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Car Tunes


1932 My Baby Austin Seven [Lyrics]
sung by Clarkson Rose
1936 Us on A Bus
Fats Waller and His Rhythm
1938 Terraplane Blues [Lyrics]
sung by Robert Johnson


In My Merry Oldsmobile info [About]  [Lyrics]  [1905 Sheet Music]  [1920s Sheet Music
sung by Bing Crosby (The Music Maids & John Scott Trotter Orchestra)
1939 He'd Have To Get Under, Get Out, and Get Under info [About] [Lyrics] [Sheet Music]
sung by Hoosier Hot Shots
1939 Truck Driver's Blues
sung by Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers


1940s The Automobile Song
sung by - Benny Bell
1942 Little Bo Beep Has Lost Her Jeep [Lyrics]
sung by Spike Jones and His City Slickers
1942 The Wreck On The Highway [Lyrics]
sung by Roy Acuff
1942 Six Jerks In A Jeep
sung by the Andrew Sisters (from the movie Private Buckaroo)
194? Gas Mileage Rationing Special - NBC
Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny with George Burns and Gracie Allen
1947 Highway 99
sung by Lowell Fulson
1947 My Convertible Cadillac
sung by The Treniers
1947 The Traffic Song
sung by Joe Lutcher
1947 Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
sung by Tex Williams
1948 Hot Rod Baby
sung by Dick Reinhart
1948 The Stanley Steamer [About] [Lyrics]
sung by cast of the movie Summer Holiday
1949 Lost Highway
sung by Hank Williams
1949 Mercury Boogie (aka - Mercury Blues) [Lyrics]
sung by K C Douglas
See also 1995 - Mercury Blues sung by Alan Jackson