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Youth in the Hobby


I am excited that we are currently working on many new and needed programs that will help bring each of our Regions and Chapters and every member closer to our unified goal of getting youth involved in the Hobby.


We have in place several committee & teams that are actively working to ensure that youth involvement is a reality for AACA.  It is our objective to give each of you the opportunity to make it happen by providing many different programs that will allow you to become involved in introducing AACA and the Hobby to younger members. Here is a list of the many programs several are new this year.

Doug Drake


4 H - Junior Antique Car Clubs      Boys Scouts of America
Society of Automotive Engineers    Electrical Engineering Institute

4H Junior Antique Car Clubs


Some AACA Regions in southern NJ are sponsoring the first all youth antique car club through a cooperative working arrangement with the 4H organization in Camden NJ.


Tom Giangiulio, an AACA member and active 4H Leader, has agreed to head up this AACA activity. We are currently working on formalizing the program so that it will be able to roll out to any AACA or 4H club in the country.


The first one is formed and the AACA and 4H in Camden NJ are working out the detail to make this program a national program.


Click here to meet the: Octane Boosters Junior AACA/4H Car Club


Boy Scouts of America

Mac Blair and Bill Gardner, AACA members and active Scouting leaders, have agreed to head up some exciting Scout related activities. Similar to the 4 H program the scouts have an Explorer program for kids who have gone thru the scout program and want to continue.


We are looking at introducing an Antique Car Explorer program. In addition to that program we are actively developing a proposed Merit Badge the “History of the Automobile”. This will give our 408 Regions and Chapters and our 63,000 members the opportunity to work with boys interested in taking that Merit Badge. We have got preliminary approval to present our proposal to the BSA organization.


We need to get some individuals that will head up a Girl Scout program.



Society of Automotive Engineers


We have reached an agreement with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to introduce AACA to the 16,000 college students in 327 college chapters in the country. These college students are prime members of AACA and are looking for technical, moral, and financial support in many programs they are involved in, not to mention to learn about our cars. This program is ready to roll out with a senior support committee in SAE that will help us marry AACA Regions and Chapters with the right College SAE chapter. Lots of sharing of technical expertise is possible.


Chuck Crane, an Active AACA members and a member of the SAE, has agreed to head up this program.


Electrical Engineers  Institute


Similarly to the SAE organization, the Electrical Engineering IEEE college students have new and challenging responsibilities with all the heavy electrical introduction to the automobile.


Thomas W. Martin, an active AACA member and an IEEE member, has agreed to head up this program to bring interested region, chapter and members closer to the college students who share the same interest.