and chapter charter applications and conversations with interested members I made an observation. Our activity level for new region and chapter inquiries has been picking up after having been fairly level over the past few years. Putting together the conversations and correspondence I have determined that there is some merger activity going on, at the local levels of the hobby.

Independent antique automobile clubs around the United States, and most likely the world, have been facing some of the same challenges we are experiencing with our membership which results in fewer members and less involvement by those that remain. Many of these independent local clubs are fairly small in numbers; losing a few members has significant impact on their club and the ability to schedule and hold activities. As a matter of survival two or more of these independent, “competitive” clubs are joining forces to try to establish that “critical mass” of members required maintaining their existence. Some are contacting AACA to investigate forming new regions or joining an existing region. They realize they need the structure and stability AACA can provide. This trend opens up opportunities for your region or chapter to recruit new members.

Start looking in your communities and geographical area for independent clubs and even marques clubs that may be looking for some help. Mention this thought to your members, they may also be a member of one of these other clubs. These are antique car folks that could very easily be brought into your organization. I can appreciate that there may have been some issues in the past, even some disagreements, but that is the past, look to the future. Extend the hand of old car hobby friendship. Take that first step. Invite that other club to one of your events, plan an event together. Introduce them to an AACA National activity. Sell them on the merits of joining forces with your region or chapter.

Public Relations

By David Choitti
Vice President Public Relations

The Region Newsletter and Region Web site are the glue that holds a region and chapter together. The Editors and Webmasters are the unsung heroes; you are the ones that keep your Regions and Chapters informed of club activities both locally and nationally.

In an on-going effort to expand the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) you can be a very important link. Each of you has a “hometown newspaper”. Most, if not all, have a column dealing with local events. Contact the person that writes the column. He or she will more than likely be happy to give you a few lines about your region, the region officers, its events and when and where your meetings are held. Don’t forget about the local radio and television stations, they can help advertise club events. Be sure to mention the national website www.aaca.org. You can contact National Headquarters at (717) 534-1910 and get a copy of a press release form, fill in the blanks and you’ll look like a pro. No matter how big or small event you are planning be sure to invite the public. It is the best kind of public relations we can get. If there is a swap meet in your area offer the organizers a free ad in your publication in return for a free space on the field. Set up an information booth, promote your region, as well as the National membership applications and back issues of the Antique Automobile magazine. I am always amazed at the number of “car people” that have never heard of the AACA. You can help get the message out there.

Please send me copies of your local press releases and photographs from your events. I would love to pass your ideas on.

Happy Motoring in 2005

AACA Scholarships

By John L. Walker
VP of Programs and Youth Development 

  AACA has been promoting youths in our hobby for many years now. We have a fantastic scholarship program for years that many regions, chapters and individuals may not know or just simply forget about. We feel that in today’s world, it is important to become educated beyond high school. Even today’s mechanics must be educated in the sophistication of the new computerized components. It seems that a vast majority of high school graduates are continuing their education in some way or another. In the past year, at least two scholarships were presented at the annual meeting held every February. Let me briefly explain the two we have.

AACA Scholarship

A $750 cash award to any AACA member or child of an AACA member in good standing for at least 5 years who has been accepted to or is now enrolled in an institution of higher education. This award is granted by the AACA National Board of Directors to encourage our members to further their education and stimulate interest in AACA and the history of vehicles in general. Region or chapter membership is encouraged but not required. One or more awards may be presented each year.

Eligibility: This award is open to any member or child of an active AACA member of at least 5 years in good standing who:

  • is entering any institution or higher learning leading to a diploma.
  • is now enrolled in such institution at any level.
  • shall have demonstrated active interest in AACA through participation in its programs OR shown active interest in the hobby of antique vehicles through restoration, preservation, or ownership of such vehicles.
  • May be awarded only once to any individual

Selection: the AACA Young Peoples Award Committee will make Selection. If more than one qualified individual applies, the award shall be made at random from the pool of qualified applicants.

More than one award is possible each year.

Deadline: Applications shall be submitted December 1st of the year preceding the AACA Annual Meeting in February.

AACA Young People’s Award

A $750 cash award to any high school senior, child of an active AACA member in good standing for at least five years, who has been accepted into an accredited institution of higher education, i.e. a four-year college leading to a bachelors degree or a two-year vocational education program leading to a diploma. This award is given, in the hope that, in the future, a contribution of equal or greater value will be given in return to the AACA or to the AACA Library and Research Center for the betterment of AACA and its members worldwide. This award is merit based and while financial need may be considered, it is not necessary.

Eligibility: This award is open to any high school senior, child of an active AACA member of good standing for at least five years, who:

  • shall graduate or was graduated from high school in the spring of the year before the award will be given. (i.e. graduate spring 2004, award in February 2005)
  • shall have received a letter of acceptance from either a four-year college leading to a bachelors degree or from a two-year vocational educational program leading to a diploma or is currently enrolled.
  • shall have demonstrated an active interest in and made a significant contribution to the successful operation of an AACA region or chapter and/or
  • shall have demonstrated a long-time, active interest in the ownership, restoration of, or preservation of antique vehicles or automobilia. This award is merit based and while financial need may be considered, it is not necessary.

Amount/Funding of Award: The award shall be in the form of $750 cash and shall be paid directly to the institution attended by the recipient of the award. The award may be used for enrollment of tuition fees, books, supplies, or equipment required for the course of study. This award is funded with contributions or dollars designated by the AACA Board which will ensure another annual recipient. Funds shall be placed in the highest interest-bearing account available and shall be managed by the Fund Trustee.

Criteria for Nomination: There shall be no written criteria for eligibility (except as stated above). Each member of the Selection Committee shall base his/her decision on an individual personal consciousness of the premise of the AACA Young People Award. However, the following are some suggested concepts for consideration in selecting a nominee: Special interests or talents in the nominee’s personal or community life which inspire that person or other co-workers to achieve identified tasks or be further dedicated to the antique car hobby. Strength of character, which allows the candidate to develop self-reliance or determination in a specific endeavor. The volunteering of time or talent to the benefit of the region/chapter or to another individual in the pursuit of the enjoyment of the hobby at large (beyond the attendance at meetings). The vision to perceive or expand a program or service of the region or chapter to the benefit of all hobbyists

Nomination: A nomination may be submitted upon receipt of a majority vote of the Board of Directors of an AACA region or chapter, as duly noted in the official meeting minutes of that Board of Directors’ meeting. The Board of Directors of an AACA region or chapter shall submit an official nomination form (available via AACA Headquarters, AACA website or contacting me) which consists of typed document of not more than one page (one side of one sheet of paper) stating why it is felt the graduate nominee should receive the award, attaching to the submission a copy of the graduate’s letter of acceptance to the institution of higher education and evidence (transcripts) of academic standing. The nomination shall be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked “2004 Young People’s Award” to the AACA Executive Director or designee, by the designated date and will be held in total for review by the Selection Committee. Elected AACA Directors or Officers shall not receive written entries at any time. No faxes will be accepted. AACA is not responsible for postal or delivery delays or for lost or misdirected mailings.

Selection Process: A Selection Committee shall select the successful candidate(s) by the 15th of January preceding the next AACA Annual Meeting at which the award will be made. All sealed nominations shall be opened and reviewed by Selection Committee members. All nominations shall be reviewed based on the Committee person’s personal consciousness of the premise of the award and the total number of candidates shall be reduced to a group of not more than six and not less than two to receive Letters of Recognition of Achievement. From this reduced group, one shall be randomly drawn to receive the AACA Young People’s Award stipend. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final and all those in the reduced group shall be notified of their decision by mail no later than February 1.

Deadline for Nomination: Applications shall be made by December 1st of the year preceding the AACA Annual Meeting in February.

The applications for either can be obtained from AACA Headquarters, the AACA Website, or by contacting me. Please go to the regions and chapters and promote our scholarships. We are very proud to have these programs and encourage AACA member children to get involved with them.

Interaction with and between Regions, Chapters and Individual Members

By Herb Oakes
Vice President of Development and Support of the Eastern and South Eastern Division of Regions and Chapters

As your Vise President of Development and Support of the Eastern and South Eastern Division of Regions and Chapters, along with a team of 8 chairman, I would like to introduce to you our on-going program of interaction with and between Regions, Chapters and individual members to promote good will and understanding (“esprit de corps”) between members, Regions Chapters and the National organization. Consider me that of a goodwill ambassador representing the National club.

Our task is informational and should help to address the main questions of what can the AACA do for our local Regions and Chapters. If your members would like to have one or our chairman make a visit, they would be more than happy to accept an invitation to your club meeting or event, as well as accept or answer questions from individual members. Our objective is to make a presentation, have a short video and then answer questions.

The presentation would cover a basic background conformation: History of the AACA, membership, national meets and tours, policy and procedures manual general information, attending national meets, activity request cards- where to find them and how to use them, etc. These topics can vary based on your membership requests. The total amount of time from beginning to end should be approximately one hour including 5-10 minutes for questions.

This effort is designated to establish more direct face-to-face contact between individual members and the National organization to foster a more direct feeling of belonging rather than any feeling of being “forced to belong”. It is my goal as Vice President of Development & Support to make individual members that are encountered feel they are important to the National organization and that their feelings and concerns are heard and considered.

If your membership would be interested for us to visit them and enjoy the club meeting or event as well as accept or answer questions, we need nothing more than an invitation. If any region or chapter is interested in this program, please contact me by letter, e-mail or phone and I am at your service. I will contact the chairman that is responsible for your state and make arrangements for him to contact your region or chapter. Thank you in advance for your response.

I can be reached at:

102 Converse Dr.
Jacksonville, NC 28546
or by telephone at 910 346-3834
or by email at herbfran@gibralter.net

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Summer 2005

New Membership Opportunities

AACA Scholarships

Interactions with and between Regions, Chapters and Individual Members

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