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Project # Project Name & Summary
ACTV# 001 “Automobile and its Parts” (Foundation (10) ): Learn the fundamental parts of the automobile. Understand the function of some of vehicles key parts, what the parts do and how the automobile has changes over the years
ACTV# 005 Identification and coloring (Introductory (5) ): Identify year, manufacture, and model for each picture. Also be able to color each picture in neatly and correctly
ACTV# 006 Basic Automobile Trip Safety and Mechanics Inspection (Foundation (10) ): To teach the basic evaluation of Automobile maintenance and safety before starting a trip or in performing a monthly safety inspection.
ACTV# 009 Basic Modeling (Foundation (10) ): Build a model car, truck or motorcycle or a component from a kit
ACTV# 012 Modeling (Intermediate (15) ): To purchase an automobile or truck model and correctly assemble & paint it
ACTV# 015 Automotive Scrapbook (Introductory (5) ): To build an old vehicle (cars, trucks or motorcycles) scrapbook, learning about the cars, parts, people and hobby.