Who was Harold Clemens…. and why do we have an award named after him?

Harold Clemens was born on April 16, 1918 in Cushing, Oklahoma.  He was the son of Earl and Sarah Clemens.  Harold’s travels eventually brought him to Maryland, where he became a plant engineer at the American Bank Stationary Company in Baltimore County.

Harold’s hobbies included restoring antique automobiles, building dollhouses, and miniature steam engines.  He was a member of the Antique Automobile Club of America and became an active member of Chesapeake Region, Brandywine Region and Harford Region.  In 1972 when an attempt to form an antique automobile club in Harford County began, Harold attended the first planning meeting to provide advice and assistance from his experience in Chesapeake Region.  He became a Charter member and remained active in the club.

Harold was always ready to lend a hand with club activities and help his fellow members.  One of the better-known stories about his helpfulness pertains to traveling.  During club tours, Harold would always be sure to pack extra parts and supplies in the rear of his Model A Ford pickup in case any members experienced a problem during the trip.  Harold also served on many committees and as Technical Chairman of the region.

In the Fall of 1983, Harold became sick and was hospitalized.  Still, Harold remained upbeat and was hopeful that he could attend an upcoming region activity.  Unfortunately, Harold died on November 17, 1983 while still in the hospital.  Even in death, Harold tried to benefit his fellow man by having previously donated his body to the University of Maryland Medical Center for medical research.

A memorial service for Harold was held on November 27, 1983 at the Oak Grove Baptist Church located between Churchville and Bel Air.   Members of Harford and Chesapeake Regions participated in the service and Harford Region paid for the service.  On January 31, 1984, the Harford Region Executive Board authorized the Harold Clemens Award in memory of their friend.

The Harold Clemens Award is presented annually to a Harford Region club member, determined by a vote of the membership that has:

 Contributed the most to the region during the past year,

2. Exhibited the attributes of Harold Clemens,

3. Makes his/her fellow members glad to be a member of Harford Region.


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Harold Clemens
1918 - 1983


Harold Clemens' Model A Ford Pickup



               1984 - Jesse Latham
                1985 - Jane Armstrong
                1986 - Fredna Vaught
                1987 - Robert Vaught
                1988 - Roy Clark
                1989 - Charlie Blevins and Libby Fowler
                1990 - Rock Ziemann
                1991 - Hank Shero
                1992 - David Smith
                1993 - Jean Wilcox
                1994 - Bruce Wheeler
                1995 - Bill Armstrong
                1996 - Diane Wheeler
                1997 - Evelyn Blevins
                1998 - Sandy Moxley
                1999 - Lee Pritchett and Kathleen Smith
                2000 - Charlie Smith
                2001 - Vernon "Stoney" Stonesifer
                2002 - David Oberender
                2003 - Al Burns
                2004 - Betty Clark
                2005 - Bill and Eva Eakes
                2006 - Judy Burns
                2007 - Al Burns
                2008 - Kathleen Smith
                2009 - Fred Bandon