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Antique Automobile Club of America


AACA Vintage Tour

The AACA sponsors the Vintage Tour during odd-numbered years (1999, 2001, etc.) and is for vehicles manufactured in 1927 or earlier. This is a five day tour.


Antique Automobile Magazine

The Antique Automobile magazine is the official publication of the AACA. It is mailed bi-monthly (every other month).


antique Motor Vehicle

The AACA recognizes any motor vehicle that is twenty-five years or older as an antique.


is a sub-organization of an AACA region

Chief Judge

is responsible for all matters pertaining to the judging of vehicles at a National Meet


motor vehicles of all types, up to and including models 25 years old, are grouped for competitive purposes into specified classes, according to age and mechanical features

Dash Plaque


A plaque presented to each participant of a meet or tour commemorating the activity.



The US membership has been divided into four geographic divisions in order to better serve the membership, Regions & Chapters in those areas. They are the Eastern, Southeastern, Central, and Western Divisions. National meets are scheduled on a divisional basis with each division sponsoring at least a Spring and Fall meet.

Founders Tour


The Founders Tour is sponsored annually for all vehicles, except race vehicles, manufactured from 1936 through a production year 25 years prior to the year of the tour.

Glidden Tour

The AACA sponsors the Glidden Tour during odd-numbered years (1999, 2001, etc.) in cooperation with the Veteran Motor Car Club of America (VMCCA). The VMCCA sponsors the tour during the even years. The Glidden Tours are for the older vehicles and eligibility for AACA sponsored tours are limited to those vehicles manufactured in 1935 or earlier. Generally this tour is held during the month of September.

Grand National Meet

The AACA may hold an Annual Grand National Meet (AGNM)  each year. Only  Senior Award winners who won that award in any year prior to the year of the AGNM are eligible.


HPOF stands for Historical Preservation of Original Features and is a non- competitive class for vehicles thirty-five years that still possess significant features that represent the original car as delivered by the dealer. i.e. un-restored features.

judging manual

is published by National headquarters on an annual basis and contains the official vehicle classification guide, explanations of the competition and exhibition categories, and definitive guidelines for all levels of the AACA judging program.

judges newsletter

is published three times a year by the National Judging Committee. Its purpose is to provide AACA judges with updated information regarding judging procedures. It also includes judging registration forms for each National Meet.

Junior Award

The Junior award is a the first award a vehicle can win. The highest scoring Junior vehicle, on or above 365 points out of a total of 400 points, is a First Junior winner together with all other vehicles scoring within 10 points and also above the 365 minimum. A vehicle competes as a Junior in its class until it wins a National First Prize at a National Meet. It then becomes a Senior vehicle and remains such until it wins a Senior award. It then becomes a Preservation vehicle.

national Division Tours

The AACA sponsors National Division Tours annually in each of the four geographical regions, i.e. Eastern, Central, Southeastern, and Western. These tours are designed to be shorter in duration (minimum time of two days) than the traditional five day National Tours. The host Region or Chapter is free to decide which vehicles are eligible to participate in any National Division Tour, so long as all vehicles are of a production year 25 years prior to the year of the tour.

Preservation Award

The first time a vehicle is shown at a National Meet after having won the Senior award, any vehicle scoring 350 points or above is awarded a Preservation award plaque.


any group of 15 or more AACA members may petition the AACA for a charter 

Reliability Tour

The Reliability Tour is held during even-numbered years (1998, 2000, etc.) and is for brass era cars, i.e. those manufactured in 1915 or earlier. This includes all recognized vehicles of that vintage.

Rummage Box

The Rummage Box is a quarterly newsletter published by the AACA National Headquarters. It is mailed to each Region or Chapter President and Newsletter Editor. It includes reports from various national officers and committees, as well as articles submitted by members.

Senior Award

AACA Senior vehicles are eligible to win only one Senior trophy, commonly called the Duryea Trophy. The vehicle must have the highest score in the class with a minimum score of 375 to win this Senior award. Any other vehicle scoring within 10 points of the highest score and above 375 will also be awarded the Senior award. Senior vehicles compete only against other Senior vehicles.


The VMCCA stands for the Veterans Motor Car Club of America, They sponsor the Glidden tours on even-numbered years (1998, 2000, etc.).


"Wheels" is the quarterly newsletter of AACA junior members.