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The May 2016 Newsletter is now available online!   Don't forget the next meeting on June 28th! Cruisin season is upon us! Time to get our cars out and about!    


carWe are a family of car enthusiasts.  We love our antique and classic vehicles. We thrive on keeping them alive and sharing their history and their stories with others who also have a great appreciation for them.  The AACA is a wonderful organization helping to preserve the history and integrity of these incredible machines.  There are many branches of the AACA all over the country.  Our branch is located in Armstrong County Pennsylvania.  Our members are from all over the Kiski Valley Region.  If you too have a love for classic and antique automobiles you can join us and have a great time.  You don't have to own an antique or classic vehicle just have a love for them.  You must however become a member of the national AACA.  To do so click here to be directed to national AACA's become a member page.


The Leaded Gas is the name of our newsletter that is sent to every member of our club.  It helps to keep everyone informed on what is coming up and to give thanks for those who have helped with a function.  It helps to keep our members who can not attend a lot of our meetings in the loop of what is going on.  As a member you too will receive this publication.



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