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  • Any child up to 12 years old may join, whether or not parents are members of AACA. Ownership of an automobile, or parental membership, is not a requirement of membership.
  • Dues are $10.00 per Junior Membership and are billed annually for the club's fiscal year beginning January 1. Memberships purchased after November 1 will extend over the next calendar year.

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  • Special activities are encouraged for Juniors at National (and local) Meets. An educational program is planned to acquaint Juniors with AACA history, its structure and mission, and a general overview of vehicles and their workings, plus a basic understanding of the judging system, all at a level they should find interesting and entertaining.
  • Junior members can not vote in general elections and can not enter the judging program until they meet the criteria established for judges.

  • Junior members will receive one Membership Card, one Membership Badge, and Wheels a youth newsletter published four times a year - February, May, August, and November. Types of articles found in Wheels are -
    • Articles written by national officers and directors informing you what is happening in the AACA
    • Suggested reading list
    • Junior members are highlighted as they participate in National shows, tours, and their home Region/chapter activities
    • Puzzles and trivia questions

    all this and much more ...

    Myron Smith

    Youth Development


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    Chris Ritter



As soon as your application is received at National Headquarters, it will be reviewed and, if approved, a membership card for the current year will be mailed to you.


 To join, please fill out the application blank and mail to:

Antique Automobile Club of America, Inc.
501 W. Governor Road
P.O. Box 417
Hershey PA 17033
(717) 534-1910