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The Hiawatha Region is lucky to have a large and growing membership interested in restoring and enjoying antique automobiles. It isn't necessary to own an old car to be a member, all it takes is an interest in older cars. Some members have dozens of cars, others just one, a few have yet to buy their first antique. If you do own a car, it's not necessary that it be of a particular age. One of the most popular cars in the club is Cindy's 1978 Mustang King Cobra. It really draws the cameras during shows and tours. It's almost as popular as the 1915 Locomobile!

If you have thought that owning an antique automobile could be fun, membership in the Hiawatha Region could have great benefits. The friendly members are more than happy to explain why a Ford is a better investment than a Chevy ... or is it the other way around? When you need advice on any aspect of maintaining your old car someone in the club knows an expert who is willing to help. You can't find a better set of people to help you grow in the old car hobby than AACA members in south eastern Minnesota.

It's easy to join the Hiawatha Region. Dues are only ten dollars a year. Membership in the National AACA is also required. For more information about the club or to join, please contact one of the club officers or e-mail the region webmaster. One of them can tell you everything you need to know!

This page was last updated on 02/10/14.

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