2003 AACA National Membership Meeting

February 7-8, 2003


Junior Member, Bull Run AACA

This is the second time that my family and I have gone to the meeting in Philadelphia. On this trip, my Dad asked me to keep a diary of what we did and what I saw and felt. So, here is a summary of our fun, family trip.


Friday, February 07, 2003

We woke up at 7:00AM, to finish preparing for the trip to Philadelphia. We planned to leave earlier, but the snow was still coming down. Mom & Dad decided to leave later, to let Washington rush-hour go by and to give road crews time to work on the roads. We dug out the car, loaded it up and headed on the trip at about 8:00AM.

Chris (my little brother) and I fell asleep quickly. When I woke up, we were just passing Baltimore and had been driving for about 3 hours. The roads were messy and the big trucks were throwing slush and water everywhere, but we could still see the big smokestacks from the old Baltimore factories. Soon, we came to beautiful Philadelphia  and had to concentrate on finding the hotel, as Dad followed the street signs. We found the hotel quickly and checked in, then ran to Registration to get our  tickets and name tags. Chris & I were surprised to find a special folder in our packets, including neat things for us to play with and use. I had notepads, copies of Wheels and a copy of “Things You Auto Know”. Chris also got coloring books & crayons, which he really loved!


Around 4:00PM, we were all hungry so we walked over to T.G.I. Fridays for and early dinner of pizza, chicken and salads. When done, we went back to the hotel to explore the Trade Show. Right away, we saw people that we knew  from Bull Run and from last year’s meeting. Our President, Nancy Windingland, and Treasurer, Nicki Hudson,  stopped to chat a while. Next thing you know, Doug Drake snuck up to say Hi! After putting our names in a few of the Trade Show buckets, and talking with friends, it was time for a bath and bed. We all slept well that night!

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