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                                                2012  - Year's Memories

MAY 5 was also the start of our tour/cruises for 2012.  A bunch of us went to Brownsville - 
lunch at Fiddle's, a 1930's diner, then to St. Peter's Church and Nemacolin Castle.

2012 May tour2012 May 22012 May 3

May 20 - Our Laurel Highlands AACA celebrated our 20th Year Anniversary at Pluma's. All
20 past presidents attended except Earl Muir who had passed away. Our guest speaker,
Terry Bond (past National President) spoke. Dennis Bowman, of KDKA TV, an accomplished
ventriloquist entertained us with a room full of laughter and happy members! Our old cars  
were there to help us commemorate the day! The cardboard car (our club's logo - created
by myself, Marianne) graced the doorway to the hall for all to enter through.

20th 201220th 2012 220th 2012 420th  2012 4 20th 2012 520th 2012 5

June 10 - LHR tour/cruise hosted by the Jackson's. A group of us went to Meadowcroft, having lunch in their pavilion, exploring a 1600's Indian Village and Rockshelter and then
going to a quaint and very interesting restaurant that was built in the 1930's where many
came to listen to music artists and dance the night away. The decor was 'hunting
trophies' of the owner.

2012 June 12012 June 22012 June 3

July Tour/Cruise July 15, hosted by the Laughlin's, went to Hannastown for a lunch
exchange and watch the reenactment of the first English court trials in the County. Then
off to a taxidermist and, of course, ice cream to finish off the great time.

2012 July 12012 July 22012 Jluly 32012 July 42012 July 52012 July 6

August Tour/Cruise was on the 15th and hosted by the McKelvey's. We went to Somerset
Historical Society Museum and interesting grounds. A bagged lunch & then off to the 'now
famous' Quecreek Mine Rescue Site and then to Coal Miner's Cafe for an evening meal.

2012 August 12012 ASugust 22012 August 32012 August 42012 August 52012 August 6

September Tour/Cruise was hosted by the King's. We started out with coffee and donuts and  off to Springhouse Antiques to find something we could not live without. Then off to Sunset Homes with the builder/developer telling us of new housing rules and building codes. Dairy Queen was our next stop for lunch then off to a winery.
         2012 September 12012 September 22012 August 3

October Tour/Cruise was hosted by the Kisic's. They put on a Poker Run. We started out at our
Ligonier ceeting place and picked up our first card. After that on our way to pick up 5 others. Stops
included the Ligonier Train Museum, Collectable Shop, Lunch stop, Country Mountain Shop and a ride through Ohiopyle. Oakhurst Tea Room for Dinner and prize give away for specific hands.

2012 October 12012 October 22012 October 3

This picture was taken by Clay Stoner. Other pictures taken, for our club's
enjoyment, are sent to me by a dozen of our members -  great job!

December 9 was our Christmas Party at Touch of Class. Dinner, games, gifts and entertainment was
the order of the evening. It was hosted by the Schmidt's.

2012 Christmas 12012 Christmas 22012 Christmas 32012 Christmas 4
                 2012 Christmas 5

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