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The Hiawatha Region is part of the Antique Automobile Club of America.

The Hiawatha Region is headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. The chapter was founded in 1961, just nine years after the Minnesota Region was chartered. Hiawatha Chapter changed status to Hiawatha Region, on 1-1-2013.  We have over seventy individuals and couples as members. Most members are active, with at least thirty or forty people at every chapter event. The club is growing, with several new people joining every year. Cars owned by members include everything from a Model-T to a 1928 Cadillac to a 1947 Plymouth convertible to an Oldsmobile 4-4-2 coupe. One of our tours is beautiful to behold. You should be there.

Every month of the year finds the club involved in some activity. During the winter the activity is usually a dinner meeting at a local hotel. Spring, summer and fall find us driving the cars somewhere.

A typical tour includes coffee and treats at a members home. That gives us a chance to look over the latest projects and cars at that house. Usually there is something interesting in progress. Best of all are the stories about what has happened on that project. Have you heard the one about how he put a big screwdriver through the Model A radiator.... again?

Every year the Region sponsors one weekend tour to someplace a little further away. Our chapter/Region has taken long weekend tours to Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa as well as just about everywhere in Minnesota! . We have hosted national events, too.

You've probably already been there, but go over to the AACA Web Site for details on the national organization for preserving beautiful old cars. The AACA uses the definition of an antique car as one that is at least twenty-five years old.

The chapter newsletter and web site has received several AACA awards.

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