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President's Message - December 2018


Activities Report

After a long hot summer with both August and September breaking heat records, not to mention green trees for the fall run, winter has moved in after what seemed like no fall at all. The roads are already white with salt. Hopefully, you managed to get your cherished beauties tucked away safely before this wintry weather started. I guess the one bright spot is it puts us in the spirit for the upcoming holidays and especially our Lake Erie Region annual Christmas party on Sunday, December 2nd.

The first indoor meeting of the year was a great success, Cliff Schultz's "Collection Night" brought out many of the Lake Erie Region's members items of interest. All attending spent most of the evening perusing the displays that really represented the best of our members' collections. I think all gained insight into what our fellow Lake Erie members find fascinating.

I want to send a special thanks to Al Forster and Cliff Schulz for injecting great new ideas into our actives portfolio. Al Forster's "Mystery Tour" idea sparked some new excitement into our monthly outdoor tour schedule, something I hope is repeated in the future. Cliff Schulz brought in an idea never considered before that I hope leads to other non-traditional indoor meeting suggestions. And high praise to both for the fantastic job they did in executing the events. I strongly suggest that any member who has an idea for an activity, indoor or outdoor, discuss it with a board member. We are open to any new idea and will partner with you to help the logistics. By the way, we are still looking for someone to step-up to the plate for next years Rustbuster in May. Again, the board will entertain any idea and will help you find a partner with event experience.

We have two seasoned board members leaving the board at the end of this year and fortunately two newer members who have stepped forward to take their places. Since no one answered my suggestion for nomination from the floor at the November meeting, the 2019 board is set and no election is necessary. Linda Foster, the Lake Erie Region board secretary, will cast the unopposed ballot at the December meeting.

Thanks, Chuck Facklam  __________________________________________________________________________________________

Trivia Question this month
 (from the AACA Speedster Steve Rossi's Old Car Quiz)

Front-wheel drive has been in existence for longer than most people imagine.  When did it first appear on a self-propelled vehicle?
For answer, see the Classified Section of this website.


******** NOTES AND NEWS ********

To Janice Forster and Mike Mesi

* Mary Ann DeBolt on the loss of her mother.
* Tom Smyers on the loss of his brother.
* The family of long-time member Wayne Moppert.

Well another summer has gone by at Pautler's. What a great time Mark and I had going there. The weather did not always cooperate with us but when it did cooperate, we had a great time. The best part about Pautlers is that we got to spend some wonderful quality time with our AACA friends. We had a great time getting to know Mary and Herm Platt better. Thanks you two. I was wonderful to see Ken Kaczka, Chuck Weimer (who just brought a beautiful Buick GS), Cliff Schultz, Sam & Jean Yanik, Lon Wilson, Linda & Jack Foster, Tim Cryan, Dennis & Darlene Powers, Steve & Kathy Vaccaro. I apologize ahead to time if I left anyone out. If you would like to experience the laughing, great conversations, beautiful cars and most importantly EATING, come join us next year at Pautlers. You will find all of us near the bus (our shady spot (next to the elderly living facility).
Sue Yearke

Remember local LER dues and National AACA dues are both due by December 31. We have free national and veteran applications for anyone who has never been a member of AACA before. Membership is good for the 2019 calendar year. Contact me for more information at 716-873-6280.
Lon Wilson - Membership Chair

Updated rosters have now been printed. These will only be available at club functions. They will not be mailed. Attend any upcoming LER event to get one.
Some corrections for the new roster: 
*  Bojek's phone number should be 716-983-8944
*  Jeffrey Ortman's new address if 9727 Garden Walk, Clarence Center, NY 14032


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The Lake Erie Region website earned a 2017 Award of Master Webmaster
presented at the AACA National Meeting held in February 2018.


Please remember to treat your club mates with respect and consideration.  THERE ARE APPARENTLY MEMBERS WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND THESE CONCEPTS.  Remember to sign up for these events early.  

November 11, Cliff Schulz hosted our first indoor meeting of the season for 57 of our members. The night had approximately 18 memorabilia and collectables exhibits ranging from a Christmas village to toy cars, fire engines and trains. Some of the many exhibits were a collection of toy Corvettes, model train buildings and car brochures. Everyone mingled among the exhibit tables and discussed the offerings with each other and the owners. A good time was had by all. Lynelle Schloerb provided our usual snacks and desserts.   

December 2 - Once again Lynelle Schloerb and Darlene Powers will host our annual Christmas party.  There has been some talk about a contest to see who will wear the ugliest Christmas sweater. Also, this year we will be making our donations to an affiliate of the Salvation Army in the form of winter clothing and other necessities. By the time you read this, the cutoff date will be long since passed.

January 26, 2019 - The annual Installation Banquet will once again be hosted by Sue Yearke, Karen Schwartz, and Mary Beth Facklam. Dinner has been changed to family style, and the theme this year will be western.  The banquet will be held at Kloc's Grove. Remember to sign up early.

February TBD- Barb Noonan will host the meeting and has obtained a speaker on the "Tonawanda Connection to the Corvair." The meeting will be held at the Polish Falcons, and refreshments will be provided by Lynelle Schloerb. The date may be moved from the orginal schedule of February 10 to February 17.

March 10 - Lon Wilson will host this meeting and has obtained a speaker on Crystal Beach. The meeting will be held at the Polish falcons, and refreshments will be provided by Lynelle Schloerb.

April 14 - will be our annual presentation of the past year in review hosted by Lon Wilson, Refreshments by Lynelle Schloerb.

May 19 - is the Annual Rustbuster and needs a host.

June 9 - is our Annual Car Show hosted by Chuck Facklam and Mike Mesi.

July 14 - Same and Jean Yanik will host a picnic at their home in Clarence with Jack and Linda Foster planning our tour.

August 11 - we have a possible activity host.

September or October - Don and Joyce Butlak are proposing a trip to the Medina Railroad Museum for the September or October runs.   (Possibly September 23rd)   

September or October - the alternate of the above event needs a host. This even can be our overnighter.

December 8 - Our annual Christmas party.

We need volunteers, helpers and ideas for club sponsored events.  If you are interested in sponsoring, co-sponsoring or helping out at an event, contact any board member. Also, we need your ideas on possible future programs.  Some suggestions for road trips that we have received include Watkins Glen, Chautauqua Belle Cruise and Platter’s Chocolate Factory on a Saturday.  An indoor program could be a movie night with or without pizza.  If you are interested in any of these or any other tour but you’ve never done an event before we’ll team you up with a member who has.

Russ Galbo - Co-chair, Activities Committee


2018 Activity Award Status 

 Allan, Gordy & Debbie 50  Anthonson, Ted & Beth  Alt, Gary & Vallie 10  Agnello, Jonathan 20
 Bachan, Steve & Lynn 30  Balling, Corey & Allison  Baglio, Paul & Karen  Bongiovanni, John &   Mary
 Billo, Ron 120  Bojak, Mark & Sonya  Boron, Marie 40  Brenkus, Ray & Fran
 Brylinski, Mark 60  Butlak, Don & Joyce 110
 Catlin, Orrin & Diane 60  Camann, George & Ruth «  Chauvin, RIch & Beverly  Christopher, Edward & Susan
 Ciminesi, Frank  Conklin, Don & Carol  Coon, Fred & Betty 10  Crowley, Paul & Donna 60
 Cryan, Jeff & Linda 105  Cryan,Steve & Maggie  Cryan, Tim «
 DeBolt, Rich & MaryAnn 95  Deull, Robert  Dluhy, Frank & Sharon  Duncan, Allan & Kathleen 10
 Facklam, Chuck & Mary Beth «  Fadala, Valentine & Cathy  Ferber, Ed 50  Forster, Al & Janice 140
 Foster, Jack & Linda 95  Forster, Albert 20  Fix, Paul 10
 Gajkowski, Ray & Bernie 105  Gallo, George & Regina  Galante, Chuck & Marie  Galbo, Russ & Jackie «
 Gee, Larry & Laurie 30  Gernatt, Jr, Dan & Roseann 10  Greco, Jim & Sue  Galvin, Joe 10
 Group, Ed & Nancy 40  Gugino, Chuck & Christine 10  Gailie, Bill & Linda 10
 Haid, John & Elaine «  Hargrave, Dave & Nancy  Hartinger, Bob & Marilyn 20  Hartrich, Mark & Erica Miller
 Hartung, Lee & Nancy 25  Haynos, Dick  Henderson, H. Paul & Christine 20  Helenbrook, Jeff
 Hoefner, Ernie & Margie 10  Holden, Eileen  Hustead, Jim & Christine  Hulley, John & Betty 10
 Jann, Earl & Barbara
 Kaczka, Kenneth & Sue «  Kaczmarek, David & Amanda 20  Kain, Allyn & Joyce 65  Kaplan, David & Mary Ellen
 Knoll, Ken & Carol 135  Killian, Dave  Korkuc, Martin & Mary  Kosmoski, Nike & Nadine 40
 Kornowicz, Dennis & Loretta  Kopsa, Jerry & Patti  Kraus, Mark, Lori, Nick  & Joe 20  Kuebler, Herm & Janet
 Kossakowski, Ken & Melanie 40
 Lechner, Dave & Karen 10  Licata, Michael & Jane
 Maherski, Ed  Mahl, Jeff 20  Malush, Stephen & Tracy  Manke, Bob & Barbara 70
 Marriott, John  McCaffery, Joe & Linda 10  Menard, Andrew & Tomoko  McCarthy, Tom & Colleen 20
 Mendolera, Jim  Mesi, Mike «  Meyers, Frank & Marilea  Meyer, Paul & Delores 95
 Momot, Joe & Mary 10  Marshall, Jeff 10
 Nash, Bob & Peggy 115  Nash, David 15  Nash, George 115  Nichols, Bill
 Noonan, Ray & Barb «  
 Obermeyer, Marilyn 10  Ortman, Jeffrey & Deane 20  O'Connor, Daniel & Candace 105  Osuch, Walter & Suzanne 60
 Pielechowski, Ken & Lori 20  Pearl, Richard  40  Pirrung, Tom & Elizabeth  Platt, Herm & Mary-Teresa 90
 Powers, Dennis & Darlene 120  Prenevau, Bill & Edwina 70  Prenevau, Bill & Edwina  Pyne, Dale & Sally
 Puma, Frank & Christine  Puma, Jerome & Michelle  Pucak, Pete & Olga 40  Parsons, John & Nancy 10
 Ptak, Jerry & Peggy 50
 Roberts, Don & Heather  Rogers, Lyle & Sharon
 Sandoro, James & Maryann  Sayles, David & Susan  Schloerb, Don & Lynelle 90  Schleicher, Mark 105
 Schmitt, Vern & Shirline  Schrader, Paul & Cheryl  Schulz, Cliff «  Schupbach, Todd & Debby Krawceyk 115
 Schwartz, Jeff & Karen 105  Schweitzer, Franklin 10  Shattuck, Frank & Carol  Smyczynski, Jim & Christine 30
 Snowden, Hugh 10  Snyder, Bob & Chris 105  Schickling, Jerry & Marion  Sole, John & Darla
 Sole, John & Darla 10
 Tollison, LaVerne  Todd, Loraine  Troppman, Paul  Troutman, Martin & Barbara 20
 Tucker, Christopher & Nancy  
 Ulrich, Donald & Marie  Upton, Dennis & Del 40
 Vaccaro, Steve &  Kathy 80  Vergils, Gary & Pat  Vergils, Paul & Donna  Vogt, Ed
 Warnick, Don & Doris 130  Warnick, Fred & Connie 20  Waterstrat, Lynn & Joan  Weimer, Chuck 85
 Weinstein, Ken & Iris 20  Wertheim, Bill  Wilson, Lon & Valerie «  Winzig, Ray
 Wolff, Bill & Myrna  Wolski, Charles & Gert «  Walker, Jerre
 Woodrich, Dean & Nancy
 Yanik, Sam & Jean 105  Yearke, Mark & Sue «


 Busch, Bryan  50  Ellis, Millard  Kaplan, Michael  Miskell, Brandon
 Tripi, Philip
 A Star.jpg (22556 bytes) represents members who have reached the required number of points for the award of 150 points.  For any questions about the points, contact Tim Cryan.

For information on the Activity Award Point structure, click here.