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                                                                                                                         This is our Annual Farmhouse meet with pictures from the April of 2000 meet held at the Queens County Farm House for over 20 years.  This is the last operating Farm within New York City boundaries and there are attractions at this show for the whole family .  The above photos were submitted by Ruth and Bob Valentine from their original web site created by them for the Greater New York  Region in 2000.  

Below are photos  from our Annual Spring Meet held at picturesque Old Westbury Gardens.  The  formal gardens , mansion  and  grounds are as beautiful as the vehicles on display and should not be missed.  This is a formally  judged show with a large group of classes.    

The following block of pictures were submitted by G.N.Y.R &  L.I. Dreamboats member Docair Jerry Malkes. Thank you, Jerry!                                                                                                                          













                                             G.N.Y.R Spring Meet At Westbury Gardens 2009