CHIP Program Intermediate (15) Project Center

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Club Activities

0 Projects related to Region, Chapter or Club management or activities

Automotive History

0 Projects related to researching, documenting and presenting historical records


0 Projects that relate to career and trade opportunities

Cooling Systems

1 Projects on parts & process through which water & other fluids circulate as a coolant

Drive Train

Projects on components that connect the transmission with the axles


0 Projects on the production, distribution and use of electric current

Exterior / Body

2 Projects to parts & surfaces outside of the vehicle, including the vehicle's shell & trim

General Activities

1 Projects related to a wide range of General Activities

Heating / AC

0 Projects to the parts & operation of a vehicle's climate control systems

Interior Restoration

2 Projects about parts & surfaces inside of the passenger compartment, including the trim

Lubrication / Fluids

0 Projects to the parts, options & operation of a vehicle's lubrication systems


3 Projects on the operation of the engine's inner workings, the mechanical engine parts


2 Projects to major sites for continued research, like the Library of Congress

Special Projects

0 Projects for research on projects on approved subjects of interest (i.e. rebuilding a radio)


0 Projects to projects related to studies & activities on travel or general transportation

Vision / Creativity

0 Projects supporting projects on approved subjects of interest
Total Intermediate (15) Projs 12 Total Intermediate (15) (High School) Level Projects Available at this time