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President's Message - August 2018


Activities Report 

We are certainly enjoying a great summer for our classic vehicle hobby. Hardly any events have been cancelled due to rain. (Our lawns are not as happy as our cars.) We have had plenty of hot days, a bit too hot if you were at a car show, but most evenings have cooled off soon enough to enjoy a ride to our favorite cruise night. Let's hope the string of pleasant evenings continues.

We all had a bit of disappointment when we heard that Mark Schleicher had to cancel the club picnic on account of a bout of bad health. We all wish him a speedy recovery. All things considered, as a club we have been very fortunate that this is the first club event in my recollection that needed to be cancelled. Luckily no registrations or monies were involved.

The Lake Erie Region turned out in numbers for the second annual polish falcons Super Cruise. Not only were there several of our members vehicles in the list of those receiving awards, but also four of the Youth Group and eight of our adult members comprised a very dedicated and professional judging staff. I am sure you are looking forward to the upcoming "Mystery Tour". What a fun idea, and the intrigues of not knowing where you are going must be especially exciting. I unfortunately will be away on a family vacation.

Jim Sandoro, curator of the Buffalo Transportation / Pierce Arrow museum, has a special treat in mind for the end of the month. He has invited the entire club to attend a birthday party for George Nash who turned 100 back on July 8th. Jim is opening the museum early at 9:00 am on Saturday, August 25 just to LER members with free admission and providing coffee, tea & birthday cake. I hope all will attend to share a special time with our oldest member.

Thanks, Chuck   __________________________________________________________________________________________

Trivia Question this month
 (from the AACA Speedster Steve Rossi's Old Car Quiz)

What car / car company's distribution rights did Chrysler try buying for $15 million...that was the "fastest selling, first-year import in U.S. history," yet also called "less reliable than a Haliburton financial disclosure?"
For answer, see the Classified Section of this website.


******** NOTES AND NEWS ********

To Ed Ferber and Vern Schmitt

Every day the mailman would arrive at my house with a pile of birthday cards for my 100th birthday. It was a absolute pleasure to receive so many good wishes instead of bills in the mail. My thanks to all of you that sent me those birthday cards; I greatly appreciate receiving them. (Over 160 and still coming!)  --George Nash

- RoseMarie & Richard Kowalski of Orchard Park, NY - 1930 Ford Model A 5 window coupe

- to Ed & Nancy Group who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary!

Updated rosters have now been printed. These will only be available at club functions. They will not be mailed. Attend any upcoming LER event to get one.

Thanks to everyone in the club who wished us a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary. To celebrate, we took a three-week motor trip and visited several of our National Parks in the western states. To many of you I'm sure this is not a big deal, but for us, it was our first major auto trip in 30 years to this territory. Driving totaled 7,650 miles, with the max at 730 one day.

The scenery is always spectacular, it's why we came all this way, but as car people we couldn't help but note the differences from past trips 30 or 40 years ago - the random junked, but restorable vehicles formerly seen everywhere, and the old cars and trucks that were still operating everyday have largely disappeared.  It was suggested to us that they became "victims" of the "Cash for Clunkers" federal program that was wisely promoted in those states a few years ago.

Our car was ferried across Lake Michigan on the S.S. Badger, which runs from Lundington, MI to Manitowoc, WI, effectively bypassing the notorious Chicago area traffic. The 410 foot ship holds 180 cars, and the four-hour trip was fun. There's even a restaurant, bar and game room on board. A new experience for us, we called it our "mini cruise."

On July 14, we joined our WNY friends from the Niagara Frontier Nash Car Club for the "Grand Nashional" show at a place called the Rambler Ranch, in Elizabeth, Colorado. A surprising place that has to be experienced even to be described. A friendly gentleman named Terry Gale owns and runs the entire operation, which is not open to the general public, only to car clubs or individuals who are members of clubs. There's 800 cars on the ranch. If you're interested, look up the Rambler Ranch's website, and many more photos on Goggle will give you an idea of what this place is.

If anyone's thinking about a trip like this, many farm roads are straight, in good repair and are just fine for older vehicles. But if you're traveling the Interstates, I would suggest driving a late model vehicle. Several states have 80 mph speed limits, and we found ourselves cruising at 85 mph for hours on end in daytime temperatures that ranged up to 107 degrees. No problem with those boil-overs and vapor locks of the past. And in the parks...should you find yourself on a mountain on one of those sharply winding narrow roads that have 12,000 ft drop-offs only 15" from your right-side tires and no guardrails, it's nice to have today's rack and pinion steering helping to keep you on the road, as well as the security of not experiencing brake fade with the four-wheel disk brakes all cars now have, doing the job.
-- Dennis & Darlene Powers


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The Lake Erie Region website earned a 2017 Award of Master Webmaster
presented at the AACA National Meeting held in February 2018.


Please remember to treat your club mates with respect and consideration.  THERE ARE APPARENTLY MEMBERS WHO DONíT UNDERSTAND THESE CONCEPTS.  Remember to sign up for these events early  

August 12 - this dayís activities will be a Mystery Tour, hosted by Al Forster and Ron Brillo.  There was a limit to the number who can attend this event and it is sold out. You won't know where we are going until you arrive there. Even the board doesn't know where we are going. Sidelight.  The event is currently sold old.  

September 15th and 16th - the annual overnighter will be sponsored by Elaine and John Haid.  The trip will be a run to the Hammondsport and Naples area. This promises to be a fantastic tour.  Remember to sign up early.  

October 14 - the Fall Run will be hosted by Chuck Facklam and Mike Mesi.  We will tour the Elma and Springville Historical Museums and dine in Springville.  Look for the flyer in the Sidelight.  There may also be limited attendance in this event also.  Remember to sign up early.

Our indoor season follows.  

November 11 - Cliff Schulz will host a memorabilia and collectable exhibit night where everyone can display and discuss their collections and hobbies.  Cliff has asked for you to let him know what you will be exhibiting so sign-up sheets will be circulated at our events.  Tables will be arranged around the outside of the room to set up your exhibit on.  Lynelle Schloerb will be providing refreshment.  

December 2 - once again Lynelle Schloerb and Darlene Powers will host our annual Christmas party.  There has been some talk about a contest to see who will wear the ugliest Christmas sweater. More info to follow.  

January 26th, 2019 The annual Installation Banquet will once again be hosted by Sue Yearke and Mary Beth Facklam.  It will be a western theme this year  

October, 2019 (possibly September 23rd) Don and Joyce Butlak are proposing a trip to the Medina Railroad Museum.  There are a number of options and they would like input from the membership. 

  1. Just going to the museum, including a car cruise and stop for a meal. 
  2. A car cruise, the museum, a 2-hour train ride to Lockport and back and a stop for a meal.
  3. A car cruise, the museum, a 2-hour train ride to Lockport and back in first class coach and a box lunch on the train.

Obviously, there are all kinds of variations to this and the costs associated with them.  The most expensive Iíve mentioned is the last.  Please let them know what you think.  

We need volunteers, helpers and ideas for club sponsored events.  If you are interested in sponsoring, co-sponsoring or helping out at an event, contact any board member. Also, we need your ideas on possible future programs.  Some suggestions for road trips that we have received include Watkins Glen, Chautauqua Belle Cruise and Platterís Chocolate Factory on a Saturday.  An indoor program could be a movie night with or without pizza.  If you are interested in any of these or any other tour but youíve never done an event before weíll team you up with a member who has.

Russ Galbo - Co-chair, Activities Committee



2018 Activity Award Status 

 Allan, Gordy & Debbie 20  Anthonson, Ted & Beth  Alt, Gary & Vallie  Agnello, Jonathan 20
 Bachan, Steve & Lynn 20  Balling, Corey & Allison  Baglio, Paul & Karen  Bongiovanni, John &   Mary
 Billo, Ron 20  Bojak, Mark & Sonya  Boron, Marie 40  Brenkus, Ray & Fran
 Brylinski, Mark 30  Butlak, Don & Joyce 50
 Catlin, Orrin & Diane 20  Camann, George & Ruth 40  Chauvin, RIch & Beverly  Christopher, Edward & Susan
 Ciminesi, Frank  Conklin, Don & Carol  Coon, Fred & Betty 10  Crowley, Paul & Donna 10
 Cryan, Jeff & Linda 55  Cryan,Steve & Maggie  Cryan, Tim 100
 DeBolt, Rich & MaryAnn 55  Deull, Robert  Dluhy, Frank & Sharon  Duncan, Allan & Kathleen 10
 Facklam, Chuck & Mary Beth 100  Fadala, Valentine & Cathy  Ferber, Ed 10  Forster, Al & Janice 80
 Foster, Jack & Linda 45  Forster, Albert 20
 Gajkowski, Ray & Bernie 65  Gallo, George & Regina  Galante, Chuck & Marie  Galbo, Russ & Jackie 100
 Gee, Larry & Laurie 20  Gernatt, Jr, Dan & Roseann 10  Greco, Jim & Sue  Galvin, Joe 10
 Group, Ed & Nancy 30  Gugino, Chuck & Christine  Gailie, Bill & Linda 10
 Haid, John & Elaine 90  Hargrave, Dave & Nancy  Hartinger, Bob & Marilyn 20  Hartrich, Mark & Erica Miller
 Hartung, Lee & Nancy 25  Haynos, Dick  Henderson, H. Paul & Christine 20  Helenbrook, Jeff
 Hoefner, Ernie & Margie 10  Holden, Eileen  Hustead, Jim & Christine  Hulley, John & Betty 10
 Jann, Earl & Barbara
 Kaczka, Kenneth & Sue 85  Kaczmarek, David & Amanda 20  Kain, Allyn & Joyce 35  Kaplan, David & Mary Ellen
 Knoll, Ken & Carol 55  Killian, Dave  Korkuc, Martin & Mary  Kosmoski, Nike & Nadine 30
 Kornowicz, Dennis & Loretta  Kopsa, Jerry & Patti  Kraus, Mark, Lori, Nick  & Joe 20  Kuebler, Herm & Janet
 Kossakowski, Ken & Melanie 40
 Lechner, Dave & Karen 10  Licata, Michael & Jane
 Maherski, Ed  Mahl, Jeff  Malush, Stephen & Tracy   Manke, Bob & Barbara 30
 Marriott, John  McCaffery, Joe & Linda 10  Menard, Andrew & Tomoko  McCarthy, Tom & Colleen 20
 Mendolera, Jim  Mesi, Mike 80  Meyers, Frank & Marilea  Meyer, Paul & Delores 45
 Momot, Joe & Mary 10
 Nash, Bob & Peggy 55  Nash, David 15  Nash, George 45  Nichols, Bill
 Noonan, Ray & Barb 70  
 Obermeyer, Marilyn  Ortman, Jeffrey & Deane 10  O'Connor, Daniel & Candace 45  Osuch, Walter & Suzanne 40
 Pielechowski, Ken & Lori 20  Pearl, Richard  10  Pirrung, Tom & Elizabeth  Platt, Herm & Mary-Teresa 20
 Powers, Dennis & Darlene 60  Prenevau, Bill & Edwina 20  Prenevau, Bill & Edwina  Pyne, Dale & Sally
 Puma, Frank & Christine  Puma, Jerome & Michelle  Pucak, Pete & Olga  Parsons, John & Nancy 10
 Ptak, Jerry & Peggy 10
 Roberts, Don & Heather  Rogers, Lyle & Sharon
 Sandoro, James & Maryann  Sayles, David & Susan  Schloerb, Don & Lynelle 50  Schleicher, Mark 55
 Schmitt, Vern & Shirline  Schrader, Paul & Cheryl  Schulz, Cliff 70  Schupbach, Todd & Debby Krawceyk 45
 Schwartz, Jeff & Karen 25  Schweitzer, Franklin 10  Shattuck, Frank & Carol  Smyczynski, Jim & Christine 20
 Snowden, Hugh 10  Snyder, Bob & Chris 55  Schickling, Jerry & Marion  Sole, John & Darla
 Tollison, LaVerne  Todd, Loraine  Troppman, Paul  Troutman, Martin & Barbara 20
 Tucker, Christopher & Nancy  
 Ulrich, Donald & Marie  Upton, Dennis & Del
 Vaccaro, Steve &  Kathy 20  Vergils, Gary & Pat  Vergils, Paul & Donna  Vogt, Ed
 Warnick, Don & Doris 40  Warnick, Fred & Connie 20  Waterstrat, Lynn & Joan  Weimer, Chuck 45
 Weinstein, Ken & Iris 20  Wertheim, Bill  Wilson, Lon & Valerie 115  Winzig, Ray
 Wolff, Bill & Myrna  Wolski, Charles & Gert 65  Walker, Jerre
 Woodrich, Dean & Nancy
 Yanik, Sam & Jean 45  Yearke, Mark & Sue 70


 Busch, Bryan  20  Ellis, Millard  Kaplan, Michael  Miskell, Brandon
 Tripi, Philip
 A Star.jpg (22556 bytes) represents members who have reached the required number of points for the award of 150 points.  For any questions about the points, contact Tim Cryan.

For information on the Activity Award Point structure, click here.