We had a good gathering for the June meeting which concentrated on the 2005 AACA Winter National show. Several special guests from the Cape Canaveral AACA came to offer us their experiences and advice on the last show they did in Melbourne in March of this year. In special attendance was Arthur Griffin, Jr. (who chaired meets in 1991, 1994, 2000 and 2004.) Also attending were Sherry Rogers who is this year’s chapter president (who handled registration & entertainment in 2004) with her husband Herb, and Dick Hart. These AACA members and spouses have been significant players in prior shows (remember, this is a family venture.)

We covered a broad gamut of subjects including the financial expectations, the registration process, the trophies, car corral considerations, photography, souvenir program, vendors, food sales, club merchandise, logos, licensing, a kids program, the banquet, and trailer & RV parking for participants. This was a very informative and helpful discussion. Some of the specific tips offered included obtaining a vendor’s license for the club to cover any unintended sales or vendors that might cause problems. The club also took photos which were put on CD’s and furnished to each member after the show. The souvenir program proved to be a profitable venture to help defray other costs.

Earlier in the day, our guests met with Donna and Jim in Ocala where they walked through the NPD car collection. They were then joined by Don for a tour of the show site at the University of Florida plus the adjacent Florida History Museum and the nearby Hilton Hotel and facilities.

Days earlier, Stuart Cullen took time from a busy schedule to walk through the UF parking areas to verify actual space counts and layouts. In his capacity as a Civil Engineer, Stuart has a lot of very specific knowledge concerning these facilities. Jeff Huber (who has been a national AACA judge since 1976 and works at the Museum) has offered much help with all of the UF policies and has helped us ‘cut through the red tape’. There are restrictions doing a show at UF that cause some limitations, but we are trying to minimize the impact.

During the meeting, Clip boards for volunteering and assignments were passed around. This was preceded by Jim Schmidt discussing each position. Many of the chairmanships for each of the committees had already been taken by volunteers in the days before the meeting. Attempts were made to match members that had special knowledge and experience and special interests with each of the posts. Luckily we have a rather diverse and competent group of members. There were a number of members out of town and we still have spots to fill. Many members signed up for multiple duties since the duties frequently do not run concurrently.

We have commitments from the Cape Canaveral Region, as well as other nearby regions. It will take more people than we have on the roster, therefore now is a good time to solicit others for membership. This is a big project, one that should interest new members and one that we can do.

All areas are open for your assistance; we need (and request) your input. If you have a specific area in which you can make a difference, please step forward.



President: Don McCullen (352) 375-3233
Business (386) 454-2060
Vice-Pres: Mike Whyte (352) 377-0390
Sec/Treas: Stuart Cullen (352) 375-8999