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President's Message - September 2017


Activities Report 

The cool weather of recent days is trying to tell us that summer is coming to an end. I am optimistic that September will still provide us with some beautiful evenings to finish off the cruise night season and hopefully for our Overnighter. The Gernatt picnic certainly was a major production. There was a great showing by the Lake Erie Region members (our club had the largest participation) all of whom had a great time. I personally really enjoyed the friends I became reacquainted with that are members of other clubs. The collection of hundreds of vehicles that turned out certainly was representative of most types, makes and vintages. As a club we send or sincere thanks to Dan and Rosann Gernatt's for their hospitality putting on such a classic vehicle lovers extravaganza. We also need to send our special thanks to Tim Cryan who suffered through the logistical support and registering all the participants.  

We have the Overnighter to look forward to in the coming week. Then we plan for the great Fall Run that the Haid's have planned for us. Please sign up ASAP for this year’s Fall Foliage Run which should be through the best of the colorful scenery New York has to offer.  

Tim Cryan has made advancements on the 2020 Grand National plans. He has tentative arrangements with both the University of Buffalo and the Marriott Hotel. At last discussions, he was focusing on locking down the exact date with the University, the hotel being available for all possibilities. Hopefully we will have firm arrangements to discuss at our first inside meeting in November. Also next year’s Spring National AACA meet will be held in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, July 11- 14, 2018. For information the website is www.2018eastspringmeet.aaca.com.



Trivia Question this month
 (from the AACA Speedster Steve Rossi's Old Car Quiz)

A four-cylinder transverse-mounted, front engine is now the globally recognized, industry norm. Which innovative, American car maker was an early proponent of just such a powertrain configuration?
For answer, see the Classified Section of this website.


******** NOTES AND NEWS ********

To Herm Kuebler, Jean Honz, Andrew Menard & Hugh Snowden

- to the family of Miriam Foshee, honorary member. Miriam attended many, many LER functions with her companion, LER member Roger Ware, and will be sadly missed.  She recently attended the Gernatt event in August.
- to Barney Platzer on the passing of his wife, Marge.
- To Dave Pera on the passing of his mother.

- Jeff & Cindy Marshall of West Seneca - 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS, 1973 Buick LeSabre, 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Just a short note to thank Dan & Roseann Gernatt for opening up their car collection and business for all of us to see. We had a record of 157 members attend the event with 53 guests of LER. Along with the 242 from the other clubs and the 150 or so of Dan’s guests, there were over 600 people at the event. From the feedback I heard everyone had an excellent time. Again, thanks to Dan and Roseann and all his employees who went out of their way to make this a special day for us. Also, a personal note of thanks to Dan and his mechanics for fixing up my ‘38 Buick which lost its brakes on the tour. Tim 

On that note: a special thank you to Tim Cryan for all his behind the scenes coordination of all the clubs to help make this event run smoothly. A thank also goes out to John & Elaine Haid for planning the LER tour to the Gernatt lake house. To Dan, Roseann, Tim, the Haids, all of Dan’s workers, and attendees it was a wonderful, memorable event.

LER members meet at the Family Tree Restaurant at 4346 N. Bailey Ave at 8:00 am each Saturday morning for car talk, etc. All are welcome.


Remember that you need to sign up by the cut off dates if you wish to attend an event.  Allow 5 days prior to the cutoff date for delivery if you mail in your payment.  No late responses will be allowed. 

Remember that you need to sign up by the cut off dates if you wish to attend an event.  Allow 5 days prior to the cutoff date for delivery if you mail in your payment.  No late responses will be allowed.  

August 13th - Dan and Roseann Gernatt held a multi club Cruise in, picnic and tour of their car collection at his lake house.  What can be said about this event except WOW.  This had to be our club event of the season. Our club had over 200 members and guests signed up to attend.  Fifteen clubs and well in excess of 500 people attended.  The vehicles were too numerous to count but I’d estimate over 200 vintage and 100 modern.  Vehicles varied from Model A’s to Rat Rods and everything in between. The cruise in was a show in and of itself.  Many people rushed out of their houses to watch us pass by. I’m not sure how the ones caught in traffic with us felt though.  The food was fantastic and we lunched in style on linen covered tables as cars kept arriving and driving past the tent.  Thanks go out to Dan and Roseann Gernatt and their employees for the picnic and tour, Tim Cryan for coordinating the clubs and Elaine and John Haid for planning the route.  This is an event that will be talked about for a long time.  

September 9th and 10th - the annual overnighter will be co-sponsored by Chuck Facklam and Ken Knoll .  We will travel to the Chautauqua Lake and Bemus Point area to tour a Grape exhibit, antique boat museum and Midway park, an historic amusement park which operates several Allen Hershel rides.  Bemus Point offers shops to tour and restaurants for lunch and breakfast.  Our hotel will be the historic Lenhart Hotel, the sole remaining 1890’s hotel built on Chautauqua Lake.  Dinner will be at the Bemus Point Casino.  The hotel and park WILL BE OPEN FOR OUR CLUB ONLY! This tour SCREAMS HISTORY!  All the activities except the park are with-in walking distance of the hotel.  This should be a fantastic event, as those who have been to Chuck’s past events can attest.  The cutoff date has past so I’ll tell you about it next month.  

October 15th - Elaine and John Haid will sponsor our last outdoor event for the season.  We will travel to Bloomfield for a Champagne Brunch and then on to Halloway House to tour their collection of vintage buggies, farm and firefighting equipment.    Remember to sign up early.  

November 12th - Ed Group will host our first in-door event of the season.  He is presenting a program on the club’s history from about the 1970’s.  The meeting will be held at the Polish Falcons in Lancaster. Lynelle Schloerb will be providing refreshment.  

December 3rd - the annual Christmas Party will be co-sponsored by Lynelle Schloerb and Darlene Powers.  The current plans include entertainment and raffles.  The event will be held at the Polish Falcons.  Remember to sign up early.  

January 13th - Mary Beth Facklam and Sue Yearke will co-sponsored our annual LER Officers Installation Banquet and the 2017 awards ceremony.  It appears that this year’s theme will be the 1920’s aka the “Flappers”.  I can hardly wait to see our members dressed in “period”.  If past banquets are any kind of indication this should be another great event.  Remember to sign up early.  

All information from this point on is subject to change as more info becomes available.  

February 18, 2018, (date correction) A night at the movies will be sponsored by Jackie and Russ Galbo.  We have a documentary planned about America’s first cross country road trip.  The meeting will start earlier than normal and may include pizza. The meeting will be held at the Polish Falcons in Lancaster. Lynelle Schloerb will be providing refreshment.

March 11, 2018
, Lon has found a presenter with the topic “The Train to Olcott”. The meeting will be held at the Polish Falcons in Lancaster. Lynelle Schloerb will be providing refreshment.  

April 8, 2018 - Lon Wilson will present his annual power point program on the clubs past year activities.  The meeting will be held at the Polish Falcons in Lancaster. Lynelle Schloerb will be providing refreshment.  

May 20, 2018, the Rust Buster, our first out door event for the season needs a sponsor and tour.  

June 10, 2018, will be our annual car show sponsored by Chuck Facklam and Mike Mesi.  

July 2018, Mark Schleicher is planning another one of his Cowlesville experiences.  Exact date and more info to follow.  

August 12, 2018, the event for the season needs a sponsor and tour.  

September 8th and 9th the annual overnighter will be sponsored by Elaine and John Haid.  More info to follow.   

October 14, 2018, the event for the season needs a sponsor and tour.

We need volunteers, helpers and ideas for club sponsored events.  If you are interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring or helping at an event, contact any board member.  Also, we need your ideas on possible future programs.  

Russ Galbo - Co-chair, Activities Committee


Website Award


2017 Activity Award Status 

2016_Web_excellence_Award.jpg (107120 bytes)
The Lake Erie Region website earned a 2016 Award of Excellence presented at the AACA National Meeting held in February 2017.

 Name    Name    Name  
 Allan, Gordy & Debbie 30  Anthonson, Ted &
 Alt, Gary & Vallie 10
 Bongiovanni, John & 
10  Bachan, Steve & Lynn 10
 Baglio, Paul & Karen  Baich, Stevo & Lana 85  Billo, Ron 90
 Balling, Corey &
 Bojak, Mark & Sonya  Butlak, Don & Joyce 70
 Boron, Marie 100  Brenkus, Ray & Fran  Brylinski, Mark 85
 Ciminesi, Frank 10  Catlin, Orrin & Diane 10  Coon, Fred & Betty
 Conklin, Don & Carol  Chauvin, RIch & 
 Bachan, Steve
 Christopher, Edward &
 Crowley, Paul &
90  Cryan, Jeff & Linda 65
 Cryan,Steve & Maggie 70  Cryan, Tim *  DeBolt, Rich &
 Deull, Robert  Dluhy, Frank &
 Fadala, Valentine &
 Facklam, Chuck &
 Mary Beth
*  Ferber, Ed & Jean 45  Forster, Al & Janice 130
 Forrest, Allan &
 Gallo, George &
40  Giampietro, Debra 20
 Foster, Jack & Linda 50  Foshee, Miriam 20  Gajkowski, Ray &
 Galante, Chuck &
 Galbo, Russ & Jackie 130  Gee, Larry & Laurie 40
 Gernatt, Jr, Dan &
70  Greco, Jim & Sue  Group, Ed & Nancy 20
 Gugino, Chuck &
20  Haid, John & Elaine *  Maherski, Ed
 Hoefner, Ernie &
30  Haynos, Dick  Hustead, Jim &
 Hargrave, Dave &
20  Hartinger, Bob &
40  Hartrich, Mark & Erica
 Hartung, Lee & Nancy 45  Henderson, H. Paul 70  Killian, Dave 20
 Helenbrook, Jeff  Kaczka, Kenneth & 
100  Kaczmarek, David 0
 Holden, Eileen 45  Jann, Earl & Barbara  Kornowicz, Dennis &
 Kain, Allyn & Joyce 55  Kaplan, David & Mary
50  Knoll, Ken & Carol 135
 Kopsa, Jerry & Patti  Korkuc, Martin &
 Kosmoski, Nike &
 Kraus, Mark, Lori,
 Nick  & Joe
50  Kuebler, Herm &
 Lawrence, Grace
 Lechner, Dave &
100  Manke, Bob &
70  Menard, Andrew & 
 McCaffery, Joe &
50  Mendolera, Jim  Mahl, Jeff 20
 Marriott, John   Licata, Michael &
 Malush, Stephen &
 Mesi, Mike *  Meyer, Paul &
25  Milligan, Jr. Jay 15
 Momot, Joe & Mary 35  Nash, Bob & Peggy *  Nash, David 65
 Nichols, Bill  Meyers, Frank &
70  Nash, George 115
 Noonan, Ray & Barb *  Obermeyer, Marilyn 10  Ortman, Jeffrey 10
 Pielechowski, Ken 40  Pirrung, Tom &
 Prenevau, Bill & 
 Pearl, Richard  10  O'Connor, Daniel &
85  Puma, Frank & 
 Powers, Dennis &
130  Ptak, Jerry & Peggy 70  Pyne, Dale & Sally 30
 Platt, Herm & Terry 60  Pearl, Richard 10
 Roberts, Don &
40  Rogers, Lyle & 
10  Schleicher, Mark 125
 Sandoro, James &
20  Schloerb, Don &
 Schmitt, Vern &
40  Schrader, Paul &
10  Schulz, Cliff 130
 Schupbach, Todd 70  Schwartz, Jeff &
85  Schweitzer, Franklin
 Shattuck, Frank &
10  Smyczynski, Jim &
30  Sayles, David &
 Snyder, Bob & Chris 105  Sole, John & Darla 40  Snowden, Hugh 10
 Spina, Tom & Lisa  Tollison, LaVerne  Tucker, Christopher &
 Troppman, Paul  Todd, Loraine  Troutman, Martin &
 Ulrich, Donald & Marie  Upton, Dennis & Del 20  Vaccaro, Steve &
 Vergils, Gary & Pat  Vergils, Paul & Donna 60  Vogt, Ed 50
 Wertheim, Bill 10  Weimer, Chuck 65  Will, Carol 20
 Warnick, Don & Doris 135  Warnick, Fred &
90  Waterstrat, Lynn &
 Weinstein, Ken & Iris 10  Wilson, Lon & Valerie  Winzig, Ray 10
 Wolff, Bill & Myrna 20  Wolski, Charles &
35  Yanik, Sam & Jean 85
 Yearke, Mark & Sue 130  Walker, Jerre  Woodrich, Dean &
 Busch, Brian  Ellis, Millard  Kaplan, Michael
 Miskell, Brandon  Tripi, Philip  

An asterisk represents members who have reached the required number of points for the award of 150 points.  For any questions about the points, contact Tim Cryan.

For information on the Activity Award Point structure, click here.