Lagniappe Chapter 2019 Officers:
Whitney Richard,

Freddie Hebert,
Vice President

John Welch,

Celeste Hebert,

Buddy Whitney,
Newsletter Editor

Dave Dupre,
Web Master

Lagniappe is a local Chapter of the Louisiana Region Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA).  We meet in Houma, LA.  Lagniappe is an old French term meaning "something extra."  We work hard to provide "a little something extra" for our member, visitors and guests of our club activities.

What's New   June meeting will be at Copeland's. 



The Lagniappe Chapter meets monthly, the fourth Tuesday, 7PM at Copeland’s Restaurant of Houma 1534 Martin Luther King Blvd, Houma, LA.  Guests are welcomed.  We discuss upcoming events, plan activities, report on member happenings and TALK CARS!

Our monthly newsletter, Les Bon Temps Rouler is available from the Publications page.

The Annual Lagniappe Tour or One Day Event

Each fall, the first weekend in November, Lagniappe Chapter holds a tour similar to those held by AACA chapters across the country in the even number years.  These are three-day meetings in the following format:

    Friday - Early Bird Tour,  Evening Reception Dinner and Social

    Saturday - Day-Long Tours, Evening Awards Banquet

    Sunday - Farewell Breakfast and Departures

   One Day Event even number years  -    Points Earning event with a day of fun centered around lunch


Members often plan weekend picnics, barbeques, cookouts and outings to nearby places of interest or restaurants to promote fellowship and provide opportunities to drive and show their cars.

National events


Your membership with AACA permits you to participate in first class regional and national events.  These are primarily divided into Tours and Meets.  Tours are most appealing to those who like to drive their cars and visit the designated area, touring museums, natural wonders, and other attractions.  Socialization is emphasized and usually only casual awards are given.  Meets, on the other hand, are very competitive.  Cars are judged by class based on national point standards.  First, second and third place awards are given.  A First Junior award permits competing in the Senior Division.  A First Senior Award permits competing in the Grand National Competition where the finest cars in the country are displayed.

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