My 2001 Objectives: Youth, Youth, more Youth and with lots of  Support "We'll Be There"

By Douglas D. Drake
AACA President

Dear Members and Friends,

I am excited to announce that 2001 is off and running full steam ahead with each of our AACA key objectives already being implemented. What is neat about our 2001 objectives is that each of you can play an active roll in making it happen. You see, the first key objective is to get more youth involved in our hobby. That's where all of you come in. Each of us must put our best foot forward to show the younger generation all about this exciting hobby. Those who know me know that I am convinced and committed to making it happen, and I can speak from experience. For the last 3 years I have held over 30 special programs at each National Meet at 1:30 P.M. on Saturday, and on many National Tours, focusing on introducing the automobile to our youth and do you know what? They like it, they want it, and they are like sponges in absorbing what I believe to be very technical material.

Fran Shore and I hold "The Automobile and its Parts" program, which to date has touched the curious minds of over 600 kids across the country, ranging from three years old to late teenagers. They will follow us from car to car, topic to topic, and in most cases will not want to have the program end.

I ask and challenge each of you to try talking to a youngster about your automobile. Show them what the inside looks like; show them what is different from today's cars; show them what is the same as today's cars; show them what the engine looks like; show them how wheels have come a full circle from spoke wheels back in the early 1900s to today's spoke wheels; show them, show them, and show them more. Generate a "car buff'. Do you know what? I'll bet they will like it, want it, and listen to you. By the way, the word Youth to AACA starts with our youngest children and goes up to 40 years old.

To make more happen this year, besides having many committees focusing on youth programs, I have appointed Jim Cook from Florida to be the AACA National Chairman of Youth Public Relations, to get closer to our 63,000 members. This will allow us to learn what is happening in our organization and make all of it available to everyone.

My second key objective for 2001 is the simple word called "Support". I have appointed 20 Division Chairpersons across the United States, five in each of the four divisions. Each Division has a separate chairperson now working on National Activities, Membership, Regions, Programs and Public Relations. Each of these 20 Chairmen have been assigned a group of Regions and Chapters from among our 407 Region and Chapters. They are to personally contact each club assigned to them at least three times a year to ask how the AACA can support and help that club. These Chairmen will try to bring together neighboring Regions and Chapters to have more joint functions and will offer the services of the Chairman of Programs, in planning a full year of exciting activities for members. 

Each month I will be putting out a column for each of our Region and Chapter newsletters, updating you on more of what we are doing. Make sure your club newsletter editors includes this column each month. We will be continually updating the  website with more information on what we are doing. Also, look for more Rummage Box  articles over the year that will help your club.

My theme this year, "We'll be There", comes directly from  the AACA Youth membership logo telling us that they will be there to carry on our hobby.

"We'll be There".

What Do Regions and Chapters Do?

By Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr.
Vice President-Regions

As your new Vice President of Regions and Chapters I have a number of new items on my plate. First of all, we have a new structure, which will bring the management organization of AACA closer to the individual member.

Our new President, Doug Drake, has developed a divisional chairmanship structure for Regions and Chapters that is similar to that used by the Vice President of National Activities for many years. We now have a Division Chairman in each of the four Divisions whose job it is to solicit and try to provide help to any Region or Chapter who desires it.

Knowing the Chairman of your division should provide support for the many questions you may have from time to time. His or her suggestions may well provide you new and interesting alternatives to solve your various concerns.

Let me introduce these Chairs to you: Eastern Division, Jeff Locke of Chesapeake, VA.; Central Division, Joanna Cooper of Broken Arrow, OK.; Southeastern Division, Patt Paquet of Mobile, AL and the Western Division, Tom Deering of Santa Barbara, CA.

To improve workability, your Division has been divided between the Vice President's of Regions, Public Relations, Membership and Programs. In the next three months you will be contacted by letter and then by phone by a Division Chairman. Should that be from a Chairman serving a Vice President other than Regions and you have a Region or Chapter concern, tell your contact and they will put one of the Regions Chairmen or myself in contact with you. Similarly, if your Regions Chairman contacts you and you wish to speak to a Chairman from one of the other elements of this organization simply tell your contact and the message will be passed to the proper person.

If you are an Editor in your Region or Chapter, let me again encourage you to print items you find interesting from the Rummage Box in your Newsletter, The information you find in this publication is written here in an effort to get it to the AACA membership. It is only through you that this can be accomplished. Please help by reprinting articles from this publication when you find something interesting and when you have room.

 If you are a Region or Chapter President, another item I would like to mention is the servicing of your own area. It is very important to the health of your club and AACA National as well, that any prospective member to your club be afforded the respect of your time and attention. We're all volunteers, but in accepting the responsibilities of being an officer, this is the least that we can offer. This is true if a prospect is a new collector, an AACA member recently moved to your area, or an AACA member who has not previously belonged to a Region or Chapter. Should you receive a letter or phone call concerning possible membership, please take the time to follow up with a friendly letter or phone the person and welcome them to attend one of your meetings or other events. The warmth of your invitation will be paid back tenfold over a period of time. Nothing is more upsetting to an enthusiastic prospective member then to receive no answer or a cold shoulder. It is an opportunity lost forever. Never let that be said about you.

One other item I'd like to mention is the Officer Reporting Forms (ORF) and Region & Chapter Rosters. The ORF and Roster Reporting Forms were sent to your club Secretary toward the end of 2000. As you may or may not remember, the ORF must be sent to Headquarters in Hershey by March 1, 2001, while the Roster must be sent by May 1, 2001. Failure to do this just makes it difficult for everybody. I've appointed Richard McIninch to be Chairman; Region & Chapter Operations and his job will be to follow up on delinquent ORF's and Rosters. How about each of you Presidents doing me a big favor, whaddya say? Let's keep Dick McIninch from doing any work this year! Please send your paperwork in, on time. Okay?

We on the Regions Committee have a new goal to accomplish this year. I absolutely believe we need you, John Q Member, to accomplish our goal. What is our goal? There are seven (7) states without a Region, and we want to fill that void in 2001. They are Utah, Vermont, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Nebraska, Montana and Oregon. Will you help? The Rummage Box can't reach people in those states, because there are no Presidents or Editors there. But somebody in your Region or Chapter knows somebody there. Please ask your members to contact a friend in one of those states and have them write to me:

Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr.
PO Box 999
Montross, VA 22520
tel. (804) 493-9520 


Publications Committee Appointed for 2001

By David Zimmerman
Vice President-Publications

The entry forms to be mailed to the AACA Publications Contest have been sent to Regions and Chapter editors. There are some problems that we encountered in 2000.

All Regions and Chapters intending to enter the contest are required to fill out and return to Headquarters a completed entry form. Please fill these out legibly as we use the information from these forms (that is newsletter names, editor's name, Region president's name, Region name.) This year we will make some changes in the color of the paper used for the entry form and some minor changes in procedure to filing this form. This will hopefully cut down on the number of entry forms not received at Headquarters.

Another item that needs attention is that to be eligible all Region and Chapter reporting forms and current rosters must be sent into Headquarters by the closing deadline for entry into the contest.

If your budget precludes distribution of your newsletter to the entire Publications Committee, you must request a waiver on this requirement by writing to the Vice President of Publications. If a waver is granted, one copy of your newsletter must still be forwarded to National Headquarters. If no waiver has been requested, or granted, distribution to the entire Publications Committee is required in order for your newsletter to be properly evaluated.

The 2001 AACA Publications Committee has been selected. If your Region or Chapter plans to enter the Publications Contest, the names of the committee members are listed below. You can update your mailing lists immediately. To participate in the 2001 contest send copies of each issue published during the year to the following:

Douglas D. Drake
AACA National President
28 Monroe Ave.
Pittsford, NY 14534

David Zimmerman
AACA Vice President-Publications
No. 6 Tainter St.
Box 213
Peapack, NJ 07977

Earl D. Beauchamp Jr.
AACA Vice President-Regions
P.O. Box 999
Montross, VA 22520

Jeanne H. Smith
AACA National Headquarters
P.O. Box 417
Hershey, PA 17033

J. Pat McCann
AACA Asst. Vice President-Publications
3233 Ingram Branch Road
Harrington, DE 19952

James A. Raines
AACA Executive Vice President
2331 Selwyn Ave.
Charlotte NC 28207


Auction brings over $10,000

By John P. Myer
Vice President-AACA Museum

The many donated items, brought to the AACA Annual Meeting in February, raised over $10,000 in support of the proposed AACA Museum. This yearly auction is enjoyed by the many members who attend this Annual Meeting each February in Philadelphia, and this year was no exception.

Following the Region and Chapter President's Dinner on Friday evening, February 9, 2001, the doors were opened and members were treated to over 300 items for sale, many brought or sent by various AACA Regions, Chapters and individuals, who support the new AACA Museum. Mary Neff, Auction Chairperson, along with all her Committees, had every item systematically displayed for everyone to view.

The spirited bidding kept many people intrigued, while waiting for the item that they wanted, to come across the block. This was the fifth year for this auction, which has raised many thousands of dollars for the AACA Museum.

The AACA Museum thanks all the Regions and Chap support each year is greatly appreciated for this worthwhile project. 

Youth Programs

By James A. Cook
Youth Public Relations
National Chairman

I am excited to announce that I have been asked to be the Youth Public Relations National Chairman. In Philadelphia at the Annual Meeting, AACA President Douglas Drake announced his theme for 2001.It is  "We'll Be There!" One of the major initiatives he announced is increasing the emphasis on youth participation in our hobby.

As Youth Public Relations National Chairman, one of my first responsibilities is to gather information of youth programs that exist in the local regions and chapters. This includes, but is not limited to, scholarships, youth newsletters, special youth events at local car shows, the showing of antique cars at school events, working with local Boy/Girl Scouts, etc. Please fill out the attached survey form and forward it to me.

After gathering this information, I will publish it in some form, perhaps a booklet, and see that a copy is returned to you for every region or chapter. This should aid the clubs in forming additional programs in their own areas. We also want to get some of the program write-ups published here in the Rummage Box and various magazines. AACA President Douglas Drake has set a goal of having 35% of the 407 regions and chapters adopting a youth program by the end of the year. Let's make it happen!

Available now is a twenty page booklet titled "Youth in our Hobby" written by Fran Shore, which is full of ideas and types of events for our youth.

I can be contacted in the following manner:

Telephone: Day: 727-376-6655

Be sure to tell the operator that the call is in reference to AACA

Mail: James A. Cook
           2445 Success Drive
Odessa Fl 33556

Here For the AACA Youth Program Survey Form 

filled out your ORF yet?

By Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr.
Vice President-Regions

If you're the President of your Region or Chapter, then this is directed to you. Has your secretary filled out and mailed back your Officer Reporting Form (ORF) yet? What's an Officer Reporting Form? Well, it is our way of staying in touch with you, so that we can offer various ideas, information or programs to your club that may become available from the National club. It was mailed to the Secretary of your club back in early December. If it has never made its way into your hands, well, all is not lost.

We have included a copy of the form in this issue of The Rummage Box.

And even more important, we've added a new line for each officer, the Legislative Representative and the Editor, for E-mail addresses. If any of these folks don't have an E-mail address, please write in "none" and circle the E-mail address for a person designated to receive and forward any important information t those people.

President Drake is doing everything possible to help the National Club get closer to you at the Region or Chapter level, and this is just another of our ideas to do that.

If you've already mailed in your ORF, without an E-mail address, how about sending me your address at and I'll forward it to the proper Division Chairman who may be able to use it.

And once again, please send in the ORF, so the Regions Committee Chairman of Operations doesn't have to contact you later on.

Here for a copy of the 2001 ORF!

national programs: a helping hand to regions

By J. Pat McCann
Vice President-Technical Matters and Programs

At our annual board meeting in Philadelphia, President Doug Drake expanded the responsibility of the Vice President of Technical Matters to include Chairman of National Programs. This was introduced at two committee meetings in Philadelphia. Its purpose is to lend support to Regions on a variety of services, like planning meets and tours, helping Regions with creative activities for their members and how to organize them. What is needed like budget, manpower, date and place to have the activity, and permits. So many times Regions have members who want to get involved but are not sure just how to do it. That is where the National Programs Committee comes in. All a region needs to do is request assistance from one of the four Regional chairmen. Judy Lomax has been appointed National Program Development Chairman and will coordinate the materials to the Divisional Chairmen for distribution to regions. A request form is provided for your use or you can contact your Divisional Chairman.

why have a vice president of regions?

By Harold Henry
Vice President-Library & Research

I have had AACA members say to me that they thought if you wanted anything done you just called National Headquarters at Hershey, Pennsylvania. Headquarters can answer many of your questions, however with 339 Regions and 69 Chapters; many responsibilities are entrusted to the Vice President of Regions. Let me give you some things that only the Vice President of Regions can do:

1. If you know of someone who is interested in starting a Region or Chapter, the first contact should be the Vice President of Regions. He or she will either get in touch with National Headquarters or have you call and give your name and address. A packet will be sent to the interested party, containing a Region or Chapter application form, as appropriate, a suggested uniform set of By-Laws, the AACA Constitution and By-Laws, an Insurance Memorandum, and a Film and Video List and a request form for those. When the applying Region/Chapter completes the application and By-Laws, they are forwarded to the Vice President of Regions for review and then forwarded to National Headquarters. Once this is completed the Vice President will determine what additional steps need to be taken depending on your location and proximity to other AACA clubs, or depending on whether you are applying for Region or Chapter status or Non-geographical status?

2. Should a Region or Chapter have questions or problems the Vice President should be your first contact. Over the past two years I have had requests of Chapters desiring information on how to become a Region. The Vice President of Regions can help you with the necessary forms. A letter must be provided by the President of the parent Region, indicating the agreement (or disagreement) of that Region with the proposed change.

3. The Vice President of Regions reports all requests from any Region or Chapter to the next scheduled AACA National Board of Directors meeting for approval.

4. Remember that the Vice President of Regions is available to answer any additional questions or assist in any way possible.

is your region in a congested area?

By Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr.
Vice President-Regions

Any new Region request that isn't in the middle of an area with no other Region or Chapter at least 50 miles distant is subject to receiving an impact form, which must be sent to the surrounding Regions or Chapters.

There is no guarantee that the Board will deny a new club if there is an objection from another Region or Chapter nearby, but that objection is taken into serious consideration.

So if you are a member or officer of a Region or Chapter, be assured that any request for a new Region or Chapter nearby will be sent to you for consideration. We only ask you to be fair in your considerations. Oftentimes there is room for everybody. Any problems, contact me, at -

P.O. Box 999
 Montross, VA 22520
telephone (804) 493-9520
mail: buickman@crosslink. net  or

program Development

By Judy Lomax
National Program Development Chairman

At the annual meeting, President Doug Drake introduced Program Development to the organization. Program Development will enable Regions and Chapters across the country to share the knowledge they have gained. This includes putting on shows and events, encouraging member participation in Region and Chapter activities, create programs to help make money, acquiring skills in restoration and judging, and many other facets of the hobby.

When you complete a work sheet on an activity or event and relay this information to me, it will be placed in electronic format to be shared with others, thereby promoting a helping hand to them. You may contact your AACA area representative for a copy of the work sheet.

By sharing the information across the nation, there may be Regions and Chapters that have done different activities that have not been thought of by smaller, newer Regions and Chapters. By sharing this vital information, it will help stimulate Region and Chapter growth and enthusiasm for the hobby. Please contact your Regions and Chapters area representative for further information on this new and exciting program. Let us all be a part of making our hobby better.

For Sample Club Activity Worksheet