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LER Annual Installation Banquet
January 2019
Photos by Lon Wilson
Sue Yearke, Karen Schwartz and Mary Beth Facklam hosted our annual Installation Banquet and Awards Ceremony for our members and guests. This year's theme was western. Many cowboys and cowgirls attended and even the bartender had on a cowboy hat. Barb Noonan kept the evening going with some line dancing, participation was great and a fun time, even if you were just watching. The food was delicious - an enjoyable evening for all.

IMG_9613a.jpg (97390 bytes)
Lon & Valerie Wilson
IMG_9638a.jpg (153471 bytes)
Richard & Mary Ann DeBolt
IMG_9642a Chuck & Mary Facklam.jpg (105115 bytes)
Chuck & Mary Beth Facklam
IMG_9645a Linda & Jack Foster.jpg (115943 bytes)
Linda & Jack Foster
IMG_9647a Sam & Jean Yanik.jpg (106633 bytes)
Sam & Jean Yanik
IMG_9650a Sue & Mark Yearke.jpg (164048 bytes)
Sue & Mark Yearke
IMG_9663a.jpg (109647 bytes)
Bob & Peggy Nash
IMG_9655a.jpg (128270 bytes)
Jeff & Karen Schwartz
IMG_9653a.jpg (216651 bytes)
Rob Zaborowski & 
Don Butlak
IMG_9657a.jpg (131176 bytes)
Ruth & George Camann
IMG_9660a.jpg (142141 bytes)
Sue Reville & Ken Kaczka
IMG_9662a.jpg (105977 bytes)
Maria Orellana & Mark Brylinski
IMG_9666a.jpg (89415 bytes)
Eileen Wode & Karl Schurkus
IMG_9713a.jpg (107037 bytes)
Todd Schupbach
IMG_9716a.jpg (131385 bytes)
Ray & Bernie Gajkowski
IMG_9706.JPG (129410 bytes)
David Nash
IMG_9616 Mary Facklam, Sue Yearke & Karen Schwartz.JPG (146656 bytes)
Our Hosts
Sue, Mary Beth & Karen
IMG_9623a Mary Facklam, Sue Yearke & Karen Schwartz.jpg (131739 bytes)
"Oh no...don't shoot!!"
IMG_9628.JPG (108099 bytes)
Western centerpieces
IMG_9651.JPG (107432 bytes)
Our Bartenders
IMG_9669.JPG (141574 bytes)
Carol & Ken Knoll & Ray
IMG_9676.JPG (156150 bytes)
The Nash Clan
IMG_9678.JPG (145715 bytes)
1st timers - 150 activity points
Ruth & George
IMG_9681a.jpg (164775 bytes)
st timers - 150 activity points
Sue & Ken
IMG_9682.JPG (115265 bytes)
Top Point Award -
Mike Mesi & Chuck
IMG_9685.JPG (126834 bytes)
Top Point Award - 
Chuck & Mary Beth
IMG_9687.JPG (119094 bytes)
To Point Award - 
John & Elaine
IMG_9688.JPG (130869 bytes)
50 Year Members - 
Dale & Sally Pyne
IMG_9690.JPG (113502 bytes)
25 Year Members - 
Haids, Noonans & Nashes
IMG_9724.JPG (111757 bytes)
Maria, Valerie & Mark
IMG_9719.JPG (97214 bytes)
Line Dancing with
Barb Noonan
IMG_9721.JPG (114420 bytes)
Line Dancing

LER Christmas Party
December 2018
Photos by Lon Wilson
Our Christmas party was hosted by members Lynelle Schloerb and Darlene Powers. Lynelle made all the arrangement for tables, centerpieces and food, and Darlene orchestrated the vast array of gift baskets to give away to members by her trustee assistant "Elves". The theme this year was the "Ugly Sweater", a contest won by Chris Snyder, although many members were awarded runner up prizes. The family-style meal was delicious and Santa made an appearance bringing us some cheer.  Elf Mary played some Christmas songs while the membership sang along...
a fun evening for all who attended. Additionally, a vast amount of clothing was collected and donated to the Cornerstone Manor.

IMG_9290.JPG (130315 bytes) IMG_9283.JPG (137838 bytes) IMG_9235a.jpg (118298 bytes) IMG_9293.JPG (155491 bytes) IMG_9254.JPG (88664 bytes) IMG_9267a.jpg (126309 bytes) IMG_9236.JPG (144821 bytes) IMG_9238.JPG (118644 bytes)
IMG_9246.JPG (136941 bytes) IMG_9249.JPG (108292 bytes) IMG_9252.JPG (108748 bytes) IMG_9257.JPG (126543 bytes) IMG_9260a.jpg (109251 bytes) IMG_9263.JPG (107539 bytes) IMG_9264.JPG (137688 bytes) IMG_9309.JPG (112377 bytes)

LER Collection Night
November 2018
Photos by Lon Wilson
Cliff Schulz hosted our first indoor meeting of the season for our LER members. The hall had about 18 tables filled with memorabilia and collectable exhibits ranging from Christmas village toy cars, fire engines, trains, toy Corvettes, model train buildings and car brochures. Everyone mingled among the tables and discussed the offerings with each other and the owners.

IMG_8869.JPG (161546 bytes) IMG_8874.JPG (91245 bytes) IMG_8878.JPG (151934 bytes) IMG_8884a.jpg (135735 bytes) IMG_8887.JPG (96913 bytes) IMG_8888.JPG (115187 bytes) IMG_8889a.jpg (207239 bytes) IMG_8891a.jpg (194359 bytes)
IMG_8893.JPG (127476 bytes) IMG_8895.JPG (127531 bytes) IMG_8899.JPG (104253 bytes) IMG_8901.JPG (143904 bytes) IMG_8906.JPG (78535 bytes) IMG_8908.JPG (93575 bytes) IMG_8912a.jpg (152308 bytes) IMG_8916.JPG (96356 bytes)
IMG_8919.JPG (123818 bytes) IMG_8921.JPG (111219 bytes) IMG_8922.JPG (125867 bytes) IMG_8924.JPG (109438 bytes) IMG_8925a.jpg (98332 bytes) IMG_8929.JPG (182910 bytes) IMG_8935.JPG (123568 bytes) IMG_8941.JPG (104629 bytes)
IMG_8955.JPG (156028 bytes) IMG_8985.JPG (123899 bytes) IMG_8988.JPG (108164 bytes) IMG_8990.JPG (97904 bytes) IMG_8993.JPG (78610 bytes) IMG_8996.JPG (107369 bytes) IMG_9008.JPG (116912 bytes) IMG_9011.JPG (138960 bytes)

LER Overnighter
September 2018
Photos by Barb Noonan

     Hosts Elaine & John Haid did it again! They put together an excellent 'Overnight Event' that was filled with activities and restaurants that were enjoyable and delicious. As we drove through the countryside on Saturday before lunch, we noticed the muffler on our '57 Chevy was getting louder and louder.  By the time we stopped for lunch at the Arkport Cafe, we knew it needed to be fixed. While everyone ate lunch, Ray found a muffler shop and had a new muffler installed.  After lunch, our group waited on the porch of the restaurant, enjoying each others company while we waited for Ray to return. Our next stop was the Curtiss Museum that contained a huge assortment of historical planes, cars, motorcycles, model planes, boats and more as well as an informative video.  Once we finished touring the museum, we were free to go a short distance to our hotel, or some members opted to go to the car show in town as well as watch the bi-planes taking off and landing on Lake Keuka. Dinner was held at the historic Restaurant 209 in town and it was delicious. Everyone had an opportunity to socialize prior to being served, as well as take in the beautiful high ceilings, windows that when to the floor, antique furniture and a beautiful barroom in the restaurant.
     Sunday morning brought some coolness and mist that burned off during the day. After breakfast, we headed to the Pleasant Valley Wine Company that had a story to tell about making wine over the years followed by some wine tasting (and before lunch even!). I saw any number of members leave the gift shop with a bottle or two (me included). We were then bused up a steep hill to an historical building that was donated by the wine company to the Boat Museum. This museum had a wide variety of old wooden boats, including pleasure boats, canoes, speed boats, sail boats, row boats and more. The decor painted on the walls of the museum was all themed to go with the boats on display. Finally, we moved to the lowest level of the museum where barrels of wine used to be kept, for a farewell lunch.  Everyone expressed their thanks to our hosts for a fabulous two-day tour; a job well done!
IMG_3344.JPG (127687 bytes) IMG_3345.JPG (116550 bytes) IMG_3348.JPG (187558 bytes) IMG_3349.JPG (161426 bytes) IMG_3351.JPG (203197 bytes) IMG_3356.JPG (141080 bytes) IMG_3471.JPG (178065 bytes) IMG_3474.JPG (126495 bytes)
Glenn H. Curtiss Aviation Museum
IMG_3360.JPG (145955 bytes) IMG_3362.JPG (168140 bytes) IMG_3364.JPG (175758 bytes) IMG_3366.JPG (138743 bytes) IMG_3369.JPG (98866 bytes) IMG_3373.JPG (131566 bytes) IMG_3376.JPG (143700 bytes)
IMG_3377.JPG (153599 bytes) IMG_3379.JPG (162590 bytes) IMG_3381.JPG (151477 bytes) IMG_3385.JPG (127796 bytes) IMG_3387.JPG (119545 bytes) IMG_3394.JPG (147849 bytes) IMG_3401.JPG (107271 bytes) IMG_3406.JPG (129157 bytes)
IMG_3391.JPG (149232 bytes) IMG_3413.JPG (88182 bytes) IMG_3416.JPG (129466 bytes) IMG_3419.JPG (141344 bytes) IMG_3421.JPG (132224 bytes) IMG_3423.JPG (127828 bytes) IMG_3425.JPG (153473 bytes) IMG_3429.JPG (137805 bytes)
IMG_3431.JPG (139892 bytes) IMG_3441.JPG (122444 bytes) IMG_3407.JPG (121806 bytes) IMG_3446.JPG (104417 bytes) IMG_3444.JPG (130369 bytes) IMG_3453.JPG (131716 bytes) IMG_3455.JPG (144631 bytes) IMG_3461.JPG (137677 bytes)
Pleasant Valley
Wine Company
IMG_3480.JPG (124405 bytes) IMG_3486.JPG (119322 bytes) IMG_3489.JPG (98104 bytes) IMG_3490.JPG (106697 bytes) IMG_3493.JPG (108250 bytes) IMG_3494.JPG (132913 bytes) IMG_3487.JPG (104591 bytes)
Finger Lakes
Boating Museum
IMG_3502.JPG (106720 bytes) IMG_3503.JPG (85384 bytes) IMG_3505.JPG (104495 bytes) IMG_3507.JPG (185164 bytes) IMG_3511.JPG (121977 bytes) IMG_3513.JPG (119028 bytes) IMG_3515.JPG (105948 bytes)
IMG_3516.JPG (131460 bytes) IMG_3518.JPG (97708 bytes) IMG_3526.JPG (107443 bytes) IMG_3527.JPG (132449 bytes) IMG_3529.JPG (135705 bytes) IMG_3528.JPG (91292 bytes) IMG_3530.JPG (143615 bytes) IMG_3538.JPG (124923 bytes)
Restaurant 209
Bath, NY
Restaurant 209 LER 3.jpg (117191 bytes) Restaurant 209 1.jpg (157964 bytes) Restaurant 209 5.jpg (103569 bytes) Restaurant 209 LER 2.jpg (99492 bytes)

LER Mystery Tour
August 2018
Photos by Lon Wilson
Our Mystery Tour, hosted by Ron Billo and Al Forster, was a fantastic day with clear skies and HOT for the 55 members and guests who attended. There was a good showing of classic cars and trucks, just under 20 plus many moderns. Our first stop was at the Made in American Store in East Aurora where we met the owner and toured the new store. Then it was on to Frank Bork's collection of cars at Lime Lake in Delevan. He has a great collection of classic cars and auto memorabilia. From there it was on to the Iron Kettle in East Aurora for a fantastic buffet. The food was great and at the end we were told to help ourselves to the desserts table; take out cartons were already there.

IMG_3106.JPG (152260 bytes) IMG_3107.JPG (155922 bytes) IMG_3108.JPG (146875 bytes) IMG_3109.JPG (179937 bytes) IMG_3110.JPG (152710 bytes) IMG_3111.JPG (148040 bytes) IMG_3112.JPG (142724 bytes) IMG_3113.JPG (191538 bytes)
IMG_3114.JPG (201725 bytes) IMG_3120.JPG (164108 bytes) IMG_3121.JPG (169223 bytes) IMG_3123.JPG (153602 bytes) IMG_3126.JPG (109677 bytes) IMG_3129.JPG (200230 bytes) IMG_3130.JPG (189691 bytes) IMG_3133.JPG (133499 bytes)
IMG_3136.JPG (162016 bytes) IMG_3137.JPG (150820 bytes) IMG_3143.JPG (123421 bytes) IMG_3144.JPG (126353 bytes) IMG_3145.JPG (131844 bytes) IMG_3149.JPG (136427 bytes) IMG_3152.JPG (108765 bytes) IMG_3153.JPG (107614 bytes)
IMG_3156.JPG (105628 bytes) IMG_3161.JPG (159088 bytes) IMG_3162.JPG (173326 bytes) IMG_3175.JPG (117575 bytes) IMG_3182.JPG (143320 bytes) IMG_3183.JPG (160889 bytes) IMG_3200.JPG (134538 bytes) IMG_3201.JPG (135738 bytes)
IMG_3203.JPG (174411 bytes) IMG_3202.JPG (169994 bytes) IMG_3185.JPG (144595 bytes) IMG_3186.JPG (187637 bytes) IMG_3189.JPG (158441 bytes) IMG_3181.JPG (175123 bytes) IMG_3204.JPG (169333 bytes) IMG_3206.JPG (125255 bytes)

LER Rustbuster
May 2018
Photos by Lon Wilson
The Rustbuster is our first outdoor tour of the year and a great time to get the cars out of storage and run them through their paces. Hosts, Chuck Facklam and Mike Mesi, gathered the participating cars in the south towns, and took us on a tour through some beautiful southern-tier countryside with a destination of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home, Graycliff, on the banks of Lake Erie.  Graycliff had recently received a government grant for restoration and work was well underway for our tour.  We were encouraged to return in the late fall to see the results of this work. 
After our tour, we enjoyed a meal at a nearby restaurant, also on Lake Erie.  

A - Butlak's '64 Ford Galaxie - M.Kraus.JPG (150438 bytes) A - D & D Warnick's '65 Chevrolet - M.Kraus.JPG (133638 bytes) A - Fred Warnick's '68 Chevrolet - M.Kraus.JPG (123040 bytes) A - Group's 55 'Ford - M.Kraus.JPG (135313 bytes) A - Kaczka's '63 Corvette - M.Kraus.JPG (180281 bytes) A - Mark Brylinski's Chrysler - M.Kraus.JPG (137678 bytes) A - Noonan's '57 Chevrolet - M.Kraus.JPG (152798 bytes) A - Wilson's '53 Buick - M.Kraus.JPG (166453 bytes)
IMG_8369.JPG (161999 bytes) IMG_8370.JPG (187035 bytes) IMG_8371.JPG (166617 bytes) Graycliff front garden waterfall - M.Kraus.JPG (248178 bytes) Graycliff front of house - M.Kraus.JPG (234525 bytes) Graycliff stairs to beach - M.Kraus.JPG (290676 bytes) IMG_8359.JPG (142646 bytes) IMG_8361.JPG (150170 bytes)
IMG_8363.JPG (184532 bytes) IMG_8365.JPG (183396 bytes) IMG_8367.JPG (151736 bytes) IMG_8380.JPG (136869 bytes) IMG_8384.JPG (175941 bytes) IMG_8388.JPG (159032 bytes)

LER Annual Banquet & Officer Installation
January 2018
Photos by Lon Wilson
Our Annual Banquet & Officer Installation is held every year in January. This year's, hosted by Mary Beth Facklam and Sue Yearke, was another great celebration of the Lake Erie Region's installation of the new board members as well the presentation of awards to members for activity participation and achievements. The banquet theme of the Roaring 20's brought out a great variety of flapper costumes and gangster attire and was an enjoyable evening for all who attended.

IMG_7390.JPG (121693 bytes) IMG_7394.JPG (105215 bytes) IMG_7396.JPG (104234 bytes) IMG_7473.JPG (115942 bytes) IMG_7409.JPG (116735 bytes) IMG_7413.JPG (108553 bytes) IMG_7418.JPG (101966 bytes) IMG_7478.JPG (107713 bytes)
IMG_7397.JPG (149507 bytes) IMG_7400.JPG (126199 bytes) IMG_7411.JPG (106149 bytes) IMG_7419.JPG (130424 bytes) IMG_7424.JPG (97433 bytes) IMG_7426.JPG (111668 bytes) IMG_7438.JPG (120181 bytes) IMG_7457.JPG (120729 bytes)
IMG_7432.JPG (133548 bytes) IMG_7453.JPG (129889 bytes) IMG_7455.JPG (132612 bytes) IMG_7434.JPG (107861 bytes) IMG_7435.JPG (106093 bytes) IMG_7440.JPG (122965 bytes) IMG_7445.JPG (113437 bytes) IMG_7461.JPG (123018 bytes)

Lake Erie Region's Awesome Autos
July 2011 on the banks of Lake Ontario in Wilson, NY
photos by Barb Noonan

IMG_3843.JPG (196358 bytes)
Stevo & Lana Baich
1946 Buick
IMG_3845.JPG (187521 bytes)
Mark Schleicher
1954 Packard
IMG_3847.JPG (184110 bytes)
Gary & Linda Harrod
1937 Chevrolet
IMG_3849.JPG (170093 bytes)
Roger Ware 
1955 Ford
IMG_3851.JPG (185109 bytes)
Mark & Sue Yearke
1969 Chevelle
IMG_3853.JPG (197150 bytes)
Bob & Eileen MacDonald
Mustang Cobra
IMG_3854.JPG (202191 bytes)
Fred & Betty Coon
1949 Ford
IMG_3857.JPG (193727 bytes)
Jerre & Noreen Walker
1936 Ford
IMG_3859.JPG (179496 bytes)
Donald & Carol Conklin
1939 Ford
IMG_3861.JPG (192746 bytes)
Russ & Jackie Galbo
1969 Buick Skylark
IMG_3863.JPG (184891 bytes)
Don & Doris Warnick
1951 Chevrolet
IMG_3865.JPG (198732 bytes)
Jennifer & Mark Przybylski
1973 Charger
IMG_3867.JPG (197439 bytes)
Fred & Connie Warnick
1953 Chevrolet
IMG_3869.JPG (180960 bytes)
Chuck Facklam
1966 International
IMG_3871.JPG (174958 bytes)
Gary & Vallie Alt
1935 Chevrolet
IMG_3873.JPG (170495 bytes)
Paul & Donna Crowley
1953 Chevrolet
IMG_3875.JPG (178308 bytes)
John & Elaine Haid
1967 Buick Skylark
IMG_3877.JPG (166523 bytes)
Paul Troppman
1975 Chevrolet Caprice
IMG_3879.JPG (211310 bytes)
Ed Ferber
1957 Chevrolet
IMG_3881.JPG (215275 bytes)
Joe & Peggy Bropst
1963 Corvair
IMG_3883.JPG (201077 bytes)
Paul Vergils
1935 Dodge
IMG_3885.JPG (186077 bytes)
Steve & Kathy Vaccaro
1968 Chevelle
IMG_3887.JPG (196947 bytes)
Lon & Valerie Wilson
1970 Cougar
IMG_3889.JPG (190402 bytes)
Bob & Peggy Nash
1938 Chevrolet

IMG_3891.JPG (183138 bytes)
Ray & Barb Noonan
1955 Buick
IMG_3895.JPG (221282 bytes)
George Nash
1968 Cadillac