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The Harford Horn is the official publication of Harford Region AACA.  It is published monthly and provided free to Harford Region members.  Publication of the Harford Horn began in 1972 when the club was formed and has provided the club with news and entertainment for over 35 years.

Editor - Bruce Wheeler
Assistant  Editor -  Diane Wheeler

In  2010, the Harford Horn received its sixth Award of Excellence from the AACA Publications Committee. 
  Bruce and Diane received a Master Editor Award at the 73rd AACA Annual Meeting in February 2009.

Below are some samples of the items contained in the March 2010 issue of the Harford Horn:

Upcoming Events
- Listing of upcoming Harford Region events.
Bruce's Fuel Stop - A m
essage from Harford Region's President
Secretary's Minutes-  Minutes from our February meeting.  
April Birthdays
 - Harford Region members who are having a birthdy in April.
More 2009 Annual Report
- More from the 2009 AACA Annual Report.
Another Florida Vacation -
A member's report on their winter vacation
Do you Know?
 - Some automotive trivia.

Fuel Stop - Ramblings from the assistant Editor.
Other Events of Interest - Local antique automobile events outside of the club.
Things to Remember - Important reminders of things that we don't want to forget.