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 Volunteer Opportunities for the LER Hosted National AACA Spring Meet - May 2013

2014 National Spring Meet Registration

2014 National Show Judging

John & Elaine Haid, Registration Chairs
716-674-7351 (home), john @johnhaid.com

Are you thinking about volunteering for our Lake Erie Region sponsored 2014 National Spring Meet and might like to know about volunteering for the Registration Committee?  Here's some information for you to consider.
  All participants are Pre-registered. There will be no registration of any kind, during the meet.
   The information for each registrant will be in alphabetical order in the registration area of the host hotel, which is the Marriott on Millersport Highway in Amherst. For those entering more than one vehicle, each vehicle will have its own packet. Registration volunteers will be in teams of three or four per shift on Thursday and Friday, with a supervisor / manager.
   Registration will be at the Marriott, our host hotel, Thursday and Friday, May 29 and 30, 2014. Saturday registration will be moved to the show field. Registration will be open on Saturday morning from 6:00 am until judging begins (usually about 11:00 am). Times for registration will be determined.
   Included in the participant registration packet will be the vehicle window card, judging sheet, meet program booklet, tickets for any tours, banquet, etc.
   Meet participants will arrive at the registration area. Registration volunteers will greet the participant, welcome them to Buffalo and thank them for their participation.
   The volunteer will ask for the name of the participant and locate the specific packet(s) for the registrant. The registration volunteer will review the information in the packet, verify the correct vehicle and judged class, tickets for events, and other important data. If there is an error, the volunteer will immediately contact the shift supervisor and any corrections will be properly addressed. Computers will be on hand to correct any errors regarding vehicle registration, class, etc.
   This is NOT a difficult task and computer experience is not required.
   Please contact us if there are any question or if you wish to volunteer.  


Rich Chauvin

I am looking for volunteers to help in the hospitality suite during the National Car Show our club is hosting. This will be at the Marriott Hotel on May 30 and 31, 2014. We will need several people for each shift to serve refreshments. I'm sure you will meet some wonderful people and hear great car stories. I am asking for your help. Please call me at 716-791-3080, leave a message if I'm not home, and I will return your call. My email is rchauvin@roadrunner.com. Thank you. I am looking forward to hearing from you.





Bob Nash / Barb Noonan

At the last couple of board meetings, it was brought to our attention that some of our members would be interested in becoming an AACA national judge.

We have a national show planned for May 2014 that our Lake Erie region is hosting, and this is a perfect time to get yourself started in national judging.  If you are interested in becoming one for our 2014 Show you should do the following:
Attend a National Show in 2013. The closest show is going to be the Carlisle Pa. sponsored by the Gettysburg Region.
Fill out the Activity Card that comes in your national magazine, and request information about the show.  Information about activities at the show will be mailed to you from AACA headquarters.  Review the card and sign up for anything of interest to you.
At the Carlisle show, sign up as an apprentice judge. You will then be asked to attend the judging school usually held on the Friday before the day of the meet.
At the judgeís breakfast, you will be placed at a table with other apprentice judges.  You will be given instructions on where and when to meet on the show field to begin your training.  The judgeís apprentice program is very nice in that before you can actually judge in a national show, a trainer takes you out on the show field and shows you several cars to judge as a group.  Youíll then discuss the car and the judging process afterwards. The cars owners have agreed to allow this, and understand their cars are being used to train new judges. The review usually goes from excellent cars to cars that could use a little help. This is a great program that will get you comfortable with the judging process and prove that you donít have to be a car expert to be a national judge.
On the morning of the meet, you may be encouraged to attend a Continuing Judges Education (CJE) class as well as apprentice judge all in the same day.  This program is a great way to add to your knowledge base of the different types of vehicles you may be asked to judge as well as the different components of the judging process.  Some of the classes offered, which are usually done on the show field, include tires, interiors, exteriors, engines, chassis, Model Aís and Tís, and much more.
After your apprentice judge training, you can attend a national show, including our 2014 show, and sign up to judge.  You will be assigned to judge in teams of four persons.  There is a team captain with you and the other judges to help and support the process.

If you do all the above, you will be able to sign up and be an AACA National Judge for our Meet in 2014.

As an aside, if you are going to show a car at our National Show in 2014 and would like to have our current national judges take a look at it before the 2014 show, please talk to any of our national judges.  Iím sure they will be willing to take a look at your car and help you understand how the car will be judged at a National Show.

AACA National Spring Meet Field Requirements

Baskets - Baskets - Baskets

 Bob Nash - Chief Judge
As we move along, it is only a year from now that we will be hosting the National Spring Meet on the UB Campus. My son, David, has agreed to be the Field Marshall for our meet. He will be looking for volunteers to help in setting up the field on Friday and then coordinating parking cars on the field the day of the show.  This is not a whole lot different than the set up and parking for our local show. Each car will have an assigned location on the field as designated by a plaque in the specific location. The plaques will have to be installed on the field on Friday as we get the field ready for the show. On Saturday, show day, we will need many hands to guide and park cars on the field in their classes and specific parking location. Friday layout will start in the morning, time to be determined and Saturday will be early as normally the field is open to cars around 6:00 am and then closes at 11:00 as judging starts.

On a related note, Ed Ferber will be handling the trailer parking. This will be right on the UB Campus and normally starts on Thursday, as AACA members arrive. Most of this activity will be on Friday and even some on Saturday morning. I'm sure Ed will be looking for help with this part of the show as well.

Last is a reminder - if you are thinking of becoming an AACA National Judge, you should plan on attending judging school at the National Meet in Carlisle, PA., and then apprentice judge at the same meet. This means you should go on-line and sign up for this soon. 

Eileen Holden
Thank you to everyone that has donated items for the basket raffle. I am all set with wine for the baskets. I am listing the things that are still needed for the planned baskets. You are also welcome to get together with some friends and come up with your own basket. Please call me at 716 652-0648 or email eilholden@verizon.net with any suggestions or questions.

  • Coffee/tea Basket - all types of teas and coffees, mugs, tea pot, etc.

  • Craft Beer Basket - an assortment of local craft beers

  • Car Care Basket - brushes, sponges, a bucket

  • Media Basket - new books, new CDs, new DVDs, etc.

  • Gardening Basket - garden tools, seeds, pots, garden ornaments, etc.

  • Game Basket - crossword puzzle books, jigsaw puzzles, small games, cards, etc.

  • Lottery Basket - an assortment of scratch off tickets.

I plan to be at the indoor meeting in February, if you can bring your items at that time.

Car Parking for Saturday Show - Volunteer List  
Ron Billo, Al Forrest, Russ Galbo, Lowell Todd, Dennis Upton, Roger Ware, Sam Yanik, Tom Spina, Orin Catlin, Steve Vaccaro, Ken Certo, Jeff Cryan, Dave Lechner, Paul Vergils, Don Warnick, Fred Warnick, Ken Knoll, and Kick Mruk are signed up to assist in parking the show cars.

If there are any additions or deletions to this list, contact Ron Billo @ 716 668-0284 or rlbillo@verizon.net. I will be at the parking area by 6:30 am Saturday morning when some show cars will be arriving. Please join me as soon as possible. It would also be helpful to assist with the Friday show field layout to better familiarize yourself with where cars are to be parked.