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Our club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of the antique automobile. 
Our focus is on original and authentic condition as well as quality workmanship.  Come join us for Festivities, Fun and Friendship.  
Ownership of a car is not necessary to be a member.
  Lake Erie Region is celebrating our 65th year!
February 2017  

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2017 LER President Acceptance 
I want to thank the Lake Erie Region board, first for giving me the opportunity to be president and second, for all the great work they do during the year to make this club a success. None of our activities, including this one, would happen if it weren’t for their dedication. Despite this being turbulent times not only in Washington but also at the AACA national level, I look forward to the upcoming year. We already have an almost full schedule of fun and enlightening activities planned for 2017. Not to say that anyone who has an idea shouldn't step forward. Quite the contrary, we welcome all ideas and will make room for them along with supporting anyone who would like to initiate an activity idea. I look forward to a nice day for the car show and I personally plan to move forward with our youth group initiative with revitalized zeal this year. So in closing I would like to thank the LER members for their support. Please let people know about our group and what advantages there are to being a member. Ultimately, our continued success and prosperity relies on you, the members, being active and promoting this organization. 
Thank you and Happy 2017, 
Chuck Facklam, the 64th LER President

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Our History

The Lake Erie Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America was formed in November 1952.  Rudy Ribbeck's Auto Service on Old Bailey Avenue at Seneca Street was used for meetings.  During the summer of 1952, a group of old car lovers would go to parades, etc., and soon the required minimum of 15 members was achieved in order to petition the National AACA for a Region.

The following individuals were part of the original 15 members:
William M. Cryan, Caryl Paul, Garold Seifert, Dorothy Cryan, Howard Holmes, Dr. Robert Britt, Rudy Ribbeck, Franklin Schweitzer, Stephen Schimolski, Frank Stabell.

The Club was first organized under the name of Lake Erie Region of Western New York, and three years later it was changed to Lake Erie Region of AACA.

Our First Officers from 1952 to 1953

Regional Director      Garold Seifert
Assistant Director       Howard Holmes
Secretary / Treasurer William Cryan
Recording Secretary Dorothy Cryan
Three Executive Board Members Dr. Robert Britt, Caryl Paul, Franklin Schweitzer

In 1952, local dues were $1.50 a year and national dues were $6.00 a year.

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