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February 5 -  Started our First Meeting for 2013. "New Members - the Nath's and Mary's officially joined LHR". We started out our year with a covered dish, followed by our meeting. Many things were talked about, one of which was the purchase of magnetic car signs to showcase our club. This was headed up by Ken Nath. After the meeting we had a Valentine 'Not So Newly Wed Game' hosted by the Hargnett's. Prizes were awarded for the most correct answers each gave.
         Our Magnetic Car Door Sign

March 5 - Our Meeting was side lined by the weather forecast declaring that we were to  receive 6+ inches of snow. None-the-less it went on. During the meeting, Muriel Slade was awarded the "Master Editor Award" and Marianne Caruso received the "Award of Merit" for Webmaster for 2012. After the meeting we had a professional gal demonstrate how to make and decorate the Ukrainian "Pysanky" eggs that are so popular and beautiful for Easter.

April 2 - This Meeting began with the "New Members joining LHR - the Marusi's were introduced". Followed by our planning of the 6 car cruises/tours. Plans for our 5th fund raiser dinner to take place June 23 @ 4:00 to 6:00PM was also put into full swing. The members give of their time and talent to make this a successful event. Come out and enjoy a homemade Sit-down dinner for $9.00. It consists of Apple Sauce, Stuffed Cabbage, Haluski, Green Beans, Bread, Dessert and Drink. Children's menu is Beef Macaroni or a double entree for adults. After the meeting we had an April Fools Story Time. Members told 'stories' and we had to guess whether it was "April Fools or Truth that is Stranger Than Fiction".

May 7 - To start out this Meeting, we had our 2nd covered dish for the year and dinner started at 6:30PM. "New Members joining LHR - the Ridilla's, Pete Highland and Cathy Vastell were introduced". After the meeting we had a presentation and video by Olga, The Lincoln Highway director,  entitled "Through the Windshield".


2013 Off and Running - Us - AND Our Cars!

2013 May 2013 May a

May 19 - Our first Cruise/Tour/Picnic for 2013.  We started out early afternoon,   touring an antique shop and Westmorland Food Distribution Center & then ending up at Conamaugh Dam for a picnic and some games.

2013 May 12013 May 22013 May 32013 May 42013 May 52013 May 6

June 4 - Meeting took place at 7:30 and program was presented by a LHR family member and holocaust survivor. It was a very riveting story.

June 15 - Cruise/tour was hosted by the Schmidts. They took us on an exciting 'covered  bridge' excursion. We saw 6 covered bridges and a couple were still open for us to drive through, then to an 1806 Church/
Cemetery, next we checked out Gravity Hill - where your car faces down a hill and when put in neutral - the car goes uphill backwards. To end a perfect day, we all ate in a delicious  Amish Restaurant.

2013 June 12013 June 22013 June 32013 June 42013 June 52013 June 6

July 2 -  Meeting started at 7:30. The "New Members joining LHR - the Piper's were recognized". A Patriotic program followed the meeting. A collector of memorabilia from Korea and WWII brought with him many interesting items and he shared about each one. Along with him was a Young Marine from the Greensburg Area who also talked about the merits of being a Young Marine. The members were able to ask questions and inspect his collection.

July 20 - Tour/Cruise was hosted by the Kanick's. We traveled through beautiful country roads to Punxsutawney and the Clearfield region. Some of the interesting stops were Punxsutawney Phil's "home" and the fantastic Grice Museum filled with antiques cars and memorabilia every where along with hundreds of wild game mounts intermingled throughout. They say, "You've Got To See It To Believe It!". That is a truer statement than one would think! And what is a cruise without stopping to eat?!

2013 July 12013 July 22013 July 32013 July 4

August 6 - Meeting was our 3rd covered dish dinner for the year - and as always LHR has wonderful cooks. Come out and 'taste' for yourself.  "New Members joining LHR - the Bell's were introduced". It was followed by a video program of the Celebrity Car Museum in Branson, MO. Members tried to guess who owned them - a movie star, important people of our day or what movie they were driven in.

August 3 Tour/Cruise was hosted by the Holtzer's. They led us to the Vandergrift-Leechburg area. We toured a Turkey Farm and got to taste test their products - Yum! Then a fantastic lunch at an 'oldies looking' diner. With bellies full, off to a train ride along the Kiskiminetas River and a relaxing time walking through a couple antique shops ended our day.

2013 August 32013 August 12013 ASugust 22013 August 42013 August 52013 August 6

September 3 - Meeting included a program from a LHR club member of a Myrtle Beach meet that had over 3,000 cars represented.  The cars were from originals to talented paint jobs to engine and hood re-creations.

 September 14 - Tour/Cruise was hosted by the Caruso's. About 30 of us toured the Greensburg and Jeannette area - visiting a mini steam engine factory and pedal car museum. We then gathered together and ate lunch at Pitzers. After lunch, we weighed our cars at our county landfill and they explained the high tech facility and what goes on there to take care of the areas garbage. Now, on to a very over whelming member's Vietnam Veterans monument and memorial. Then driving a few
miles, we played a game of miniature golf, drank some local brewed beer and ended the day at the Caruso's for dinner, conversation, games and one members fun with a mannequin - what a great day and evening it was.

2013 Spetember 12013 September 52013 September 22013 September 32013 September 42013 September 6

October 1 - Meeting started out with our fabulous covered dish. Following the meeting a consumer activist, from our area, gave a fascinating talk in things to watch for and pricing that may not be correct - always be alert!  It was very enlightening and educational.

October 19 - Was our last Tour/Cruise for the year. It was hosted by the Slade's. We toured the Blairsville area - Underground Railroad, Museum, Wyotech and Blairsville Cemetery where some persons buried centuries ago 'came to life' as 'ghosts of Blairsville past' and told a story about themselves. And, of course our favorite past-time = dining at area restaurants.

2013 October 12013 October 2 2013 October 32013 October 52013 October 52013 October 6

November 5 - Meeting was our last meeting for 2013.  The new slate of officers that were voted on and cast for 2014 or are remaining aboard are:
       President - Duane Slade, Vice President - Pete Highlands 
       Secretary - Ron Caruso,  Treasurer - Eleanor Kanick
       Directors - Jim Laughlin, John Kisic, Tom King and Marianne Caruso
       Editor - Muriel Slade
Outgoing President, Marianne Caruso, who served for 4 1/2 years, thanked each and everyone that helped her, guided her and was there for her in any way - small or large. The program that followed the meeting was presented by, Terry Judy, a new member of LHR and a financial adviser from Synergy Group.

This year - 2013 - we enjoyed the annual picnic,10 meetings which  included 4 covered dishes, fantastic desserts each meeting, 10 programs after each meeting and 6  tours and cruises.
Above was LHR 2013 year's activities -
come out and visit our club and see for yourself what a fun and active group we have. We had 22 new members join in 2013! Now our cars will hibernate for the winter and bowling has begun! The last event is LHR Christmas Party.

December 8 - Christmas Party at Chef Dato's - hosted by the Slade's. Fellowship, food and entertainment made this a fun evening.
                                      2013 Christmas
Marianne is passing the gavel to Duane at Our 2013 Christmas Party as the New 2014 Laurel Highlands Officers gather around.


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