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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Synopsis: An ancient derelict racing car is discovered by Jeremy and Jemima who persuade their father, Caractacus Potts, to buy and restore her. After the car's restoration they take her on a picnic to the seaside joined by Truly Scrumptious, daughter of Lord Scrumptious, the owner of a local sweet factory. While Potts tells a story about Pirates a nearby tugboat becomes the yacht of the evil Baron Bomburst of Vulgaria who has come to steal 'Chitty'. The magical car takes them on an amazing adventure and transforms itself into a hovercraft and aeroplane.


About the Movie

Chitty Chitty


 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang book

  • written by Ian Fleming (author of the James Bond books) & illustrated by John Burningham
  • was originally published in England in hardback in 3 parts

Adventure Number 1, Jonathan Cape, London, 1964

Adventure Number 2, Jonathan Cape, London, 1964

Adventure Number 3, Jonathan Cape, London, 1965

  • The title became " Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - The Magical Car" when the US edition was published as a single book by Random House, New York
  • The stories were affectionately dedicated to the memory of the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, built in 1920 by Count Zborowski on his estate near Canterbury.
  • She had a pre-1914 war, chain drive, 75 horsepower Mercedes chassis in which was installed a six-cylinder Mayback aero engine--the military type used by the Germans in their Zeppelins.
  • Four vertical overhead valves per cylinder were operated by exposed push rods and rockers from a camshaft on each side of the crankcase, and two Zenith carburetors were attached, one at each end of a long induction pipe.
  •  She had a grey steel body with an immense polished hood eight feet in length, and weighed over five tons.
  • In 1921, she won the Hundred M.P.H. Short Handicap at Brooklands at 101 miles per hour, and, in 1922, again at Brooklands, the Lightning Short Handicap. But in that year she was involved in an accident and the Count never raced her again.


  • Released-December 18, 1968
  • Musical
  • Filmed in England


  • Caractacus Potts-Dick Van Dyke
  • Truly Scrumptious-Sally Ann Howes

Stage Musical

opened in London at the London Palladium April 2002

Coloring Pages

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car

About the Car

Chitty Chitty

The Car

  • A total of 4 cars were made for the film

Car #1

  • The final product weighed approximately 2 tons, was 17 feet long, and built on a custom made ladder frame chassis.
  • The wheels were molded in alloy to replicate the timber wheels which would have been true to the period. The boat deck was of red and white cedar and built by boat-builders in Windsor, and the array of brass fittings were obtained from Edwardian wrecks. What couldn't be obtained was faithfully and accurately re-created. The alloy dashboard plate was from a British World War I fighter plane
  • All of this was built around a modern Ford V6 engine with automatic transmission
  • Chitty rolled out of the workshop in June 1967 and was registered with the number plate GEN 11 given to her by Ian Fleming in his novel. (In the novel, the number plate GEN11 had significance in that if you read the number ones as "i's", it spelled out the Latin word "genii" meaning magical person or being.)
  • it has wings, which were added for promotional purposes in 1968.
  • urrently owned by Pierre Picton and is available for rent.

Car #2

  • was the 'trailer' car and the 'in-studio' floating and flying car in the movie.
  • When filming the driving sequences close ups are impossible with two moving vehicles. For this reason, Chitty 2 sat on a trailer attached to the back of another vehicle on which the cameras were mounted. This was only used for the extreme close-ups when you see the windscreen and surrounds.
  • this car is a little smaller and the steering wheel sits much higher
  • was owned by Pierre Picton, who fitted an engine into it, until the late 1970's. The panels on the bonnet (hood) aren't hinged, they are painted and the bonnets lifts off in one unit. He adapted the car for uses in a clown and ice show act.
  • currently owned by Anthony Banford (of JCB auto fame) and on short-term loan to Beaullieau Motor Museum for a special display

Car #3

  • an 'all aluminum' model never floated. This was used primarily for scenes when the car is trapped in the tide. The aluminum features were to keep costs down and avoid the tarnishing of the brass by sea-water.
  • It appears on scene for less than 30 seconds.
  • Because it looked so different, they didn't use the transition scenes using the car. Instead, they re-shot the scenes using Chitty 2 in a pool in Pinewood Studios.
  • is currently in storage at Pinewood Studios, UK

Car #4

  • Chitty 4 was built wrong and therefore rarely used. The car is narrower, the steering wheel sits higher, and the supporting bars behind the car's radiator grill run vertically (from top to bottom) in contrast to the horizontal supports on the other 3 cars.
  • was only used in 2 scenes - where Lord Scrumptious is driving behind Chitty tooting the horn, right before being captured by spies and where Chitty descends the red staircase before leaving Vulgaria.
  • is on display a the Cars of the Stars Museum in UK

Chitty #5

  • was a model with no chassis, mounted permanently on a flotilla which was seaworthy. A driver sat below the bonnet (hood) and steered the craft.
  • did not survive after filming.