Junior AACA





All across the nation, young people are getting involved in the antique car hobby. See how the youth of America are appearing  In the Spotlight! as they enjoy the hobby.

Scott, of the Wisconsin Region, attends the AACA's 66th annual business meeting in Philadelphia

here to learn more about Scott's Trip

Lauren, age 11, is named Editor of "Chitter Chatter" the Junior Newsletter for the Great Smokey Mountains Region

here to learn more about Lauren!

Update: Lauren has turned the editorship to someone else for 2003!

Lauren Baldwin

Lauren standing in front of the family's 1966 Ford Mustang!

Southern Ohio Chapter
of the Ohio Region

Recently members of the Southern Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Region treated several Girl Scouts to a tour to promote the girl's knowledge of antique cars and the AACA.

Click on the car to learn all about the outing! It is hard to tell who had more fun.      

Mike Jones of Pennsylvania shares his 1923 Oldsmobile Sport Touring car with his granddaughter's school!

here to see more photos of Mike, his granddaughter Grace (age 5), and the kindergarten class of God's Window School of New Holland PA!

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Genesee Valley Antique
Car Society Region

At a recent Genesee Valley Antique Car Society Region outing, a group of kids learned about the automobile and what makes it run.

here to see more photos from this GVACS  Region outing