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The The AACA Lake Erie Region 
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June 2018:  The youth group once again helped with parking vehicles on the show field, judging and were the primary staff in field tear down and cleanup.  The club needs to give Bryan Busch, Millard Ellis, and Mike Kaplan a big THANK YOU! for all their help.  Not only have all three become excellent efficient judges but they also fulfill the end of the day jobs that few others volunteer for. The three provided me and Bob Nash with valuable help at awards time making the process of getting the correct award to the winners as they drove up possible, I can also count on the youth to fulfill any special errands or tasks as show day progresses. So, I want to thank each of them again for making my day as Show Chairman much more enjoyable.

Bryan Busch and Mike Kaplan also jumped in and were great help at the start of the Great Race. They were active members of the LER team that morning especially with crowd control as we lined up the vehicles and started the race. They showed up by 7:00 am that morning and stuck it out fill the very end seeing the last car off around 11:00 am. Once again, I thank them for a joy very well done.

Chuck Facklam, Youth Director

We had beautiful weather, 75 degrees, sunny sky and a light breeze for our 2017 Judging School. We had two new Youth Chapter students (One of which brought his father who is now a perspective LER member!) attend, train and signup for our Youth Chapter. Two of our seasoned Youth Chapter members, Bryan Bush and Millard Ellis, helped out with the training. Our most experienced judge, George Nash was on hand thanks to Barb and Ray Noonan, to over see the activity and spread George's great charm. We also had many LER members attend and bring their vehicles. Most engaged with the new youth in another of Bob Nash 's now legendary judging schools. All seem to enjoy the activities. After a short explanation of AACA judging guidelines and etiquette and a review of our LER show judging form, Bob carried out a group analysis of the first two vehicles which included Bob's own driver participation Corvette. The group then went about judging several other vehicles of different levels and age. Bob reviewed the judging of each after the participants had their chance to tally their judgments. The vehicle owners now also understand exactly how their vehicles will do on the show field. I am sure all that attended left with their judging skills improved and hopefully some will choose to join in judging at national AACA events after enjoying this experience. All in all, it was a very productive day and a great opportunity for LER members to get together and really share the hobby.   Special thanks to all that attended, Chuck Facklam

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Thanks was received from Joe Greco, Chair of the car show at the Buffalo History Museum, to the youth judges from LER for their excellent work in judging. Chuck Facklam and Bob Nash were their mentors.

From the Youth Director, Chuck Facklam:
Our youth group is going strong!  

Our LER AACA Youth Chapter  

  Our LER AACA youth chapter started the summer with a combination judging school and fun day. The spot chosen for this years judging school was Como Park , primarily because of its extensive park roadway system.  Our own AACA Master judge, Bob Nash, did the honors once again training our newest youth chapter member along with a few of our adult members in the art of AACA vehicle judging. Then several members who had graciously brought their vehicles as examples for judging school, took the kids for rides around the park.  


   Fred Coon's Model A rumble seat was the hit of the day, even when it was a tight fit!  A Ride in Mark Yearke's 1969 SS Chevelle or Mike Mesi 1969 Z28 Camaro was sure to put a smile on their face!  After a cruise in the Baich's 1948 Buick, the high school age members all suggested they wanted to use it for their Prom!  And then came our 2016 LER Car Show. The Youth Chapter turned out in force to help in many ways. Christian Benning, Bryan Busch, Millard Ellis, Mike Kaplin, Brandon Miskell, and Phil Tripi helped park cars, distribute water and all judged multiple classes. The Youth Chapter also was the primary cleanup crew making my life immensely easier.

 The week after the show we had a picnic at my house. My real motive was to clean out and organize the club trailer whose responsibility was recently turned over to me. Anyone helping with the show setup can testify that finding anything in the club trailer had become a major chore after years of collecting show leftovers. Under Mike Mesi and my supervision, the Youth Chapter went right to work emptying it, sorting through the contents and reorganizing what was to be kept despite temperatures in the mid 90's. As the picture below testifies, you can now walk into the trailer (Something impossible in the many years I have worked with it!) and find all the registration, judging and field layout items easily.  

 Chuck Facklam, Youth Chapter Coordinator

For more information, contact Chuck at cfacklam@roadrunner.com or 716-254-3926