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Fall 2002

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The word is out

By Jim Raines
President, AACA

The Driver Participation Class is off and running. Going into its second year, the Driver Participation Class has seen a dramatic increase. Through the first seven meets of this year approximately 200 vehicles have participated in this class; but there is still some confusion about what vehicles qualify. This category is for non-modified vehicles 25 years or older that have not obtained a national first prize. This is a non-competitive category and will not be judged, but vehicles will be eligible to be certified as a driver. A driver tab will be issued at the awards ceremony to each vehicle upon certification, a participation award will be also given out upon certification and at each subsequent meet for attendance. When five participation awards are received the accompanying participation cards are to be completed and mailed to the Vice President of Senior Car Awards. Upon confirmation of the five participation awards, a mounting board will be mailed from National Headquarters.

This is a great place to show your driver or tour vehicle. If your Region or Chapter is sponsoring a meet please encourage all of your members to bring a vehicle out. This is a great way to boost attendance. We have certified everything from motorcycles to motor homes. If you are attending a meet, please drive that antique and show it in the Driver Participation Class.

AACA Membership Dues To Increase for 2003

by Sharon Lee
Vice President - Membership

We want to take this opportunity to let all of you know that AACA Membership dues will be increasing to $30.00, beginning with your 2003 membership. We always hate to see dues increase, just as we hate to see expenses increase, but these things just seem to be unavoidable. There hasn’t been a dues increase in four years; and yet this one has been held to only $4.00 more than last year.

As mentioned above, the increases in AACA expenses over these last four years, related to all the services offered by AACA, have been significant. This fact has forced this small dues increase for 2003; but yet, AACA Membership still remains the best bargain in the old car hobby as compared to the dues of other National clubs.

There is a way you can help contain costs. That is, we would like to encourage you to mail your dues early. Prompt payment decreases AACA expenses in that it is unnecessary to send duplicate mailings requesting payment.

This message is intended for all presidents, editors, officers and members reading and using the Rummage Box. The Rummage Box is a tool intended to communicate necessary information to your local Region or Chapter. We encourage you to place this news, along with some words of encouragement, into your newsletter to remind your members to send in their National Dues early. Also please tell them we hope they will participate in all the upcoming events, which this slight increase in dues will help AACA continue to provide to its membership.


by Ray M. Fairfield
Vice President, Data Management & Communications

The AACA has its own website, www.aaca.org. This address takes you to the AACA homepage, from where you can access all the information the site has to offer. I hope you all have visited it.

This site was designed by, built by, and is maintained by Peter Gariepy, the AACA Webmaster. The next time you’re on-line, go to www.aaca.org and see all that the site has to offer. Several new features have been added recently that I would like to talk to you about.

First of all, did you know that AACA headquarters can be contacted by E-mail now? This feature is not particularly new, but many of our members are unaware of it. From the AACA homepage, click on Headquarters, or Contact Info. The Headquarters page has links that open an E-mail message to be mailed in to the appropriate person to handle general inquiries, office questions, membership, judging, or merchandise. Headquarters will answer your e-mail, usually within one business day.

Seventy-nine AACA Regions and Chapters have their own websites that are linked from the AACA website. Click on web hosting on the AACA homepage for more details. The AACA will host your AACA Region or Chapter website FREE! The AACA provides the server, bandwidth and expertise. You provide the effort to build and maintain the site. Do you prefer to have your club's website hosted using another service? Just contact the AACA Webmaster and he'll gladly link to it from the AACA website. Microsoft Front Page is the web editing software that we use. For more information, go to the “web hosting” page on the AACA website. Our Webmaster can be reached at webmaster@aaca.org.

While I’m on the subject of Region/Chapter websites, I’d like to remind you that the Internet Committee evaluates all linked Region/Chapter websites every year for the annual website awards. Websites are evaluated for ease of use, readability, navigation, originality, presentation, content, interest, and value. Last year we had a difficult time identifying and locating several webmasters. Therefore, one of our criteria this year is that the Webmaster and club officers must be clearly identified. And if no link to the site Webmaster is provided, the Webmaster is requested to send an e-mail to me with name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. My e-mail address is rf2@ix.netcom.com, and I can also be reached through a link on the address roster page of the National Officers list on the website.

Awards of Merit, Distinction, and Excellence are made, and several webmasters are selected each year for receipt of Master Webmaster awards. The awards are similar to those issued for newsletter editors, and are awarded at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in February.

One of the most popular areas of our website is the Discussion Forum. Every day we have thousands of people read and respond to the 100,000+ posts. There we have dozens of forums covering virtually every aspect of the antique automobile hobby. We also host discussion forums for over 16 other car clubs, from Buicks to Zephyrs, and more. Go have a look.

And the most recent addition to the website is the Meet Pre-registration link on the homepage. This allows AACA members to register for attendance or judging at National Meets.

For meet or judging registration, enter your membership number and PIN on the entry screen. The PIN is the 5-digit alpha-numeric number found on the right hand side of your membership card. It is a letter followed by 4 numbers. Then click on meet or judges pre-registration.

For meet pre-registration, select the meet you wish to register for, and then select the events you wish to sign up for. When finished, click the Print Cards button. This prints out your registration card for you. Then make out your check for the appropriate amount, and send it to the address on the card to register.

For judges pre-registration, select the meet you wish to register for, and then select your name or your spouses’ name for registering. Select the register key for the person who is registering to judge. Complete the screen and click on save. The following screen will be your completed application with your pre-printed name, address, and phone number. Print the screen and forward the application, along with your $4.00 Registration Fee to the chief Judge indicated on the form. Of course, you can still register by completing the form on the inside of each Judging Newsletter. By the way, the Judging Newsletter is available on-line right here in the judging newsletter page of the website.

The Library and Research Center and the AACA Museum both have their own webpages, which can be accessed by clicking on their links on the AACA homepage. A Research Request Form can be downloaded from the Library and Research Center page. The history of the AACA Museum, discussion of donated material, and pictures of construction of our new museum can be found on the Museum page.

And finally, I’d like to recommend that you visit the new Junior AACA webpage, hosted by Judy Edwards. This site is full of interesting stuff for kids, our future AACA members. Judy’s done an outstanding job of providing interesting material and activities for our young members. Pictures, sounds, and technical articles are among the items to be found on the Junior AACA webpage.

There’s lots more on our website that I haven’t talked about here. Go to www.aaca.org and have a look. You’ll be amazed.

AACA Museum Announces AACA Regions and Chapters Gallery for New Building

By John Myer
Vice President - Museum

The AACA Museum Board of Directors recently announced that the museum building, currently under construction in Hershey, PA, would feature a gallery on the upper level, dedicated to all AACA Regions and Chapters. Physically located next to the Hall of Fame, this 2600 Sq. Ft. room will highlight the 400+ Regions and Chapters that provide the backbone of the AACA organization.

Featured in this gallery will be a large map of the United States. Approximately 20’ long and 9’ high. This map will pinpoint the location of each of the Regions and Chapters located in the United States. Surrounding this large US map will be 20 smaller maps of locations outside the US, to note the location of those Regions and Chapters that make up our international family. Our Non-Geographical Clubs will have a special listing noting their membership in the AACA family.

This gallery is designed for use by Regions and Chapters to display artifacts and other memorabilia concerning their particular Region or Chapter. These displays will be located there for short-term exhibits. The room will also feature kiosks with digitally activated touch screens that will allow members to find their name and respective Region/Chapter and other information about AACA.

The gallery will also showcase those Regions and Chapters that have supported the museum with their financial contributions. Titled Taking the High Road, one wall will highlight those Regions/Chapters that have donated at least $100 to the museum. Donations are cumulative and as additional contributions are received, the Region or Chapter will be recognized as they move up the “high road” with their increased level of lifetime gifts.

The construction of the AACA Museum is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2003. If you attend the Fall Meet in Hershey this year, please drive by the museum to view the building construction. Plan to support the museum by attending the AACA Museum Fundraising Dinner on Wednesday, October 9, with NASCAR’s Larry McReynolds and Jeff Hammond. Please support the Hershey Auction on Friday, October 11, by attending or donating a vehicle to be sold at the auction. Part of the proceeds of the auction goes directly to the museum to support the AACA Museum’s Capital Campaign.


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