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Hershey - the Early Years (Part 2)
by Bob Morris,

Hershey 2017 is over! It was, again, exceptional weather. Which reminded me of my second trip to Hershey in 1973?

After my first trip to Hershey in 1972 I was determined to go again in 1973 and maybe a day or two earlier. The first thing I thought I should do was to find a motel closer to Hershey than York, PA. That, I found out was a challenge. Nothing definite, but most hotels/motels were already booked early for the event in 1973, but they would put me on the list in the event of a cancellation. Than Joyce saved the day; In her travels throughout the area in 1972 she had checked out the Hershey Highmeadow Campground. Her suggestion was, “Why don’t we stay at the campground? We have the camping equipment.“  I said, “You can’t be serious?” She was! I had no problem camping out. I certainly had enough experience with it in the military. Joyce thought it would be fun and look how close I would be to the flea market area (three miles).  She said when she was a Girl Scout it was great fun so why not? So I called Hershey Highmeadow and had no problem getting a campground space for tenting.  

Now to this day—this is strange, unbelievable, or ironic you choose. After setting up our tent at Hershey Highmeadow, we met our neighbors in the next space over to the right as you face the creek. They were three friends from Indianapolis, IN., Paul, Michael, and Steven. Joyce and I looked at each other and said, “You have to be kidding?” They wanted to know what was wrong. “Nothing!” We told them except that we had three sons, Paul, Michael, and Steven. They were a crazy bunch, but forty-four years later they are still friends and when we take our trip to Denver, CO we always stop in Indianapolis and have dinner. It’s true when they say that many times you meet and make lifelong friends at Hershey. The weather in 1973 was sunny, warm, and hot - a great time. While roaming through the Blue Field I got a lead on two Cadillacs: A 1938 60 Special and a 1948 61 Series sedan. The ’48 was in the NJ area not far from where my brother and his family lived. The ’38 was somewhere in Eastern PA. I don’t remember just where.

The owner of the ’48 said he was heading home on Saturday if I wanted to come and look at the Caddy on Sunday. I thought, “This will work out great. “ My brother lived in the area so I thought we would head over to his home and visit and on Sunday and check out the Cadillac.  

On the way to Suffern, NY we stopped and checked out the ’38 60 Special. It was not a bad looking car, but the owner wasn’t there so there was no opportunity to hear it run. So on to NY we went. It was dark when we arrived at my brother’s home. The garage, which was located under the house, was open. So I walked through the garage to the door to the family room. I opened the door to the family room and my nephew, Kevin, and my niece, Karen were there watching TV. Karen looked at me, jumped up and running through the house, shouted,” Mommy! Daddy! There’s a strange man in the house!” Kevin just stood there and looked at me. My brother Roger showed up and said, “Hiya Bob, what’s up?” He turned to Karen and said, “It’s your Uncle Bob and Aunt Joyce.” Karen, 13 at the time, just laughed. My brother said they were just getting ready to go out to dinner. I told him what was going on and we didn’t want to interrupt their plans, but it was family and we always had a very strong relationship so everything was fine. We had a good time at dinner and the next day my brother and I hiked over to NJ to check out the ‘48 Cadillac. There it was in this huge garage underneath this large upscale apartment complex setting between two Rolls- Royces.

The Cadillac was nice, low mileage 34K, beautiful original interior and sounded and ran well. It did have one grille bar that had a dent, but that was about all. It had been repainted sometime in the past and it was okay, but not the original color. It was a deal! I gave the owner a deposit and told him I would be back with the balance in a few weeks and pick up the car.

A few weeks later we rounded up our kids and headed back to Suffern, NY for a combined family visit and pick up the Cadillac. The trip home was uneventful. A 25 year-old Cadillac and it ran just great without a problem. I drove the Cadillac, Joyce drove the station wagon and the kids took turns riding in the “old car.”


Hershey - the Early Years (Part 3)
by Bob Morris

IT WAS COLD! I was really looking forward to going to Hershey in '74. I not only had the '48 Cadillac, I had acquired a 1937 Cadillac 60 Series sedan with side mounts. I had found it in the Cape Cod, MA area while there on a summer vacation. It was going to need a lot to bring it back to a condition that I thought was in keeping what a 30's Cadillac should look like.

I believe it was a Thursday morning all the nearby restaurants to Hershey Highmeadow were packed with fellow campers, especially those of us that were in tents. It was really cold. The temperature was somewhere in the low 30's. After breakfast, Joyce dropped me off at Blue Field and then went on her way to explore more of South Central PA. I started by seaarch for 1937 Cadillac parts. It may have been cold, but at least it wasn't raining or worse yet snowing, or did I see a few flakes?? I believe I carried out a lot of items when Joyce came to pick me up. I had also found and paid for some itesm that I told the vendors I would pick up on Friday.

It was either on Thursday or Friday that the conversation came up with Joyce about tenting and that maybe it was time to look for something else, like a camper. By Saturday it was warming up, and it was a good day and a great car show that was now held in the stadium parking lot. We headed home on Sunday, with plans in my head for Hershey '75. In '75 we would have a pop-up tent camper, which was a great improvement over the tent. Five years later, the pop-up would go away to be replaced by a regular travel trailer.

That's all for now. More later, I hope?

Hershey - the Early Years (Part 3)
by Bob Morris,

Hershey - the Early Years ( Part 4)
by Bob Morris

1975. I was getting further into the '37 Cadillac and as I did the laundry list of parts I would be looking for was really getting long. We planned on leaving on Tuesday for Hershey so that I would have Wednesday through Saturday, four days to chase down the parts and do the car show.

The '67 Ford Station Wagon was already equipped for towing so towing the pop-up tent camper was not an issue. The trip down was fine and we had our usual space at Hershey Highmeadow and the guys from Indianapolis showed up, so we all had a great time for the next three days. By this time the normal procedures were for me to go to the flea market and Joyce would take the car and go touring in the local area looking for fabric shops.

Then along came Friday night. It started to rain and it kept on raining throughout the night, and at times it was quite heavy. On Saturday morning when I got up, it was still raining. I pulled on my clothes and my shoes and stepped out of the trailer into at least 2" of water running under the trailer. "Houston, we have a problem!" Needless to say, it was apparent that we would have to close up and move out. Our space in the camp ground was right down by the creek and it did overflow later that day.

I did acquire and find a lot of parts for the '37 and maybe Hershey 1975 ended on a wet note, but it was nothing compared to Hershey 1976.


Hershey - the Early Years ( Part 5)
by Bob Morris

There would be some modifications to Hershey '76. In 1974 a new automotive flea market in Carlisle, PA had they first year which was scheduled the week before the AACA National Fall Meet in Hershey. AACA member, the lat Jim Dawson, had gone to the event in 1975 and said it was great. So, in 1976, I decided to really make the trip to Hershey a major event and decided we would go to Carlisle Fall Meet and then go to Hershey the 2nd week.

On Wednesday before Carlisle weekend we took off for a Carlisle, PA campground. Everything was fine when we arrived in the area, but the weather forecast was less than "stellar!" It rained, and it kept on raining on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I was not impressed as I sloshed or tramped around in the mud at the Carlisle Fairgrounds nor did I find anything worthwhile.

On Sunday we departed the Carlisle campground and headed to Hershey Highmeadow (about 30 miles away). The weather cleared up through Tuesday of Hershey week, but then it started raining on Wednesday and it kept on raining right through the end of the week. I came to the conclusion that Hershey '76 was a total "washout" especially when I met three guys down in the East end of the Blue field who were building an ark. I think one of them was named Noah.

On the way home I thought, "Well maybe Hershey '77 will be better." Although I didn't plan on going back to Carlisle, that would change.

Note: This is probably the last of these articles. Somewhere, my notes on my Carlisle and Hershey trips after '76 are missing or I haven't been able to locate them..

Thanks for reading.