Herbie Fully Loaded
Release Date:
June 22, 2005

Maggie Peyton, the first Peyton to graduate from college receives a graduation present from her dad and as she's about to get a 250Z, she instead receives a Volkswagon Bug (Herbie) and Herbie takes her for a ride. Herbie takes her to "Kevins Custom Car Shop" run by her best friend Kevin where they take Herbie for a test drive and end up at a car show where Herbie beats all-time racer Trip Murphy in an impromptu street race. Trip demands a rematch and attempts to discover the secret behind Herbie. But Magwheels's biggest challenge isn't the up and coming Daytona 500, It's proving to her dad that she's good enough to be the next great Peyton.

  • Lindsay Lohan recorded her debut album, Speak, on set while filming this movie.

  • Lindsay Lohan visited a hospital several times for exhaustion during the filming of this movie.

  • Maggie buys Herbie from the junkyard for $75. This is the same amount Jim Douglas offers Thorndyke for "cheap, honest transportation" in the original movie.

  • Some differences between the original Herbie and the remake's: The number "53" is in a different font, as well as bigger on the hood and smaller on the doors than with the original. Also, it is further down the hood, and the chrome strip goes over the "53" rather than under. Also in the new version, the stripes do not go over the sunroof. The 2005 movie is also the first in which Herbie sports eyelids.

  • This is the first theatrical Love Bug film since Herbie Goes Bananas (1980).

  • The shot where Herbie makes a funny face was called the "Large Marge" shot, from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

  • The sign at the car show at the beginning of the movie says "El Dorado". This is the name of the final big race in the first movie.

  • In the movie Herbie has a crush on, and later dates a yellow New Beetle.

  • The plot of Herbie: Fully Loaded has been compared to the Warner Brothers movie Racing Stripes. In that movie there is a girl named Channing Walsh who wants to ride a zebra named Stripes in a horserace, but her dad won't let her because he doesn't want her to get killed the way her mom did. The plot similarities go on and on. The only basic differences are that unlike Maggie, Channing didn't have a boyfriend, nor did the winner (Stripes) drive his opponent insane as Herbie drove Maggie's rival, Trip, to utter distraction.

  • The movie Maggie and Herbie are watching at the drive-in movie is Scary Movie 2.