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1950 Motor City Boogie
sung by York Brothers
1950 Pick-Up Truck
sung by Bob Williams
1951 Drive On
sung by Luke McDaniel
1951 Hot Rod Shotgun Boogie No. 2
sung by Tillman Franks
1951 My Buick My Love and I [About]
sung by Gisele MacKenzie and Gordon McRae
1951 Motorhead Baby
sung by Chuck Higgins
1951 Riding In My Car (Car Song)
sung by Woody Guthrie
1951 Haulin' Freight
sung by Bob Newman
1951 Lonesome Truck Driver's Blues
sung by Bob Newman
1952 Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
sung by Billy Strange
1952 Truck Driver's Boogie
sung by Jimmy Boyd
1952 Four Alarm Boogie
sung by Jimmy Collett
1952 Mobiling Baby of Mine
sung by Eddie Marshall
1952 Mr Highway Man
sung by Howlin' Wolf
1952 Your Motor Needs A Tune-Up Job
sung by Leroy Thompson
1952 Roadside Rag
by Sleepy McDaniel (Instrumental)
1953 Hitch-Hikin' Blues
sung by Joe Franklin
1953 Highway Blues
sung by Champion Jack Dupree
1953 Hot Rod Rag
sung by Paul Westmoreland
1953 Old Jalopy Bounce
sung by Murl Alexander & The Texas Wranglers
1953 Slow Down
by Billy Jack Wills (Instrumental)
1953 Stock Car Boogie
sung by George Stogner
1953 Highway Blues
sung by Lightnin' Hopkins
1954 Idaho Red
sung by Wade Ray
1954 Truck Driving Man
sung by Terry Fell
1954 Buick 59
sung by The Medallions
1954 Cadillac In Model "A"
sung by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
1954 Ethyl In My Gas Tank
sung by Jimmy Heap
1954 It's The Mileage That's Slowing Us Down
sung by Red Foley and Ernest Tubb
1954 Parking Worries
sung by Ted West
1954 The Automobile Song
sung by Luke McDaniel
1954 Woman Driver
sung by The Carlisles
1955 Cadillac Funeral
sung by Peppermint Harris
1955 Devil's Hot Rod
sung by Johnny Taylor
1955 Hardtop Race
sung by Merrill Moore
1955 I Gotta New Car
sung by Big Boy Groves
1955 Maybellene [Lyrics]
sung by Chuck Berry
1955 Maybellene [Lyrics]
sung by Elvis (August 20, 1955)
1955 No Money Down   [Lyrics]
sung by Chuck Berry
1955 Rocket 88
sung by - Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats
1956 Transfusion [Lyrics]
sung by Nervous Norvus
1956 You Can't Catch Me   [Lyrics]
sung by Chuck Berry
1958 Ballard of Thunder Road [About & Lyrics]
sung by - Robert Mitchum
1958 Beep Beep [About] [Lyrics]
sung by - The Playmates
1958 Flat Tire
sung by - The Del-Vikings
1958 Gas Money
sung by Jan & Arnie
1959 Car Trouble
sung by - The Eligibles
1959 No Wheels
sung by - The Chrordettes
1959 Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat [Lyrics]
sung by The Avons