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Spring 2004


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By Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr.
AACA President

A whole New Year is upon us with much to do in AACA. Your Region or Chapter will be planning many events and I hope you will make plans to attend as many of them as possible. Your local leaders have stepped forward to plan these events, and will find it really disheartening if they are not well attended. While you’re at it, give a pat on the back every once in awhile to the editor of your newsletter. Your editor spends a lot of time preparing the newsletter. It has been said that the editor is the lifeblood of any Region or Chapter, for without a good newsletter you can’t really know what is going on. A good article about your car can help your editor, let people get to know you better, and provide some interesting reading for your old car friends.

At the National level, there is really a lot going on this year. Every possible National event has been filled. There is a spring and fall Meet in each of the four Divisions, plus the Winter Meet in Melbourne, Florida, which will be history by the time you read this, of course. The Founders Tour was scheduled out west this year in the beautiful southwestern United States around Tucson, Arizona. Since it is an even numbered year, the AAA Glidden Tour® is being hosted by the VMCCA, but it is open to AACA members. Our two special tours held on the even numbered years are the Reliability Tour for vehicles 1915 and older and the AACA Sentimental Tour for vehicles 1928-1958. Both of these tours will be taking place in 2004, with the Reliability Tour August 1-6 in the Tiffin, Ohio, area and the new “First National” Sentimental Tour October 24-29 in the Woodbridge, Virginia, area. And if that’s not enough, there are four Divisional Tours this year; these being our more localized three-day tours. They take place in North Carolina, Nevada, Maryland, and Illinois. I think this is going to be one gigantically exciting year! Somewhere along the line Judy and I will be looking forward to meeting you, and shaking your hand. After all, the AACA is a Club made up of “friendships in old cars”.

My motto for 2004 is “Let’s Grow AACA More in 2004”. That doesn’t mean we want to grow complacent. It means we want to grow our horizons, grow our friendships, and grow our membership to larger numbers that will serve to benefit you with a better magazine, a better watch over the legislative scene, a better program to serve each Region, each Chapter, and each individual member. I’m excited about everything in AACA this year. We have a great cadre of elected officers again this year. Our new Executive Director is an energetic guy and a car hobbyist to the core, and I’m just like him. Watch for great changes in your Antique Automobile Magazine. If the IRS agrees with our C3 Non-Profit application many new avenues will be open to us as the year goes along. We’ll know the answer to that question soon. There is a new program being tested and under review by the Youth Development subcommittee. Yes, these are exciting new ideas that seek to improve what are already the many excellent advantages of being a member of AACA.

And what else are we doing for you? Last year we instituted two new Vice Presidencies. Those are the Vice President of Development & Support, one to cover the Central and Western Divisions, the other the Eastern and Southeastern Divisions. Last year each of these two Vice Presidents had four Chairmen to support Regions and Chapters, but for 2004 we have expanded the program to nine Chairmen for each of the Vice Presidents. We think we can cover almost all Regions and Chapters this way. These Chairmen will be like “Zone Representatives” who will circulate and from time to time visit one of your local events, or visit one of your meetings and give a presentation on AACA and what it has to offer. The Chairmen are in your area representing AACA. I am hoping that in this way, we can bring the AACA National Club closer to you, the member. Remember, our Regions and Chapters are the roots of the Club. They are like the fingers on your hand. Cut off the fingers and the hand doesn’t work.

And that’s not all. I have appointed two Focus Groups, made up of active members of AACA who are not National Officers, Chairmen, or employees to study two areas I feel are critical to the Club’s future. They will give us some new ideas by Labor Day. I am hopeful that these new ideas may help AACA grow our membership in these critical areas. One Focus Group is made up of younger adult members, aged 25 to 50, while the other is made up of active members from the Central and Western Divisions. The ideas generated by these two independent sub-committees will be reported to the Membership Committee, and may show us some new ways for AACA to attract increased membership from among people like themselves.

So, stay tuned into AACA because the future is bright. The year 2004 is going to be a memorable one. I just wish I could meet each and every one of you, but since I can’t, I’ll count on all of these many helpers mentioned above to stand in for me. Thanks for being a member of AACA and trusting me as your President. You are the people who make AACA great. It’s my pleasure to serve you.

aaca regions/chapters committee

By Joe Gagliano
Vice President - Regions

Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to have been appointed Vice President of Regions for 2004. As a first term Director, the past two years have been an extremely interesting and challenging experience. I look forward to working with our Regions and Chapters in 2004 and in the future. First of all, I’d like to thank and recognize Dave Berg and the 2003 Regions Committee for the great job they did in 2003 and in the past. Fortunately for me, for the most part, the committee will remain the same in 2004. These folks devote a significant amount of their time and efforts trying to help our Chapters and Regions. From the execution of our policies, processes and paperwork, to organizing and presenting seminars and training our officers, these folks deserve a “pat on the back” and a round of applause!

John Walker PA Assistant VP- Regions

Chuck Conrad TX Operations- Video

Brooke Davis NC Rummage Box Editor

Ernie Gauld AL Chairman- Annual Meeting

Jeff Locke VA Chairman- Officers Training

Mary Jane Marine MD Chairman- Administration

Alan Terek PA Chairman- Operations

Joe Verrastro PA Assistant Chairman

Bruce Wheeler MD Secretary

Arthur Bolton AL Assistant Chairman

You have probably heard many times before that the Regions and Chapters are the life blood of AACA. I look at it a little differently, I feel our members are the life blood of the club and the Regions and Chapters are the arteries and veins that form the path and connections to the National organization. We need to keep that connection, continuous and healthy.

Like most clubs and other organizations today, we share some significant challenges maintaining our health. We compete for our member’s attention and time; we need to introduce a transfusion of new blood into our clubs that will supplement our existing members and replace those that leave. We need to maintain programs and activities that keep our members coming back, and make sure they have fun in the hobby and with our group.

The Regions Committee’s sole purpose is to support your efforts in your locale and help you achieve your objectives. We do that with communication, documentation, activities, training and direct support. Something like “white blood cells”, we rush to help you when you have a problem or need help. What are some of the specifics?

Information kits, guides and policy documentation examples to help you organize and manage your club Officer Training and Officer Manuals Region and Chapter activities information Region and Chapters President Dinner each year at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia ( a great networking opportunity) New club application and formation assistance Inter Region/Chapter liaison and problem solving AACA Film and video library and listings Seminars.

Follow-up and reminders concerning the Officers Reporting Forms and Roster obligations.

Rummage Box- Articles and useful information for use by your newsletter editor

This is by no means the complete list, but just some of the highlights.

Your 2004 Regions Committee and I want to thank you for your efforts and we look forward to serving you and your chapter or region in 2004.

“It’s not the journey that’s important, it’s the people you meet along the way.”

Judging at national meets

By Robert R. Croley

When AACA was founded in1935 the initial purpose of the organization was to plan outings and contests based on driving skills. As the years passed members began restoring their vehicles and contests of skill and workmanship in vehicle restoration replaced driving contests.

The AACA judging system began in 1952 and over the years has evolved into the finest multi-marque judging system in use today. Judging Standards are designed for vehicles restored to the way the dealer received them from the factory. AACA publishes a manual entitled “Official Judging Rules and Guidelines” available from National Headquarters in Hershey, PA. The manual is the source of much of the information appearing in this article. As with the judging standards, the guidelines are a work in progress reflecting the currently available information on vehicle authenticity.

Every eligible AACA member is encouraged to become a National Judge. All National Judges must be AACA members or the spouse of a joint or life member and must either have or has possessed a valid driver’s license or be individually approved by the Judging Committee. To be an effective AACA Judge a person must possess certain attributes including the ability to be fair, honest, understanding and reasonable when judging a vehicle. Ownership or restoration of an antique vehicle is not required of AACA Judges.

At the beginning of 2003 there were more than 1500 active national Judges in AACA. Many are dedicated individuals and couples who enjoy traveling to and socializing with other club members at National Meets all over the U.S. A few even judge at all of the National Meets in a single year.

AACA National Judging Schools are held the day before the meet at most National Meet locations. If you would like to be a National Judge you should plan to attend a National Judging School and then let the Meet Chief Judge know that you want to judge at the meet. For your first meet judging experience, you will be assigned to an appentice team where you will be instructed in judging principals and procedures and participate in practice vehicle judging.

Judges are organized by teams and each team is assigned to judge vehicles in one or more of the thirty-six vehicle classes. A team consists of a Captain, and four team members—one of whom also functions as an Assistant Captain. Each of the four team members is assigned to one of the four vehicle areas: chassis, engine, interior, and exterior. Unlike many other vehicle judging systems, every vehicle at an AACA meet starts with a perfect score of 400 points and deductions are taken for non-authentic parts and materials, vehicle condition and restoration quality keeping in mind that the standard is the state that the dealer would have received the vehicle from the manufacturer. Judging procedure requires each judge to thoroughly inspect his or her assigned part of the vehicle, then step away from the vehicle and mark the applicable deductions on a worksheet. Results are reported to the Team Captain who marks the deductions on the vehicle judging form and totals the deductions to arrive at the final score. Vehicles scoring more than 365 points and within 10 points of the high scoring vehicle are awarded a First Junior trophy at the Saturday evening Awards Banquet. Similarly, vehicles meeting certain scoring standards are awarded Second and Third place trophies as well as Senior and Preservation Awards at the Banquet. AACA also provides display and certification categories for original vehicles and driver vehicles meeting certain specified requirements.

After the team has finished judging its assigned vehicle class or classes, the Team Captain reports the results to the Judges Administration Office. That office is staffed by a dozen or more very dedicated AACA Judges who work from early morning until all vehicle scoring is reported, tabulated, recorded, proofed and award books are prepared for the evening’s Award Banquet—often 4:00p.m. or 5:00 p.m.

At the Awards Banquet the Meet Chief Judge announces the winners and the awards are presented by the AACA National President and Executive Vice President. Award winners are listed in the next issue of “Antique Automobile” which serves as a permanent record of the meet results.

Judging at an AACA National Meet often requires the efforts of several hundred National Judges working together to achieve a common goal. If you are team oriented and enjoy antiques vehicles, come join us. As the old saying goes: “try it, you’ll like it!” and at the same time make a real contribution to the preservation, restoration and exhibition of these wonderful old vehicles.


ramblings of enzo the cat

  Hi Folks. Its me Enzo, your favorite feline!

Well friends as I paw out this article it is early March. The weather in the northeast is finally starting to change. The real good news is that I'm not grounded anymore. I knew mom and dad would give in. So now I can go out again. There is still some snow and some areas where it has given way to mud. So outside is not all that big of a deal just yet. I have to watch that I don’t get mud on my paws and then track it into the house or I will get it good!

Soon though Dad will be bringing the cars out. I like to watch dad with the cars. Each one is so different. Sometimes dad gets mad at the car and says bad words! Does he think the car will answer him? Do you ever get mad at your car? I hope not. That just doesn’t sound like fun and after all dad always says "It has to be a fun hobby". Dad says the cars have personalities, I have a hard time understanding him, but then again I am just a cat. Lets analyze that…… Now the last time I was out on the fence with my really smart friend Albert Felinestien, the smartest cat I know, we were talking about the Vet. You know, where you go when you have the Flu. Albert told me that there are Vets for people just like for us cats. I bet though when you readers go to the Vet they don't haul you around in a plastic carrying case. Albert also told me that there is a Vet for cars. Well that makes sense. Since cars have personalities, they must from time to time need to see the Vet. Do cars get the Flu? Now I know on occasion the car gets all its old fluids removed and new ones put in. Of course there is also the major organ transplant that takes place from time to time. I think that’s called getting a new rear end! that puzzles me a bit, I will make a note to ask Albert about that, he knows all sorts of stuff. What about if the spark plugs are fouled and they need to be pulled and new ones inserted. Would that be the Car Dentist? One time I knew dad was sending the car to the Car Vet cause I saw the big mobile carrying case on wheels come for the car. They even had to strap the car down on this flat part. I guess they figured it might get mad and run away. Sounds like cars don't want to go to the Vet anymore than Enzo does. Albert has tried to convince me many times that going to the Vet is a good thing. So with that in mind Enzo reminds all of his friends out there in AACA land, as the touring season approaches... Check over your car carefully. Examine the brakes, change the fluids, and take the car to the Car-Vet to be sure that you will have a safe and enjoyable show and tour season.

I'll be back next time with more stories and helpful hints cause I love cars and car people, almost as much as Friskies ! 

Bye now.